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  1. Do anyone like and practice videography? I love creating/editing videos. I have an idea to create short (up to 5 min) film about ... [insert your idea here ]. Maybe anybody have a full bag of ideas? Please share them with me. I'd love an idea about spiritual things, it would be more interesting to create and edit! If any thoughts will come to mind, be sure to write it down!
  2. Woohoo! Just got my new DSLR camera!

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    2. Intercore


      What do you mean? :confused::D

    3. Lance


      I had fun at the assembly last week end ... we had two shooters at the baptism pool .. a friend of mine was shooting video at 60 fps with 5d m4  and I was shooting stills with my Fuji xt1...  got a lot of great shots for the branch and news service.


      It is interesting watching people's expresssions as they come out of the water ... some are just beaming  as if they just got resurrected and others must have some sort of phobia about water or maybe having their head under water ..  they just can't wait to get the water off of them 

    4. Gregexplore


      Are you happy with Fuji ? I'll be buying mirroless second camera apart from DSLR and I am tossing between Sony and Fuji for their famous JPEG output ... 

  3. Just curious! - When you started photography/videography? - What inspired you to start it? - What camera are you using? - Share with all us your works!
  4. Wow, incredible photos!!! Do you practice night sky photography? Canon 80D is way cheaper than 6D but specs is similar. Interesting.
  5. Oh, I forgot about myself - When you started photography/videography? About two years ago. But I'm only beginner. - What inspired you to start it? One brother who was in our congregation (now he and his wife are serving in other city) was a photographer. As I remember, he used Pentax K20D. Then I thought to myself that when I grow up, photography will be my hobby. And it happened. - What camera are you using? Before I used Fujifilm Finepix JX600, Samsung Galaxy Pocket (really?), Nokia Lumia 520, now using Samsung Galaxy S6 by which I'm satisfied. Soon I will buy a DSLR camera, now thinking about Canon EOS 600D. - Share with all us your works!
  6. I don't know if there's a topic about it in this forum. So, what's your story? Mine is very simple. I just googled "JW forums" and at first I saw this site. I liked forum's orderliness, care. So, I decided to join and I'm very happy that I found this site!
  7. I will go to pioneer camp today, very excited! But I'll need to talk a little bit about one scripture (Isaiah 33:24) during a "Daily Scriptures" discussion. This scripture is so easy really. But I won't be one who will talk about this scripture, there will be other 2 sisters. It need that our comments wouldn't be repetitive. Any ideas? 

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    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      The scripture. I love it. We get healed, then we get really healed, pardoned from our sins.

      have fun!

    3. Stormswift


      New Zealand doesn't have a need for pioneer camps - shame, but I know Australia does a similar things - what a privilege. Enjoy yourself!

    4. hatcheckgirl


      Pioneering in unassigned or rarely worked rural territory is a real blessing! And fun too :) .  It's going to be a great experience for you Irmantas!

  8. What do you think about this year's Eurovision? I think it's a little bit different from other contests in the past years. What's your most beautiful/favorite songs?
  9. I don't know if there's a thread about our favorite JW Broadcasting songs. So I created it. I will start with myself. My favorite - "Your Word Endures Forever". This song is AMAZING! I love how this song tells us whole Bible's story from the past, how it endured through many troubles, bans. Also this song so melodic, easy to remember and, of course, to sing along! I simply LOVE this song. What's yours?
  10. Please don't re-upload this video elsewhere. It's private. So, I was "on fire" (very excited) while creating this video. This is my first video about something, not only photo/video mix or something like that. Just want to share with you all Thanks @Qapla for perfect idea which I took!
  11. I have deleted all these scenes. There was no interesting/funny scenes, just mess
  12. I "extended" my movie, gave some hope for people
  13. I "extended" my movie, gave some hope for people :D


  14. I'm thinking about it.
  15. I knew that he was raised as JW. But just now I saw his photos on Instagram. Now I'm confused. It's like he is a JW, he's talking about service, he has address in his Instagram profile, he often write hashtags #jw. I really don't know. Help me
  16. Who knows how to connect headphones with 3,5 mm jack? I have stereo headphones with interrupted wire and have a 3,5 mm jack from other (I don't know if it's stereo) headphones. How can I connect these 2 things?

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      Here is where I would start:

      Google About 1,210, Search Results


      One of the most versatile ways to do that is to use a3.5 mm stereo audio jack. These can be salvaged from an old set of portable audio headphones. If you cut off the ear buds, you can plug the jack into an audio source and connect the wires directly to your circuits.

      How to Hack a Headphone Jack - Circuit Basics


      About this result

      Replacing the Jack on a Pair of Headphones: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

      Got a pair of perfectly good headphones you need to toss cause the jack is broken? ... You'd also note two different styles of 3.5mm TRS Jacks- You only need one ... If you have any issues, check that all the wires are connected properly, and ...How to Wire a Speaker to 3.5mm Jack: 4 Steps

      ... I'll be showing you how to wire a regular 3.5mm headphone cable to a speaker. ... problemsconnecting the speakers Contact me if you are having problems.How to Hack a Headphone Jack - Circuit Basics

      One of the most versatile ways to do that is to use a 3.5 mm stereo audio jack. These can be salvaged from an old set of portable audio headphones. If you cut off the ear buds, you can plug the jack into an audio source and connect the wires directly to your circuits.How can I connect Lightning headphones to a 3.5mm jack? | The ... › Frequently Asked Questions

      These convert digital audio output from the Lightning port into an analog signal delivered to theheadphones. Reversing this adapter to provide a female Lightning connector and a male 3.5mm plug would make it possible to connect Lightning headphones to a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.How to repair Earphone's/ Headphone's Mini Jack (3.5 mm Jack ...

      ▶ 4:59

      Aug 10, 2012 - Uploaded by MDR Electronics

      Even the most expensive headphones can suffer from sound problems ... how can we connect a s20 pin ...How to connect wire / speakers to 3.5mm jack - YouTube

      ▶ 7:44

      Jan 24, 2014 - Uploaded by Aswin K V

      This is a description on How to wire a speaker to 3.5mm jack. ... you can add an amplifier in between the ...No headphone jack, no problem: 7 ways to output audio from the - CNET

      Sep 19, 2016 - Apple thankfully includes a Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter in the box to make .... The back of the dock has an audio port to connect headphones or ...How do I convert red and black speaker wire to a 3.5mm audio jack?

      3.5 mm jacks are rarely used for speaker-level connections. They are usually used for low level signals such as microphone inputs, line inputs, and headphones.How to repair earbud headphones: a step-by-step guide

      Apr 12, 2017 - How to repair a broken pair of headphones when the cable breaks. How to ... 3.5mm headphone jack plug showing the three connections.How to Connect Headphones to a TV With Only Digital Audio ...

      Nov 27, 2011 - The tip in this connector is 3.5 mm (1/16″) which is the same diameter as a stereo minijack. The tip is typically surrounded by housing that is ...

  17. What music instrument do you play? The piano. How long have you played? For about 8 years. How/Where did did you learn to play? I studied music in music school for 5 years. Do you play for income or hobby. So far, for hobby Want to share a picture of/with your instrument? I don't know how to add a picture there. But it's a basic synthesizer Yamaha DGX (I don't know its model). Also I have real piano at home, but don't play it anymore What Kingdom songs do you like to play? Openly, so far I don't play our songs... Do you sing vocal as well? No matter what room in the house it may be. Although I can read sheet music but I don't have a beautiful voice. Perhaps you're waiting to the new system to play! What is your first instrument you want to learn then? Guitar!
  18. No, I haven't used them before. But I really like Sony Vegas, it's kinda professional video editing program. And that technique I've done exactly with Vegas.
  19. I'm happy! 1. Yes, of course! 2. I will try!
  20. I used online narrator, but it's not so good for Bible reading. It needs calm, deep voice. I think I would change it and maybe continue this video. Yeah, I'm there. Face reveal