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  1. There I wrote down some links to Instagram pages where you can find hundreds of hilarious JW memes
  2. Amram and Jochebed (mother and father of Moses).
  3. One sister from our group has Samsung Galaxy Tab A but with 8 inches display (it's Tab A 8.0). I had a possibility to use it for a while and I liked it. It not so big, it's fast enough. Beautiful tablet That's my suggestion.
  4. First thing - yeah. It keeps like refreshing that publication a few times with some "flashes" or something like that.
  5. I have installed Android 7, maybe it's an occassion. I don't know.
  6. I can't! Maybe it's because of Android version...
  7. I can't copy a text or make notes in the "Meetings" section. When I click on any paragraph I see that copy and notes options but when I click on them they disappear immediately. I tried to do it several times but nothing. It keeps disappearing. Has anyone faced this glitch?
  8. I liked Russian song really. But I agree that it wouldn't be a strong contender to win the Eurovision. San Marino was so weak. Their song reminds me old school days, it's like from 80's-90's Belgium was a big disappointment. Blanche has a unique voice, but her show was nothing good. But 4th place is high enough! I personally didn't like this song like people who fell in love with it.
  9. What do you think about this year's Eurovision? I think it's a little bit different from other contests in the past years. What's your most beautiful/favorite songs?
  10. My favorite voice - Lucie Jones/Kristian Kostov My favorite show - SunStroke Project My favorite song - "Beautiful Mess" (because of deep meaning) My cutest show - NAVIBAND Worst voice - O. Torvald Worst show - Spain Because it's not the right place to sing this song and make a classy Spanish show It's just my opinion
  11. So?! How about finals?
  12. Is there any possibility to download older videos (for example, January) from meetings how to present (is it right word?) Watchtower, Awake and other monthly publications? 

    1. carlos


      Irmantas, it's better to start a new thread about that. Many more members will read it that way and it's more likely that you will receive some answers.

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  13. Oh, I didn't knew that. I don't know how to express my own feelings after I listen to this song. As one man commented, "I listen to it 300 times and all these 300 times I cried". Genius in simplicity.
  14. Yeah, I love this "Requiem"! At first I didn't like that there's 2 languages in one song but later I understood that it's just a typical France culture. My favorites are UK, France, Poland. Moldova's guys were so fun to watch during their performance in Semi-Final. Also I listened to Croatia's song, it's really different, but with meaning! I love this type of songs.
  15. I'm posting instrumental versions of JW Broadcasting songs. Listen here: New song every month! Feel free to use it everywhere.
  16. I'm simple. I like it. P.S. Like it VERY MUCH!
  17. Let's be patient, just be patient
  18. What's your thoughts about the new song? I remember sister @Hope said that he wants some other style melodies So, it's really different. So bluesy/jazzy melody!
  19. Everything can be easily resolved - just our brothers and sisters can welcome arrivals into their homes!
  20. Brothers and sisters, all we know that situation in Russia. Let's fervently pray for our loved Witnesses.

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      Miss Bea

      And, keep praying...