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    Who is like God?

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    brought up by my mother who took the Truth when i was around 5 yrs old... (1962?) absorbed the Truth rather than actively sought it, as many others I presume who had been taken to the meetings. I didn't appreciate till a lot later in life, the legacy of my mother's attention, thinking and questioning ability. I only wish that I'd taken to meditating on things earlier in life. But regret is counter productive. So I'm happy that I'm doing it now😀

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    music, playing guitar (electric)
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    Draw Close to God, The Benefit Book
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    a wide variety
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    an old one.. Dave
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    this may be spurious but i like it anyway.. 'If you look for the bad in people you'll surely to find it'

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  1. Thanks for that Bro John.. Most of these things are common sense 'after' you have been told.. Thinking safely is a better frame of mind. If you get the principles right then you are better placed to work safely. I would guess that most in our congregation would think that the harness is the ultimate safety device to wear.. How good of the brothers to teach us.. as always.. in their own time. A great sacrifice.
  2. LOL That's what the man said at the bar when he answered his mobile (cell?)phone
  3. (Hebrews 10:31) 31 It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. ...not say to a double glazing salesman
  4. Hi Tom. We had our CO talk Sunday.. All about youths making good decisions early on in life. I think you did that my friend. God choice. That cold weather though, you endured.. Glad I have a hot cup of coffee right now.
  5. I like refugees. Some of my best friends are refugees! (patronising tone ) ..... Not say to a dentist?
  6. Been there done that! What should you not say to a car salesman
  7. We had a DO who read also an instructor at pioneer school. He could has is all near to rolling on the floor with humour and the next absolutely serious with the point he was making. Incredible balance of talent. Even now I can recall exactly what his teaching points were. Beggars belief what Jesus was like!
  8. I'll check out bigvince's link.. looks interesting: but as a spark generator i bought something like this. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MAGNESIUM-FIRE-STARTER-emergency-fire-steel-camping-bushcraft-survival-striker/361651499168?hash=item54341bf0a0:g:nd8AAOSw~AVYnHU1:rk:7:pf:0
  9. Irony.. We just had a fill in CO who seems to have been all of those things. We just left the meeting and all of the elders said they didn't feel as if they had a stand in. The words of wisdom just seem to pour out of him.. You could not praise him.. Which meets your first thought
  10. Hi Tom I know I'm slow but... your posts always bring up more questions than answers for me..
  11. The stone that the builder rejected has become... What would you not say to a resurrected athiest?
  12. There's a fine line between hobby and mental illness
  13. There is some real crime going on somewhere... I'm doing God's work New What not to say in a very large que at the check out?

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