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    West Midlands UK
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    brought up by my mother who took the Truth when i was around 5 yrs old... (1962?) absorbed the Truth rather than actively sought it, as many others I presume who had been taken to the meetings. I didn't appreciate till a lot later in life, the legacy of my mother's attention, thinking and questioning ability. I only wish that I'd taken to meditating on things earlier in life. But regret is counter productive. So I'm happy that I'm doing it now😀

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    music, playing guitar (electric)
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    Draw Close to God, The Benefit Book
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    a wide variety
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    an old one.. Dave
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    this may be spurious but i like it anyway.. 'If you look for the bad in people you'll surely to find it'

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  1. that's very useful Danni. Thanks sorry you can't get your's at all
  2. you 'can' have subtitles? Didn't know that.. my wife has problems hearing the words of some of the singers (usually the one off songs at the end of a broadcast) where the music is so dominant/loud compared to the singer, the words get lost on her.. I feel the same too sometimes. if there were subtitles it would help a great deal. Do you normally get subtitles then, Bro Danni?
  3. I don't know this ; long sleeve shirt over dress shirt? Sounds weird!
  4. Great! Isn't a little background useful for getting things in perspective! Another reason why recorded local assemblies or talks do not travel well. Presumption often follows. The local brothers are aware of the reason for the counsel.
  5. I'm glad you posted this.. One for the field service group tomorrow! Thanks
  6. Re: not buttoning meaning don't care about bigger things. Are you talking about your own congregating or generalising on all brothers around the globe?
  7. Your the only one that says it..
  8. We have a BSL congregation sharing with two hearing congregations.. I'm told they really do have localised 'accents' or idioms. OT. they really do like it when we cross paths at the hall.. i doubt the OP going to the BSL assembly would bother anyone... even just for the association.
  9. LOL I think it will be a brother...
  10. Lol! It's unity.. For a while.
  11. I never button up... on or off the platform ( well very rarely i do but it lasts about 5 seconds) i'm just not comfortable even when i used to have a tailored suit... think that 1832! lately we have gone to shirt and tie as it is unusually hot here. we always ask others on the body if they have any objections rather than it be taken for granted.
  12. Wow.. this is a great resource to browse.. I like this one under Arrogance
  13. It's not the one but it is as good... Thanks for your research!
  14. There a scripture I wanted to mention to our sister but couldn't recall it at the time.. From unreliable memory.. Scripture that indicates Jehovah can change (Kings) hearts. I'd love to find it.. Seems relevant here

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