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    brought up by my mother who took the Truth when i was around 5 yrs old... (1962?) absorbed the Truth rather than actively sought it, as many others I presume who had been taken to the meetings. I didn't appreciate till a lot later in life, the legacy of my mother's attention, thinking and questioning ability. I only wish that I'd taken to meditating on things earlier in life. But regret is counter productive. So I'm happy that I'm doing it now😀

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    music, playing guitar (electric)
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    Draw Close to God, The Benefit Book
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    a wide variety
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    an old one.. Dave
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    this may be spurious but i like it anyway.. 'If you look for the bad in people you'll surely to find it'

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  1. great comment! the often forgotten wives (not meaning the husbands here)
  2. that's an insight in itself.... many don't know what they need. A lot of brothers who start missing meetings, often say 'they are tired' or worn out. They 'think' that missing a, or a lot of, meetings is an answer to tiredness. So asking them what they need is not going to get you the answer you expect. They probably think you are there just to get them to the meetings (which may be true) and they already know they should be; but not for the reason you know will help. The spirit is there and the strength too.. 'for the tired one' . Most who miss a meeting (for no good reason) know the mechanics of being a witness.. 'don't miss the meetings' being one of them; it is so often mentioned. That 'well meaning' are not perceiving you and your feelings. They think they are 'fixing you'. No one likes to be pressed into service, let alone when they are able.
  3. Some great info here! As Qapla says, who they are and their circumstances, makes a big difference. Without that knowledge you can't be specific in helping them. However a friendly visit with no agenda is going ot be most welcome. On the other hand, calling someone 'with a plan' without knowing them reasonably well, can have a negative effect. Rather like an elder calling on the group members with a prescription for their 'illness', without talking to them first and getting their trust. Without that you are like the spiritual police and they may feel they must have done something wrong. They may already be feeling bad I applaud your intentions to actually do something for the brothers!
  4. they may have to 'shell out' for the privilege... 🐢
  5. i see where you are coming from.. i worked 'some of it out' but it took some time. A few necessary details were missing that would make it a lot easier to 'assimilate' (a borg ref there... just for you);
  6. I just tired in livekingdomhall.com and discovered our third congregation uses it whilst we (two other congregations) use KHConf. Wondering now if one is better than the other?
  7. Me too.. Can you imagine trying to explain to someone resurrected from even just 100 years ago.. How there was this 'website' where you could converse with people almost instantly, perhaps thousands of miles away, who would encourage you and help you see things from a different angle and from Jehovahs perspective? It would start with something like.. 'What is a website?"
  8. You read my mind.. Since coming here my thoughts are now filled with spiritual things. I have a hobby (photography) and used to go to a general forum for tips etc but rarely bother now since finding this site. The brothers here have shared some fabulous thoughts and I'm grateful. We will all meet up within the next two million years or so..
  9. It's a wonder evolutionists are not saying we came from bananas! Is this why we peel after having too much sun?
  10. I'm glad you have sorted your own health out! I get gout really bad on occasion yet it does not seem to follow any off the usual things that were on the doctors list. Newer research have made different conclusions both on what is considered the 'proper' level of uric acid and its causes but doctors (my doctor) still goes by 'what he/she learned' but from years ago. I got my own blood tester and spent money doing my own research on what causes what. Good for you!!! didn't know any of this.. thanks Yay! Roll on new System
  11. Too true! Remember when Bethel had farms for their own consumption? Things have changed. They seemed to get the balance right 'for this system'. It was cheaper to get food commercially and make better use of the manpower at their disposal. What we choose to eat is, again, a personal thing. And again what others do is none of our business. A Qapla mentioned Vegan and vegetarians (not witnesses) have made me feel like a monster for eating meat. Strangely though... After the vegan and vegetarian blasted me, in unison, for my eating meat, the vegan turned on the vegetarian and said they were no better than me !!!!! None of our literature talk like this. regarding the OPs comment on a forum for just them to get support. As long as it is just that.. support. These 'clubs' can become like an elite or exclusive and descend into us and them. Much like the detested cliques at the hall that happen. A CO once said that an all black or all white congregation is a never a good thing as it is difficult to appreciate the other's side. We're better off respecting other's consciences with love. The one exception is this forum: we all want what Jehovah wants in the end.. superior knowledge but not out own thinking.
  12. Hi Ruben Your reply is too cryptic for an old man who are the 'apologists of the religionists of peace'? Trolley Service in the City? The Carts? Yes we do. Metropolitan Witnessing is doing well.. There are the inevitable ruffling of feathers but it is relatively peaceful.
  13. When I was growing up in the 60s you heard of this place in America where people got shot in broad daylight and almost every day there was a murder: The Bronx What we got was only a single sided version of this place (as is usually the case with the media and film) I used to think of myself in that 'place' and wonder if I would ever go out of the front door! Now.. Here in Birmingham (UK) people get stabbed or shot almost every day. It is not even reported as a 'new thing' ; just run of the mill life. The Radio and TV reports get seconds; not minutes Do we stay indoors all day?.. of course not. You have to live and go about your business and just be sensible when and where you go... So the Bronx is now Birmingham.
  14. I know how you feel..I often think though that when the extra training kicks in, in the New System (for all of us) they might see that their actions had not been the best. I don't want add to this thread with another knock at the brothers (I have already said my piece once) However one day I was in the KHall car park and having spent many fruitless hours (as OP comm chairman) waiting for a utility guy to turn up.. and didn't.. I actually relapsed, gave in to my frustration and had a moan about it to a brother who just happened along. He didn't chastise me but listened and agreed it was frustrating and an unseen work. Then he put his hand on my arm and just said 'Do it for Jehovah'. I felt a little embarrassed at my outburst. After a few days thinking about my comment and the brother's to me... I had one thought that has helped me a lot since. When these things happen. I actually picture, in my head, my deed for the brothers as an item on a plate and offering it, whilst on my knees and with outstretched arms, as a gift, directly to Jesus. I imagine the look on Jesus face and what the brothers think about it doesn't seem to matter anymore. I know Jesus and Jehovah are looking at what we do, so my imagination is not just that.. imagination. Helps me

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