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    brought up by my mother who took the Truth when i was around 5 yrs old... (1962?) absorbed the Truth rather than actively sought it, as many others I presume who had been taken to the meetings. I didn't appreciate till a lot later in life, the legacy of my mother's attention, thinking and questioning ability. I only wish that I'd taken to meditating on things earlier in life. But regret is counter productive. So I'm happy that I'm doing it now😀

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    music, playing guitar (electric)
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    Draw Close to God, The Benefit Book
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    a wide variety
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    an old one.. Dave
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    this may be spurious but i like it anyway.. 'If you look for the bad in people you'll surely to find it'

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  1. Thanks Jwdadsc4 Interesting review. We're really looking for a router with 4G ability and more importantly anyone who is using one in their congregation. Performance and any data usage stats would be useful too. UK preferably. Appreciate the time you've spent on this.
  2. a recent program i saw about train fare dodging and police enforcing it... A person was caught and interviewed... He had no feelings of guilt whatsoever.. He was more than happy to talk to the cameras and have his face shown to all. He said he'd been caught previously but in general only pays one fine in 11 of his journeys and thought it was a 'good deal'. Why pay any more. Apparently 4 out 10 journeys are fare dodged. Quote: between Monday January 19 and Friday 23 - officers issued 522 £20 penalty fines, prosecuted 14 people for travel fraud, reported three people for cannabis possession. This is one midweek trainline station.. The people know that it cannot be policed all of the time, hence.... This is just one change of many I have seen. People would have been ashamed in the past but are now brazen.
  3. there used to be something in it.. (Eiffel tower, London Bridge, Statue of Liberty... for about two seconds..
  4. The world's influence has to affect us in some ways... That's why we battle on too. I have seen this in the congregation too regarding giving regular lifts to the meetings. One brother expects it and wants to go home when he wants (no physical reason for it) whilst others.. our current passenger, still reacts as if it was their first lift! They are so grateful and appreciative. I know who I'd rather take to the meetings...
  5. Thanks for taking the time to reply Tony The sound desk is connected by Cat6 from our router (as you mention) To help we turn off Wifi in the hall during the meetings to save on bandwidth available. The 4G type routers have a USB dongle with (for all intents and purposes) a 4G sim in it. This would be our broadband connection.. Anything that needs Cat 6 would still be able to be connected that way and possibly leave the wifi on too most of the time. The 4G suppliers claim anything 'up to' 150mbs... probably more like 10-20mbs in actual practice but more than what we have presently. Just wanted to know if anyone has used this in practice.. Thanks again.
  6. Hi all.. Most of our problems are probably specific to UK but not all. We are struggling at our meetings, on occasion, to use our local broadband internet supply for both conferencing and downloading media for our meetings. We are using the recommended supplier but that is not the problem. The supply 'too' our hall is not up to date and not on 'Open Reach's (the infrastructure company) list to do anything about it in the known future. We often have download speeds of < 1-2mb and upload testing often fails to even complete the test. Virgin (an independent cable supplier) does not operate past our KH either. We can have Ethernet piped in (£350 pm!!!!) but it is not an option. So we thought perhaps to investigate 4G routers. We do not know our Data consumption so I thought it advisable to ask if anyone is using this type of solution in their congregations. Speaking to the recommended supplier many congregations in London area have similarly poor broadband infrastructure too and 'some' are using 4G as backup. We have three congregations at our hall. some of the brothers will be updating their JW app media etc so it is not just what the sound desk is downloading in our consideration. I'm not asking for definitive figures... ball park experiences, will do. However with the multitude of counsellors, we might get somewhere.
  7. Hi Matthew, my brother... What are you doing being up so late.


    I  can't talk.. I'm up myself... in agony and can't sleep.


    Try and get some sleep my friend :)

    1. EccentricM


      Ah, it's just my sleep patterns as usual. They randomly change every month or couple of months usually. I go from sleeping in the day to being awake at night and vice versa, which is due to my neuro disorders. I'm under going diagnosis and investigation for Autistic spectrum at the moment, but it's being said that I'm looking far more ADHD/ADD than the ASD, as I lack the social and sensory issues that those with ASD have and the symptoms that I "do" have from Autism mostly cross over into ADHD as well.


      My sleep patterns match exactly to what those of ADHD suffer, as well as my other symptoms that I have. But at the moment it's just a long route of a proccess of elimination. But yeah, that's the reason I'm up at this time. Lol.


      My family is actually away on holiday right now too, I usually go with them, I've been fortunte my sleep patterns have allowed me to in previous years, but this year I was unable to (I'm surprised it hasn't happend sooner or more often).

    2. Alan


      sorry to hear that Matthew; it must be tough


      We worked with a brother at our RC (Genting) he doesn't have odd sleep patterns.. he just gets very little sleep.. His mind just churns over the same irrelevant minutia. He doesn't 'want to' of course.


      I might go back up in a few mins... We'll see. 


      All the best with the process. At least there is and end to all of this. Keeps me going that's for sure.





  8. Liked your last comment.. Interested in your displayed name. Peanuts? 

    1. Peanuts


      No interesting story behind it im afraid...i just love peanuts, i went through a stage where i seriously craved them & ate a lot and my husband started calling me peanutsAl (Al being the nickname he already had for me)

    2. Alan


      That is an interesting story! 



  9. JW Library was never on any DVD. It’s a mobile app. Watchtower Library is something else and was produced on a DVD. WOL is the Watchtower Online Library. It is available only online at wol.jw.org you have confirmed it! I get confused..
  10. Hi.. you do mean the JW library that used to be on DVD? i get confused when talking to others about these things.. JW app/JW library/JW online
  11. sorry for the delay.. Yes my USB DVD player had loaded other stuff on the tablet previously. It's wa just that the program always said it was starting to load.. vis the dialogue boxes but it never got to loading (uncompressing, I suspect, really) I learned that you had to delete any deposits of files from previous installs before a proper install could progress.. I ended up copying the whole to a Micro SD and running that.. after deleting failed installs. uninstalling never did the trick as it usually did on a pc
  12. Absolutely! Inspiring.. Esp the last talk and video! Branded on my mind now. Wow!
  13. I'm glad you mentioned that.. I ended up looking on this site in need of help getting the library on A windows tablet. (no Dvd player) even an external USB player failed to load the program, properly.
  14. This is what I'm seeing right now.. Second day of convention I noticed too that in the videos with young ones that it takes one courageous bro/sis to stand up and be counted and it inspires others just on the edge of doing the same, but not quite there yet. Really enjoying this convention Thanks
  15. sometimes we feel isolated; thinking no one understands 'our' situation. a CO's talk put me right on that; (1 Peter 5:9)  But take YOUR stand against him, solid in the faith, knowing that the same things in the way of sufferings are being accomplished in the entire association of YOUR brothers in the world. He said someone somewhere is praying on your behalf having had a successful outcome for the same thing. If I know Julie right, she will be praying those like you, to be blessed in a similar fashion or in your particular circumstances. Whatever it is, it will be tailored for you. (Psalm 18:25) 25 With someone loyal you will act in loyalty;. . . This is the LAW! Jehovah views it as done.

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