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  1. Thats why we have the CLM. Christian Living Ministry. Its better to obey Jehovah in everything. Or else, we can't avoid the consequences. For example, a brother who wants to avoid the military service but play shooting/violent games is a halfhearted witness. Watchtower study on Sunday reminds us to obey Jah in all things.
  2. True.. Look at what's happening in Venezuela. Paradise California.. And some belongings of our bros and sis in Rusisa are being confiscated... In Venezuela, some were kidnapped, carnapped.. etc.... In Paradise, their possessions were burned.. and recently in Manaus Brazil.. 10 of homes of our bro and sis were burned.. not to mention the disaster in Japan, philippines and other parts of Asia... Better to store our treasures in heaven. ....
  3. True... After I saw that video, I started to look for possible basement in bro and sis' house.. Lol!
  4. Im 36.. and I m thankful that Jehovah waited on me. I started to search for him when I was 15.. I had a detour for 9 years and went active again. Now its my 12 years of being alive spiritually. lol! Is this related?
  5. Im just wondering what was your initial reaction after attending the regional convention of 2018 wherein it shows the give me courage music video. The video shows the attack of gog and magog in the forest then Jesus appeared from the sky. Some actually were excited. Some felt that "this is it" .. Some were just "we just need to be prepared." Some were moved to pioneer. I had mixed emotions. Then I keep on watching the videos. Trying to understand what does this all mean.. (I think im becoming a slow learner) Anyway, I've been into auxilliary pioneering since 2011 and a full time pioneer for almost 2 years. and Im praying that I could go back again in that privilege. We all have ups and down... Im glad that Im always present in the meetings and in the ministry... I know, we should not be concern of the time and date but Jesus that pay attention to how you listen. The morning worship by christopher mavor says that these signs should be deduce.. We need to use our power of discernment in order to understand. Then we can understand them like lightning from the east and west.
  6. hmmm.. 7.2 M in Russia a week ago... Another 7 in Indonesia.. and in southern philippines 2 days ago.
  7. Putin doesn't know English. 😄 Or the interpreter went on holiday.
  8. That will create a problem because humans on our money today are all dead people but bible characters are living in paradise... 😃.... I hope they put there Judas Iscariot, Delilah, Gehazi, Lot's wife to remind us that these people loved money and it costs their lives and bad names to Jehovah.
  9. Solomon's foreign wives.. I wanna know how they made Solomon dumb... 😃... Or Moses and the first generation of Israelites in the wilderness. I think Moses would say "Oh, not again."
  10. Thanks for the further explanation.. I should say that I hope that's the sign of the great tribulation that is imminent as what the talk explained. ... In our assemblies since the remain loyal convention, it was said there that "things will be difficult." and personally I experienced that and so our bro and sis in venezuela, russia, and in ukraine.
  11. I hope this is one of the sign. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-46654064 There's a talk from a morning worship which says that the great tribulation is imminent. https://tv.jw.org/#en/mediaitems/VODPgmEvtMorningWorship/pub-jwb_201803_11_VIDEO
  12. I love to hear these words.. When the KOTN, was revealed some got excited and some dont in the Philippines. Older ones say that 'just wait and see. " I think the excited jw's are in my age... but the older ones have been waiting for long and they're faithful and pioneering. This wicked system is getting worse. I am eager to life in the new world without seeing injustice and the effects of imperfeciton.

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