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    My dear mother-in-law studied with me for 8 years. I was difficult!

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    "Eye has not seen and ear has not heard, nor have there been conceived in the heart of man the things that God has prepared for those who love Him." 1 Cor 2:9

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  1. Violence is prevalent in every society now. The world has become immune to it to the extent that it's all our children see. Al l of their video games promote war. My adult grandson was playing Final Fantasy last night and, because I have heard it for many years, I knew that he was in a battle and the background music was so intensely exciting. It added to the thrill of battle. The lesson in the Bible Reading this week surely helps us to understand that this world is doomed and we must keep awake and alert as to the times in which we live. The answer for many people is increased support of their government. I see an increase of patriotism in this country. It seems that this is true of most lands. The end is in sight. We have to increase out spirituality in order to survive. Our faith will save us, as Jehovah has promised.
  2. We need not have lived during the war years to read the history about them in the United States. During WW1 and WW11 there was intense persecution against our brothers and sisters. War hysteria brought out the worst in many who supported the war efforts. Our children were spanked and/or expelled from school and persecuted by their class mates. Our draft-age brothers were tarred , feathered, and run out of town on a rail. Many were beaten mercilessly , some were castrated.. I have noticed a heightened sense of patriotism among the general public right here in my town and among my relatives. This is readily apparent in our ministry. Often we aren't aware of the behind-the-scenes workings of the various countries until there is a major event such as happened in Russia a couple of years ago. There was a video at a convention several years ago that really warned us of the speed with which a government ban can develop. This is one of the reasons why we need to keep awake and aware of what can happen.
  3. I am a meat lover, but I have no problem accepting those who are not. One of my closest friends is vegetarian and that is her choice. I have no problem with watching someone eat rattle snake, although I do not eat it. What I eat is my business. What someone else eats is theirs.
  4. This is just another form of persecution and we can expect a lot more. This system certainly is hard to live with. We need to lift up our heads and stand firm. Our deliverance is very near!
  5. When I was in high school, my fellow students thought I was stuck up. Truth be told, I was painfully shy!
  6. We had a wonderful illustration for why Jehovah did not eliminate Satan and Adam and Eve the day they sinned. Two men owned race horses. Bob saiys 'my horse is faster than your horse.' Jim says, 'my horse is faster than your horse.' They exchanged arguments about the horses for a while Then Jim whipped out a gun and shot Bob's horse, then says, 'my horse is faster than your horse.' But did that prove anything? Of course not. An other good one is, Jehovah placed a tree in a vacant area. The tree represented true religion. Satan cannot touch or alter Jehovah's tree, but he planted a million trees all around Jehovah's tree. That makes it very difficult to find Jehovah's tree, although it it still there, where it always was. If we search for the truth, we will find it.
  7. From what I have surmised from all the comments about this situation, the Russian government refuses to carry out the rulings from the European Court. So it doesn't help our dear brothers ans sisters who are affected. Jehovah's Day will come right on time to destroy all his enemies once and for all time. Praise Jehovah!
  8. tucker

    Woman Marries Her Mother

    Frank and I often laugh about 'what would Mom(deceased since 2002) think about.........whatever is making headlines this day!
  9. We have had a few weak quakes in Northern Colorado since the fracking started. Brings to mind another prophecy, Rev. 11:18 "God will bring to ruin those ruining the earth." We know we are very near the end of this system. All the prophecies together tell us that all we are waiting on is Jehovah's command and the fall of Babylon the great.
  10. I love the ' Boston' accent. One of our recent COs was a long time removed from there, but once in a while the old habits sneaked in. I do have a bit of a problem grasping the Deep South, although I love to hear it. My Dad was from the Brownsville, TX area but raised in the panhandle. He never lost his accent or odd choices of Spanish words that were prevalent in his circle. I do try to guess the area from which people come, based on their accent. Working in truck stop restaurants was a treat because of the vast distances covered by the drivers. I am sure we will all speak the same language in the New World, but I suspect we will retain our own Old World languages because they are so interesting.
  11. Even though my children are adults, my great grand children are in this group that needs help with this issue. Children, especially very young, but in school need parental clarification. They are often too young to understand fully our neutrality. They often are cowed by teachers and ridiculed by other students. If the parents have paved the way and impressed upon the child that he must inform the parent of any opposition, then he will have a much easier time. The school years are very hard for our youngsters. Help them! It is your duty as a parent. Deuteronomy 6:4-9 is repeated in Ephesians 6:4. It is even more important for us now, as we are so near the GT.
  12. tucker

    Shooter in Las Vegas

    We in this city have had success in answering the opinion that we are unpatriotic for not standing to honor the flag or pledge. We counter with the statement that we are the most patriotic people in the world. We respect the laws of the country in which we live..we pay our taxes, obey traffic laws,etc...But we are envoys from another government and have the right to obey our government first, when it conflicts with our residence laws. This often leaves the complainers shaking their heads in total confusion, but it does tend to put out the fire of contention in those who oppose our beliefs and rights.
  13. tucker

    Shooter in Las Vegas

    We in Colorado experienced a somewhat similar tragedy in 2013 when we were flooded. Many were wandering around asking what we had done to deserve such punishment from God, but most were not interested in the answers that we could give them. In any disaster, the world attributes it to God. One of the areas that concerns me is that the authorities are listing this as the worst mass shooting in history. What idiot is planning to cause a worse disaster just to be known as the new record-holder of mass destruction?
  14. At our meeting today, the letter which was read indicated (to me, at least) that the song by JW singers will be available, and so will the sheet music, for download after September 27.
  15. We are all aware of the catastrophic events that have been happening of late. Could it be that Satan knows more than we do about the beginning of the Tribulation? He sure was quick to distract humans just before the installation of the Kingdom in 1914. We all know that this system is very difficult for all of us and those of us who were born by accident in the so-called free countries cannot imagine the horrors that our dear friends in other countries endure. Our recent Convention and Assemblies really emphasized the need to prepare ourselves spiritually. Our faith will carry us through, so we must work hard now to build our faith and keep praying that Jehovah approves of our efforts. I have watched the 'Hezekiah" video several times lately. The 'making' of that video is spectacular, but the video certainly makes the point that we need to prepare for the event as well as we can, then look to Jehovah to take care of us. Just my personal opinion. I'm sure others have their own.

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