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    If you can count the number of times you have prayed today, then you haven't prayed enough.

    The reasons some brothers and sisters give for not being at the meetings are the very reasons they should be there.

    We need to be at the meetings to "incite to love and fine works."—Hebrews 10:24. But how can you incite if you're not in sight?

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  1. Big announcement tonight! 16 congregations in my city are no longer going to exist as of April 1 (only 2 of them are English). With that, at least two Kingdom Halls, and possibly a third, are no longer going to be used as KHs (one of them is ours). Things are being reorganized to better use our facilities. (Similar to the status update from @Old dated Feb 3.)

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    2. Lance


      20 English 10 Foreign language amalgamated

    3. booboo


      Wow! That’s huge!   We have not had our restructuring yet.  But it must be coming. I used to fret about being called on less in a large congregation, but have learned to view it as how wonderful that so many are able and willing to participate. Jehovah worked hard on that with me.  😝(and yet he continues to let me live.lol)  

    4. tuntun


      what is happening?


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