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  1. dozerman5676

    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    I'm way late on this thread but my wife and I started a loose form of the Keto Diet in February (before going to a Special Convention) and in 5 months lost about 35 pounds. Went to the convention (Georgia and then Croatia) and gained back about 12 pounds 🤪. Now 6 weeks ago we went hard core Keto with the Ideal Protein diet. I've lost 22 pounds in 6 weeks and Carol has lost about 15 (I know, it's easier for Men and it's not fair). Overall now I've lost 50 pounds on some form of Keto diet and I hope to lose about another 20 or so. I think one of the "Key's" with the Ideal Protein diet is when you reach your goal they ease you back into a "normal" diet that includes carbs (Yeah BREAD!). I do find it interesting how the coaches and the Dr. talk about how smart your body is, how it can adapt to what you are eating, how starving does not work and why..... all things that tell me Jehovah knew how to make our body work perfectly and Man now has it so messed up that he has to figure out how to get it somewhat back to normal (but no where close to perfect). BTW, my Dr. and the coaches are talking about IF and how it is also working for people. I THINK..... get close to your desired, healthy weight and then just eat good. Avoid sugar, pop, junk food, most fast food, go easy on carbs, eat your fruit and veggies, lean meat and chicken (if you want), fish, a little wine for the sake of your stomach........
  2. My Wife and I and my Daughter and her Husband are here! We were able to talk to Brother Lett for a few minutes yesterday. Service day was my personal highlight so far. I worked with a Brother that spoke no engligh and I speak no Georgian but we will be friends for life. He talked to a few people on the street and made a couple of his RVs. I could tell he was a VERY good teacher. Had dinner last night with 22 people we just met. Unless you are part of Jehovah's family that would seem strange. I'll post some pictures later.
  3. dozerman5676

    Yellowstone National Park

    Not referring to California as Cali is soooo 1990's. 🤡
  4. dozerman5676

    Yellowstone National Park

    and don't forget "East Bay"... I was born in Concord.
  5. dozerman5676

    Yellowstone National Park

    Not in Montana... CW boots on the stage is common. CW hats, yup. Spurs? Only on Sunday.
  6. dozerman5676

    Yellowstone National Park

    So-Cali, Nor-Cali and Cali-Cali... three, three, three states in one! If they are going to cut the state in thirds they should cut the word "California" down. "San Francisco, Northern California"... way too long 😎
  7. dozerman5676

    Yellowstone National Park

    You can say Cali... y You can't say Frisco... 😀
  8. dozerman5676

    Yellowstone National Park

    To answer a few of your questions.. the drive from SF to the west Yellowstone entrance is fairly easy and takes about 19 hours. If you map it don't go thru Salt Lake, go through Wells NV. I've driven it over 20 times. Drove to Montana when I lived in Cali and drove to Cali when I lived in MT. As far flights costs go... the smaller the city the more it costs to fly there. Denver to SF is way less than Billings to SF and so on.... Try Google Flights then tell it to also choose choose close by alternative cities. SF to Bozeman or Boise or Billings and then rent a car. For car rental try Tero (Google it)where you are actually renting from the car owner. Yellowstone is HUGE so plan on at least two days or even 3 to 4. Have fun!
  9. Russia is assigned to the Tbilisi Georgia Special Convention in July, so you can travel there freely?
  10. In the U.S., State laws can add to the confusion. In the State of Montana the age of consent for a female is 16 years old. For males....... 18. So in theory if two 16 year old people had consensual sex, she could be the abuser and or statutory rapist. If either are under 16, then age does not matter, it's abuse AND if it's a homosexual relationship both have to be 18. How cases like this are to be criminally charged is not the job of the Elders, as stated, their responsibility is to keep the Congregation clean.
  11. Russia’s Crackdown on Jehovah’s Witnesses Begins With a Foreigner https://themoscowtimes.com/articles/russia-crackdown-jehovah-witnesses-begins-with-a-foreigner-61288
  12. https://themoscowtimes.com/news/danish-jehovas-witness-faces-10-year-extemism-sentence-russia-ngo-warns-61018
  13. dozerman5676

    A good joke

    Given a choice between ladders and chutes, I'll take the latter.
  14. I agree, a TV with Roku built in would be the easiest. Open the Roku and start the JW TV app.... done. You do have to set it up the first time but you just "add a channel" and search "JW" and it pops right up. It's one of the most popular apps on Roku.
  15. dozerman5676

    Chili Cook-Off!

    We had a chili cook-off also last weekend. 8 entries. Mine was voted the hottest and the best. The only "heat" I had was chili powder so I didn't think it was hot at all. Maybe a 4 out of 10. I know why it won....... It had bacon in it! I just googled "Best Chili with Bacon" and followed the recipe, also done in a slow cooker. The only thing I'll do different next time is to cook the bacon first a little more well done so that it's crispy.......... and now I'm hungry again.

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