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  1. Exciting to read about those who will be able to go to 2019 Conventions. We feel for those disappointed they missed out. My husband and I have never been to an international convention. Living in California we considered applying for Toronto which would put us closer to visit Warwick. However we are in our 80’s and after reading the instructions decided it would probably not be wise to attempt such a trip which would require a fair amount of strength and energy. Now hope we can still try for Warwick. Maybe on a less intense level. Will be praying for those attending and look forward to the reports after.
  2. It dawned on me the Mac and cheese was to make his son feel welcomed, like the skateboard. Will have to read it again for more of these subtleties. But first finish the second book The Unrighteous. They are addictive!
  3. Finished first book. Nice read. Brother Jonathan has a good imagination. I like how we just get bits and pieces of the narrator Mitch Hanson’s story until the end. Two things I wondered about. Somehow I thought with all the work the brothers are doing on JW.org and broadcast that Jehovah would not destroy that means of communication at least until something better ha. My opinion. And we don’t know what our diet will be but Mac and cheese? 🤔
  4. These books sound intriguing. (I haven’t been on here for awhile, sorry). Are they sequential? Same characters? Should they be read in order? Are the links in the same place? Would love to read them.
  5. I remember a study we had with a Chinese family that had newly come from Argentina. Limited English so we used the bible stories book. We had the English copy, the parents in Chinese and the kids in Spanish. (They spent their early years in school in Argentina so knew Spanish better). It was quite an interesting study.
  6. Does anyone know of a source for lyrics to print of the video songs (extras not in songbook)? Could not find anywhere on jw.org.
  7. Naruwa


    Yes, those beautiful birds take one's breath away! We enjoy watching our little hummingbird antics. They are smart little creatures. When the feeders are empty they come to the window as though saying, "Well, where's my food?" They are also very territorial and not patient with one another for feeding time. Beautiful as well.
  8. Beautiful photo and beautiful publishers taking part in this activity. (Isa. 52:7)
  9. Beautiful photos. Just shows what a designer, architect & artist Jehovah is.
  10. We now have Roku and love it. Our family can now watch jw broadcast on tv as a family without having to individually access the tablet screen. (We had previously tried chromecast which didn't work for us at all. Thankfully we could return it to Costco.) We also found we can watch PBS programs which we couldn't get with our antenna, so double bonus.
  11. Just catching up looking at the entries to see if anyone has used Chromecast for TV viewing? How compare with Roku? Any advice? (We're such tech newbies, need lots of help!) Thanks.
  12. Hello Rick! It's nice to see someone from my home, Modesto on this site. When I saw N. Cal. I wondered if it was someone we knew, and the more I read, the more I was sure of it. I'm glad to see you encourage the friends to sign up for RBC because I think some have the idea they can just go to help out when a build or remodel comes to their area. (That's what I find when talking with some.) I was motivated to sign up when I learned there were jobs coming to Modesto. In Feb. we went to Stockton for an orientation, which was just wonderful to experience. We were interviewed, photographed, watched the safety video, were introduced to the builder website, given our badge, all official. What a change from the "old days." Our first experience with building a K.H. was "back in the day" before the quick build era. Our first hall in Modesto on Tully Rd (were you old enough to remember?) It took some months but anyone and everyone had a part. That is no longer a K.H., being sold to build the one on Carver Rd. My husband, Larry, being a building contractor, you'd think some of it would rub off on me, but I am as ignorant and unskilled as any newbie in that dept, but there was always plenty to do elsewhere, in food prep, cleanup, you name it. The joy of it is being with your brothers and sisters sharing in the work, knowing the reason is to have a place to worship and honor Jehovah. That is why we try to encourage all to sign up and get acquainted with the new program. Looking forward to our coming project and, though I don't know what I will be doing, it may be hard work, but it will be enjoyable. Hope to see you there.
  13. Naruwa

    Witness memes

    Clifford I really like that pic (on April 6) but find it a fascinating sign of the times that smart phone replaces a bible in left hand.
  14. Thanks for all your comments & suggestions. Since I started this got two more spots on it. I did not know about the clear plastic covers but will definitely look into it. Other than the covers our bibles will soon be looking like our older ones if we keep using them. After all, that is what they are for. But we want to keep them looking like new forever. Take out your previous bible and look at it and then you won't feel so bad.
  15. That is so good Elizabeth. How can we copy that? (I am computer-challenged.)

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