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  1. I do use my tablet all the time at the meetings but lean towards pen and paper for note taking in my personal study. Electronic devices are great but rely on being charged, there maybe a time when I'm grateful for my paper notes... I have a full note book in my go bag
  2. Not with me anyway... I still lean towards pencil and paper
  3. I've wondered this as well... I'm sure there must be, just a case of finding out how 😂
  4. anniebea

    Who loves Nutella?

    http://www.saynotopalmoil.com/Whats_the_issue.php Harvesting palm oil causes deforestation, cruelty to animals... and has a huge carcinogen question over it. It's possible to find chocolate spread with out it, but it's actually in a huge range of products.
  5. anniebea

    Who loves Nutella?

    I don't eat it if its got palm oil in it
  6. anniebea


    I know that feeling, I could do with another 12 hours added to each day... Or more energy 😂
  7. anniebea


    No we don't, but I've heard of people using it, you've got some great results with it!
  8. anniebea


    What sort of dye did you use? It's such a beautiful rainbow of colour
  9. anniebea


    So beautiful, I've just started botanical dyeing as well, but I can't speckle yarn doing that, and that's what sells most.
  10. anniebea


    This is my wheel
  11. anniebea


    Oh your wheel is beautiful !!! Did you spin the yarn? That's amazing.. I dye yarn for a living..
  12. anniebea


    http://www.rampishamhillfarm.co.uk/home-page They ship worldwide 😊
  13. anniebea


    It smells very much like sheep lol Yes I'm amazed how clean it is, I bought it online from the U.K.
  14. anniebea


    I've just received my Dorset Down shearling fleece... it looks yummy !
  15. anniebea


    Yes I started on a spindle a woman from the guild of weavers, spinners and dyers taught me years ago. She said if I could master the spindle then the wheel would be easy lol I found it hard though, but eventually it clicked. I know what you mean by zone out! It's addictive . I don't spin as much as a should, I'm too busy dyeing yarn (that's what I do for a living) I just made some art batts today to sell at a festival soon. I didn't do many, the weather's just too hot to turn the handle on the carder! It's hot here in Ireland and we're just not used to it! I'll take pics tomorrow.

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