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  1. anniebea

    Newsweek Cover

    On the Instagram account... In the future when the magazine is released the comments could turn ugly. Plus I linked to a worldly account. ..you never know what you may read
  2. anniebea

    Newsweek Cover

    The guy who posted it is the global creative director of Newsweek... it won't be visible until tomorrow I think
  3. anniebea

    Newsweek Cover

    Evidently it will be online tomorrow
  4. anniebea

    Newsweek Cover

    This is a link to the Instagram account... please be aware of any comments on there... just use your discretion please.
  5. This is the cover and related news article planned for the International Newsweek magazine for 1st June. It's supposed to be issued in the U.S. as well... but the Magazine will have a different cover not the one shown below.
  6. anniebea

    The Royal Wedding

    I thought she looked beautiful and her dress was stunning and modest. I do agree about the Pastor, I thought he was aiming for a Oscar And some of the faces they showed were in disbelief at him! If you skip over the religious aspect of the occasion, then I thought it looked like they had a wonderful day. .. The sun shone and Windsor Castle is a amazing setting. My cousin trains sniffer dogs and it was many of his dogs that they used! A proud moment for him I think.
  7. I'm asking this out of pure interest, I have green eyes... I'm told that this is a fairly rare eye colour. I was born in England, I'm wondering how much genetics and country plays a part in this? My husband has brown eyes and yet one of our daughters has really bright blue eyes. ..
  8. It takes 2 hours to cut all of the grass here.... I must walk miles!!   Time to lie down :D

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    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Poop patrol???

    3. cerebral ecstasy

      cerebral ecstasy

      Planning on getting some of this done this weekend myself.  Husband bought the gas, he did the backyard and such.. which is a good start.

    4. Lewis


      I have a young fellow that does mine every week, gives him pocket change and saves me time.

  9. Can't think of anything witty to say!!

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    2. Myew


      We could make a ditty, but that would be silly, so I don't think I will... y.

    3. paulc


      Well, keep tryin then. We can wait.  Lol

    4. Vinnie


      Ah...such a pity. :)


  10. anniebea


    I spin as well, I'm waiting for the new fleeces to start appearing. I'm going to make myself a Icelandic sweater in natural colours for the winter... so nice to find another fibre friend
  11. I just felt the description of people getting shot was a bit unnecessary, I agree we see violence all around and no doubt we will see a lot more during the great tribulation. Have you finished the book? I'm also thinking that the third and final book may not get published!
  12. For a long while we had 19, then families moved in and we went to 31, now we have 45!! However we have a really vast sparsely populated territory
  13. Although I enjoyed it, I did feel that there was a certain amount of violence in this book.
  14. Finished it, left on a cliff hanger. .. but oh boy it was good! ! I really hope that he gets the final book written before we find ourselves in the Great Tribulation

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