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  1. anniebea

    Needles in strawberries

    What a stupid thing to do!! They are so seasonal... it must effect everyone from the growers to the packers. They're my absolute favourite fruit!!
  2. Guard against not feeling 'good enough' 

  3. anniebea

    Post a picture... Any picture

    And here, I've been using them as a natural dye...
  4. I must stop falling asleep with my finger on my phone...  you never know what may happen!!!

    1. Gregexplore


      I can assume though ...LOL :whistling:.....:lol2:

  5. How is everyone's Bible holding out? My pages are still attached firmly, I do look after it... and the cover is still soft and supple. They really did thoroughly research the materials they used.
  6. Very sad, I doubt very much if its the last we will hear about it...
  7. anniebea

    Kingdom Hall wedding

    We normally have flowers in the kh which are then transported to the reception to be used there
  8. This is the tattoo https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.simplemost.com/tattoo-changes-colors-along-blood-sugar-levels/amp/?source=images Hope it works
  9. Yes it would have to be discreet and yet readily seen for paramedics... maybe the inside of a wrist?
  10. I'm a Diabetic and very soon they are bringing out a small tattoo that will change colour to tell you when your blood sugars are low... it will save trying to get blood out of your finger. Today I experienced another hypo... so I'm seriously interested in getting this tattoo.. it will also help paramedics to diagnose you quickly. It's something to think about and consider.
  11. Pick up the keys to our new rental house today. ... I'll be glad to get decent internet! 

    1. carlos


      Congratulations! Not having to think that the house may blow up at any moment is also a plus. :lol:

    2. hatcheckgirl


      And now you can settle in and get comfy.  I hate moving!

  12. I get asked that as well! I probably eat as much protein if not more because like you I'm very conscious to include it naturally in my diet... I eat lots of nuts, lentils etc... Protein drinks, protein bars... it's the 'in thing' to consume at the minute, which is down to advertising and money/ greed... the fact is that no one has ever died due to lack of protein!
  13. I've been a vegetarian for over 20 years I also don't eat fish.... they have eyes and a heart! We went out for dinner a while back, only a pub lunch...I ordered a quiche that I was told was vegetarian. I didn't have my glasses on and took one mouthful only to find I had ham in my mouth.. I actually heaved!! I went and complained, they apologised but I just couldn't eat anything else.. to someone who eats meat it's hard to explain how ill it made me feel and how upsetting it was 😥

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