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  1. I have the second cold of the winter and it's only November!  Seriously... I went ages without one,  time to step up my vitamins I think ...

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    2. anniebea


       Thanks Lucy,  my skin is even hurting tonight... I'm not a good patient,  I'm a moany one Lol 

    3. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      It’s that time of the year. Yes, up your vitamins, and I’m drinking water with lemon juice in it every morning. I won’t take a flu shot, so, I have to be sort of proactive. 

      Snuggle up, read something good, and, get better!❤️❤️❤️

    4. anniebea


       Yes I definitely won't have a flu shot,  I had one many years ago and it made me very ill for months afterwards... I think with this it's just time and rest,  half off my congregation has it. 

      Stay well yourself Bea x

  2. I admit that I have a dishwasher loading problem, no one else can load it properly.... there I said it,  out in the open !!!

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    2. anniebea


      I also have a toilet roll problem,  I'm the only one who ever bothers to reload it,  also the paper has to hang from the front... how someone can put the paper hanging from the back is beyond me,  I even change it if I'm in someone else's bathroom !!

    3. Saffron


      I had to laugh when I saw this because this is me! My daughter tries to help me, and while I appreciate her effort, I can’t totally be happy because she doesn’t load it properly. And toilet paper hanging from the back is all but a sin. Of course you switch it to the front. 🤭

    4. bagwell1987


      I'm so glad I'm not the only one with these 2 issues.

      Lew likes the toilet paper from under, I like it over....he has his own bathroom so I now don't care.

      Dishwasher....he doesn't know where it is so when it's loaded it's me that does it. Otherwise it's unloaded and the dishes are put away as I use them. NICE!:)

  3. After hearing the news that micro plastics have been found in the human gut... I'm really happy that I've been vegetarian for many years!
  4.  Such a beautiful time of year... the colours are stunning this year!

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    2. Katty


      Fall is my favorite season...next to winter

    3. Dismal_Bliss


      I am always wanting to drive Skyline Drive during peak fall foliage, but am usually too busy this time of year as well.

    4. anniebea


      That looks spectacular Bob,  have you driven it? I would love to have something like that close to me,  the colours any time of year would be amazing.  When I see the word Shenandoah I think of the song? Or maybe it's a different spelling

  5. This is one of my favourite scriptures because it describes exactly how I feel at times... I wonder why can't they see it? How can they read the same scriptures that I do and yet not see it? They see the same world conditions etc... This scripture sums it up perfectly, and in effect shows that we don't blame ourselves for ineffective witnessing... rather the blame lies fairly and squarely with Satan.
  6. It's the 3rd in the trilogy of EK Jonathan that I'm waiting for... Flee, Stay ..... ?
  7. Wish he would get on and finish the last of the trilogy.... just saying 😉
  8. anniebea

    Naked Jehovah's Witnesses Kidnap

    Yes we had a long discussion on this roughly a year ago, much of the news report was blown completely out of proportion...
  9. anniebea

    Needles in strawberries

    What a stupid thing to do!! They are so seasonal... it must effect everyone from the growers to the packers. They're my absolute favourite fruit!!
  10. Guard against not feeling 'good enough' 

  11. anniebea

    Post a picture... Any picture

    And here, I've been using them as a natural dye...
  12. I must stop falling asleep with my finger on my phone...  you never know what may happen!!!

    1. Gregexplore


      I can assume though ...LOL :whistling:.....:lol2:

  13. How is everyone's Bible holding out? My pages are still attached firmly, I do look after it... and the cover is still soft and supple. They really did thoroughly research the materials they used.
  14. Very sad, I doubt very much if its the last we will hear about it...

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