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    Mother in truth when I was 2, baptised at 15

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    Go therefore and make disciples

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  1. Hi Eric

    could you share with me the photos of bethel

    regards Barry 

    1. Sheep


      See the inbox of your PM. If you don't know where that is, click on the "envelope" icon at the top right.

  2. beejay

    2019 Calendar

    Could I have one a well please
  3. Wow it would have been a clear shot too
  4. Thank you for your help, when downloaded and you opened it up, it loads the correct version into jw library. Thank you again/ By the way I have submitted the error to the society
  5. Oh Greg, conspiracy is in the sky around here.
  6. beejay

    Things You Shouldn't Say!

    How's the shrimp on the barbie New Things you shouldn't say at barbie
  7. beejay

    Finish this with 4 words

    Death is stronger than
  8. beejay

    Things You Shouldn't Say!

    So how's your conscious going
  9. How nice March Broadcast can be downloaded now. Yeah
  10. January is up with Bro Lett http://www.jw.org/download/?fileformat=MP4&output=html&pub=jwb&issue=201601

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