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  1. venovanelli

    (Singer) Prince dies at 57

    Sorry my sister, as you can see from my mini profile I've made 11 post since joining in 2010! JW Talk has gone all modern since the last time I posted here! Plus my profile picture is a dead giveaway ...Peace and love
  2. text message from Bethel this morning. 10th August 11am This morning at Bethel had a report from info they have received so far about the brothers and sisters are around england. No have been harmed pysically. A few meetings had to be cancelled. But a couples flat was burnt down in tottenham. Another sister in birmingham had the tescos below ransaked tho scared she was ok. Two brothers liverpool had their windows smashed. And a sister in croyden was helped by the police and fire brigade when the furniture store up the road was set fire to, thankfully she lost no property. One sister had her takeaway smashed up last night.
  3. We live 5min away to the left of the picture posted by Sianrose on page 1 of this thread! Were ok, we have Jehovah plus we were out with the brothers at a gathering when it first kicked off saturday. However, London feels very, very erry! you can literally see the fear on peoples faces, everywhere! I thought to myself what are they going to look like when this situation is 20-100 times worst during great tribulation! The atmosphere on the subways was very tense today also. People were holdng on to there bags, pockets and there are less if any iPhones out on the trains then usual! Anyway lots of good comments here. Dages comment was spot on regarding Babylon the great falling so quick because saturday night London was a normal peaceful eve and then in the space of a few hours the whole town, then city broke into satanic anarchy! We all know tottenham has it's social problems, which is why me and my wife choose to stay here and pioneer ironically! We have a very fruitful, interesting ministry here in tottenham. On a saturday you could def see upto 80 pub street witnessing zealously on high roads for about 2 miles long. One hall has over 8 congregations which is 1 mile down the road from our hall that shares it with 3 cong. Yes the people down here love the truth and our literature. Anyway while writing this the rioters just set fire to a clothing warehouse across the road from our apartment. Picture posted below. Don't think sky news got this one, it was taken from our bedroom window! Ive been parking my car 10 min away because there vandalising cars!!! Please can you all pray for us and the brothers and sisters here especially the pioneers so they can preach the message fearlessly in London and the rest of the Uk? These people are desperate to hear our message about the kingdom and they need to tell them more urgently that these man made governments have failed and ran out of time to save there sinking economy. We need to give these young people and old through Jesus name the real hope and the real life to come. Whatever happens here though we will continually wait patiently on Jehovah and preach his message fearlessly and zelously weather it calms down or continues to escalates! I received a text from bethel this morning that I want to share. I'll post it after this.
  4. venovanelli

    Post a picture... Any picture

    Look at the shock on his face! Santa’s just realized he doesn’t exist!

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