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  1. jayrtom

    No-Shave November

    It was always November back then 😉
  2. "Walk by Faith" (missing from the Poll) was and still is my favorite along with the first of the list Note: There are other movies missing also, like some dramas >> I think you should remake the poll with a more complete list, I'm sure it will make us remind of the great video library we have
  3. You may be right but I don't think the fact that it is just a 1m Hosting makes it less importante 😉 I remember other cases of hosting small bits of information and it was a GB member doing it (not JWB but other videos)
  4. The annual meeting and gilead programs still need hostos to present, I think... Or are they just throwing the program without any introduction? (I don't remember last years...)
  5. jayrtom

    Paul, Apostle of Christ Movie

    I read the review and I think it was a good one (although I didn't see the movie)
  6. Ok, that's your prerogative, I've said it already, you do well to look into your sources. As for me I trust Jonathan because I'm around here for more than 5 years and he is also. He has a good record, nothing to be suspicious about.
  7. Sure! I was not doing that. I was the first to say that exact thing 😉
  8. I understand what you say but we shouldn't become paranoid It doesn't mean that any file that doesn't come through the JW.org site is automatically suspicious. You could receive a pioneers book trough the CO that didn't come from the site. would that be suspicious? What would be dangerous is to search for such files from the internet as you don't know the source. I knew brother Jonathan had such files because he mentioned it sometime ago in other threads. They weren't on the internet Thank you Jonathan! I would like to have the other books you have. If you can please PM me
  9. My opinion is that, probably, the person that converted this book to JWPUB used the wtlibrary DVD (which has no images) and not an epub. He may now how to add images or not. What do you think @Jonathan77 😉
  10. jayrtom

    Fifty Abduls!

    That part I think I understand: When you write down "A", "B" and "D" on the keyboard the auto-correct changes to Abdul The thing I don't understand is everything except that
  11. 1 Point for you This is a tricky one but as an adopted son should be counted https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/1200001401#h=4
  12. jayrtom

    Fifty Abduls!

    I stil don't understand this...
  13. Do you mean, answering the questions? 1. Name a son of Jacob. Ephraim 2. Name a creature from the Bible. Leviathan 3. Name a food mentioned in the Bible. Manna 4. Name a plague from the Bible. Darkness 5. Name a pair of people from the Bible. Priscilla and Aquila 6. Name a weapon used in the Bible. Stone 7. Name a miracle from the Bible. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth 8. Aside from the wicked one, name a bad character from the Bible. Jezebel 9. Name a character who was imprisoned. John the baptist 10. Name an occupation found in the Bible. Tent maker

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