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  1. We've sent Vangelis music and this aliens only send 4 bips?
  2. jayrtom

    Jw Library

    Thank you very much This did work 😉 Never would thought on that!
  3. jayrtom

    Jw Library

    I've tried the refresh button but how do I do the repair thing? I'm not familiar with it... (but it shouldn't be anything specific with the pc because yesterday we hadn't any text on the KH. Today I instaled the JW app on the work pc and it showed in english altough the language is portuguese)
  4. jayrtom

    Jw Library

    Thanks for the help I'll wait for an update. In the meantime I'll make an image and use it as wallpaper. I think it will do the trick
  5. jayrtom

    Jw Library

    I managed to install the JW app on my work pc (I don't have administrative privileges but was able to install trough the store) The interesting thing is that the windows and the jw app are in Portuguese but now the year text appears but in English! I then overwrited the existing files with the ones Manfred shared with me (German version) but the year text appears in English just the same... >>> I think this shows that the text itself is not embedded in none of the files...
  6. jayrtom

    Jw Library

    But the screen shows all black with the JW logo on the bottom left corner. So something is being processed. Only the year text is missing When I get home I'll see if I can find the year text on the script file... Is included where?
  7. jayrtom

    Jw Library

    Can you please send me your yearTextDisplay.html file?
  8. jayrtom

    Jw Library

    Thanks Manfred! With that information, I will try to repair the file instead of damaging it
  9. jayrtom

    Jw Library

    Thanks Manfred. Can you explain better this? I don't follow what you mean...
  10. jayrtom

    Jw Library

    Since the beginning of the year our JWLibrary on KH ceased to show the year text on the screens... It's just the JW Logo with a black screen! It didn't show the daily text either but for this I changed the language of windows to English, the daily text now showed up in the home screen. Reverted back to Portuguese and the daily text is fixed. Still the year text doesn't appear! Does any one has a similar problem or a suggestion on how I can solve this? There is no pending update and I don't want to reinstall the app (need to download everything again), only as a last resort
  11. Go to this link http://cv8.org.uk/soundbox/ And then use the links on the right of the page
  12. Is your real name Charly and do you have a factory?
  13. Maybe I'm reading this wrong but in this case I think they're right... The current translation they use is wrong and they want to correct it... It's true that God doesn't lead us into temptation... The news doesn't say they want to change the bible but that they want to change the translation
  14. Is it going to be the 1st relationship arranged on JWTalk?

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