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  1. The text and images of this pamphlet are exactly the same as ours except the the left side on the first page and the big sentence "What is the kingdom of God" This is one of the several evangelic churches that make the focus on Jesus and it's no surprise that they choose this tract in particular to copy, as the focus in it is Jesus as the King and there is no mention of the name of God, Jehovah... I don't know how to inform bethel about this but maybe one of our Brazilian friends in here can do it (if it's not already done)
  2. Came across this photos from Brazil, where, apparently, a well known religion copied our tract about what is God's kingdom! Do you have any other example of this happening?
  3. Realy interesting I liked particularly this paragraph
  4. You're right ;) But the fact is that it doesn't matter if it would be brother Heard with that gigantic task... But the reference to it was to the fact that the SI was being updated... As it is indeed!
  5. New Iphone Release

    Nowadays it's not that anymore. Things I don't like on this iphone X: - The face recognition works if you look directly to the phone. That doesn't compare to the fingerprint sensor I have on my Honor 9: It's on top of the table, I touch it wit one of my fingers and it turns on instantly. If it had to be with facial recognition you'd need to pick up the phone and loo at it (or otherwise do a strange figure looking into it on the table, AFTER pressing a button (because it isn't always on like the fingerprint sensor). The reason that Apple got rid of the fingerprint sensor is because they tried to put it embedded under the screen but failed to do that (like others failed except the company "vivo") and didn't have the time to put it on the back - The cut-out on top of the screen makes an huggly aspect (in my opinion) - I don't like a complete screen because you want to have something to put your hand or fingers on and it is bad for the usability, specially when typing on the keyboard -To heavy - The bump on the back because of the cameras - Too expensive for what it brings... In comparison there are better phones, more beautiful and way cheaper... But that's me Some gags about it:
  6. I'm astonished!!!! Send this tto that SO: https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/202012454?q=article+placement&p=par#h=4
  7. It seems to me that the study edition of the bible is like the insight and the bible bounded together. It's an enhanced edition even. If I recall, brother Heard was assigned to updating the insight book (and lots of articles are already updated in the latest print) so I imagine that most research to the study edition ran concurrently to the insights research. Lots of information are already present there, like geographic, locations photos, meaning of certain words, etc...
  8. Ah, OK... That was the important information missing lol
  9. I still don't understand but I'll watch the program first Thanks ;)
  10. I didn't understand your comment... Could you develop that a bit...?
  11. It's not the report of brother Sergio. He also received from 3rd parties (who in turn may have received also from a 3rd partie)
  12. Or there were no perpetratores and no containers whatsoever ;)
  13. 750 ml is just a container (singular) The news on the site "portal de angola" are in portuguese, so there is no tranlation issue. In portuguese it is stated this: "recipientes de 750 mil litros de diversas cores, espalhados em locais estratégicos" Notice that there are several containers and they are placed in strategically locations. So it is much more than a bottle ;)
  14. I still think this is not clarified.because of this points: 1 - According to Bill Underwood, brother Nuno Fonseca from Angola Bethel said there was no atack 2- All the news and social networks posts mention na attack by some kind of gas 3 - The aforementioned photos sent by a brother to our fellow member Sergio are the only 4 photos that are circulating on facebook. Also the vídeo posted in this thread is also the same unique vídeo circulating 4 - Amidst 7.000 on the convention isn't there any more photos or vídeos anywhere? - A brother that was on the convention sent those photos to Sergio but apparently the same brother sent to several other places 5 - On the first photo they are just there lying on the grass and no one seems to care... 6- The last photo desn't appear to be from the same place and why was it shared via a screenshot and not like the other 3?
  15. I didn't see anything like that on the vídeo. Anyway, it's clear that there was something. Sisters fainted and apostate people caused confusion. This more clear image came to me via facebook and it shows someone getting arrested, so something happened indeed... But, according to Bill Underwood who got information from a brother in Angola Bethel commitee, there was no gas attak >> That's the fake part of the news apparently

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