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    January 19, 1979

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    I was sick with the flu, and 2 sisters who studied with my mother came into my room (stood at the door way) and I asked them to study with me. My mother really wasn't interested, but I certainly was!

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    I used to love going sailing with my older brother, he's waiting for the resurrection now. I used to bowl and ride my bike, climb up trees and fall down in the autumn leaves.
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    Other then the Bible, there are none out there that I read.
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    The Kingdom Melodies (older versions and new), classic music, opera (various kinds, because some are based on murders)

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  1. Allabord4Jah

    Russia Unplugging From Internet

    Dear Brother, I would have put more context in, but I was on another site in here, and a brother got a warning about adding context due to copy right laws. So I didn't do it. Am sorry.
  2. Didn't one of the Governing Body mention this about Babylon's fall? Br. Morris? You'll know it's happening when one side of the world churches and organizations are collapsing and the other side of the world has the same news. Then lift your heads up, cause the "hour" of your deliverance has come.
  3. Story on BBC News/Feb 11, 2019 https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-47198426 Russia considers 'unplugging' from internet - BBC News
  4. World Headlines from Fox News/Feb 11, 2019 RELIGION1 hour ago Mexican church says 152 priests removed in 9 years for abuse The head of the Mexican bishops' conference says that 152 Roman Catholic priests have been removed from the ministry over the last nine years for sex abuse offenses against "youths or vulnerable adults."
  5. Hope it does, because this will bring Jehovah's purpose on a grand scale, the world that has never see and will ever see again! This means the end of Satan's corrupt and vile ruler ship and the re-beginning of the one that was here in the first place. Jehovah's Kingdom. Let his will take place!
  6. Allabord4Jah

    Extreme Weather Shatters World Record

    This was on the Daily Mail this afternoon/Feb 7, 2019 Three thousand baby flamingos rescued after they were abandoned by their parents when the South African dam where they lived dried up
  7. Our Father in Heaven, yes, he see's and will act on behalf of his people. The world knows he's innocent and all of our Russian brothers/sisters. Only Jehovah can intervene on their behalf. Someone in here mentioned our video of Joseph, NEVER ALONE, excellent video and song. Our brother was smiling, he will continue to smile all throughout his trials. Jehovah has his back! Am so proud of all who are my brothers and sisters! What a fine example for us all. Soon it will be our turn, may Jehovah's name be blessed and glorified!
  8. Thank you very much for explanation. Very much appreciated!!!!!
  9. Does this have anything to do with us in here who use Google on tablets that are Android? Google+ will shut down for consumers on April 2nd, 2019 - 9to5Google https://9to5google.com/2019/01/30/google-plus-shut-down-dates-consumer/ 2 days ago - Revealed today on the company's support pages, Google+ is shutting down for consumers on April 2nd, 2019. As originally stated, Google is closing the platform due to “low usage” and the “challenges involved with maintaining a successful product that meets… expectations.”
  10. This was on CNN News/Feb 1, 2019 Extreme weather shatters records around the world It's now 18F degrees here in my neck of the woods. Am sure other places are minus 1 in other places too. And our brothers/sister's down under, are melting, 118, 120, 125 degrees. World climate changing, and changing fast.
  11. This isn't old from you tube. But it came out today on a news channel. But it made me happy, and in the paradise, after or during am able to do what they do on this video!!! This is some awesome happy dance!
  12. Allabord4Jah

    Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    Good Morning All and Or Evening for Some in here! This happen yesterday in my neck of the woods. I didn't feel it, but am sure those out in the ocean area did, not far off the coast of our summer resorts: Taken from my local news channel January 15, 2019. USGS: 4.7-magnitude earthquake reported off Ocean City coast
  13. How awful! And very sad to see those bullies attack elderly friends and their children knowing they are vulnerable. Oh my, they are in my prayers!
  14. Allabord4Jah

    someone is working at Amazon store?


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