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    January 19, 1979

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    I was sick with the flu, and 2 sisters who studied with my mother came into my room (stood at the door way) and I asked them to study with me. My mother really wasn't interested, but I certainly was!

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    I used to love going sailing with my older brother, he's waiting for the resurrection now. I used to bowl and ride my bike, climb up trees and fall down in the autumn leaves.
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    Other then the Bible, there are none out there that I read.
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    The Kingdom Melodies (older versions and new), classic music, opera (various kinds, because some are based on murders)

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  1. This just happened not to far away from my home. It's getting out of hand! It was on this morning on regular town news in my area and now its gone viral world wide. Another mass shooting at a distribution center not more then 30 minutes from my home. I feel like we're living in a war zone! WBAL News August 20, 2018/Daily Mail on Line August 20,2018 Female shooter kills three and injures two in morning shooting at Rite Aid warehouse in Maryland business park before being taken to hospital in critical condition
  2. Dear Sister, Jehovah also has the lives of our friends in the Philippines and Lower China, where a new typhoon has already hit the Philippines and now China coast line. I know there are a few of our dear sister's and brothers working under ground there (China) and they need our prayers too. Goodness, I hope this satanic world is ending soon!
  3. They listened on his phone conversations with his father, and the father told him if they sentence you to prison, you can preach there. Then they had a spy encouraging him to leave Russia, due to the persecution of the Jehovah's Witnesses, but he refused to go there and said he must stay he would never leave his family. So now they couldn't get nothing else on him, his next trial date is in this month September. Excerpt from the Russian news above. May Jehovah continue to give our brother Holy Spirit, and that he allows the court to be made a joke to the world (which everyone already knows they are). Br. Christensen, is free soon.
  4. From Dancing in The Dark song by Gordon Macrae
  5. Allabord4Jah

    Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    This is pretty cool, where did you find this site. It's interesting how the man is describing each quake and where it can affect worldwide. Man, the people are so blind not to see ALL these earthquakes happening minutes apart to days, weeks and years. Japan last night was really devastated by it. I hope none of our brothers got killed in it but we don't know. The destruction is massive. Hills like mountains with forests of trees all looked like match sticks on the bottom. I remember back in 76, I was living in San Fernando, CA., my dog woke me up, it was around 5am, howling, just howling, next thing I knew I had been in bed and then I was on the floor. The floor was swaying, the walls, the pool outside my slider door, had waves in it. I was scared out of my wits! I had never been in actually earthquake before. My aunt helped me get up, and we stood under the door and then we both went outside the house with my dog. He just kept howling. So were all the other dogs on the street. I wasn't in the truth back then and I was scared! Just the year before or in 74, California, had experience one of their major earthquakes. My aunt said, this isn't a earthquake, this is nothing... it was just a aftershock. Just the same, though it wasn't a killer quake, it was scary! This video above where all those pink circles of earthquakes that have come and now gone and still more to come. Wow! There's more activity now being so close to the end....
  6. Allabord4Jah

    Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    On the pages of the Daily Mail.August 6, 2018 Terrifying moment lights go out across Japanese city as country is rocked by 6.7 magnitude quake, killing nine and burying dozens more in landslides, days after typhoon ravaged nation
  7. I can vouch for the low income! Been on it for years and still Jehovah provides whatever I need.
  8. This story on pages of CNN News/August 30, 2018 https://www.cnn.com/2018/08/30/asia/south-korea-conscientious-objectors-supreme-court-intl/index.html The International News is now carrying this story abroad. This is good news, story seems like it was taken from the pages of JW.ORG Newsroom.
  9. Allabord4Jah

    Catholic Priests in Pennsylvania

    This was on the Independent News/August 23, 2018 Pope must resign over sex abuse crisis, former top Vatican official says 'He knew from at least 23 June, 2013, that Theodore McCarrick was a serial predator'
  10. Allabord4Jah

    No Place Run To no Place to Hide

    Bea, go to Jw.Broadcast, there's an update on the California Fires. It's really touching.
  11. Allabord4Jah

    No Place Run To no Place to Hide

    The condo's have by-laws / covenants. She broke everyone. The board sent her two letters on my behalf about her stench in my home. The board had proof from other neighbors who lived in the same building and smelled the smoke in the foyer of the building. Unfortunately, a dear sister gave me a diffuser and I had used it when she puffed up to drown out the stench. When I had "witnesses" come in and smell all they smelled was the scent of the difusser. And I couldn't get the board people over cuz one didn't want to walk up to my building, the second one the important one the President worked 24/7 the entire time she claimed she smoked outside the building. She said when she would get home she could not smell it. So down the road, the board got tired of dealing (they only dealth with it 30 days) and they said "Its your word against her." "She is feeling harassed." So on those two words they stopped. A fine should have gone out no matter's whose word it was. My witnesses were all cowards and they did not come and speak up to the board. The board did not knock on their doors, they should have. Oh yes, my dear sister Bea, the BOA president has a friend who is a (are you lying down Bea?) a Physic! She trusts her with anything. She doesn't live in the area (am glad) bug the BOA President loves her. She even used and twisted the scriptures to prove the point that the power she was comes from "the Lord" himself. Bea, I got away from these people. After a great convention and what not to get yourself involved in, I stepped back. My prays and needs are in our father's hand! I mean, who am I to fight a demonic spirit? Jehovah's power is all I need. Am sure since its getting worse BEA, the attacks will intensify. The value of the condo is down, and so it also brings up the value of price for home insurance due to having a smoker in your mists! Am hoping that the fire marshall will have something to say to the Board when he goes in to inspect her home! I hope he fines her big time and fines the boa. I don't plan on leaving here for long. I wish I wasn't so sensitive and handicap, what I'd give to live in a tee pee! living here for long, I meant that. Not leaving her for long.
  12. Allabord4Jah

    No Place Run To no Place to Hide

    She blew smoke in my face, I meant that I have tried many times to talk to her about this issue even long before her brother illness and her son's divorce. She just blows it back to you. She brushes me off and she does this to other people. I have only met her son once, and that was 7 years ago. She has grandchildren but none of them come to visit. Since she moved in 7 years ago, I only met one grandson and he was 14 at that the time. He stood outside her house and couldn't go in. Since that time, no one of her family has been at her house. If you stand on her porch, you will be in a coffin next! That is how bad it reeks. So tell your friends who are interested in Condo living, DO NOT PURCHASE! Go pass GO and collect 200 dollars... move on. So glad in the paradise none of us will be living on top of one another! YUCK!!!
  13. Allabord4Jah

    No Place Run To no Place to Hide

    I tried that and she blew smoke in my face. Like I said, I asked her to memorial and in those prior 7 years, she and I got along okay as neighbors. I told her that was a JW and she advised me she had work mates that were JW'S as well. But I did find out that her son just recently divorced, and her youngest brother has cancer and she was worried. He's doing chemo and since that horrible day she went ballistic with her smoking no one has heard about how he is doing. She keeps to herself and does not even go out she doesn't even throw out her trash (take to dumpster) it sits in her room and boy does it reek! The BOA things and so do I, she has mental problems. And is a hard cord addict. I am praying for her, like before, that Jehovah find something in her to soften her hardcore heart and mind. I don't hate her, but the habit. It's killing me!
  14. How many of you live in a dwelling that is an apartment or a condo or even a townhouse and you smell out right 2nd hand smoke coming into your home? I know that a majority of my brothers don't own a home alone. In my hall we have several families that own their own houses separate from other homes by a couple of feet in-between. Others live side by side with smokers, and or above them or below. How do you all handle this situation? I've tried talking to the smoker for the past 7 years with no success. She knows I serve Jehovah, and its been one battle after another with her. She used to be conscious of the fact that I cannot tolerate the 2nd hand smoke. So for the past 7 years she has been smoking in her living room or kitchen. But this year, since July 5th, 2018, she has gone on a mad rampage! Since then, she has smoked up a storm. I know its against Jehovah she is on a rampage, but it affects me too. I have on a moderator's suggestion in here and got 2 big Hepa air filters, and I run these all day. These filters aren't cheap either. One alone (the air filters take 2) cost $20.00 a box). She persists and its getting worse. Would it be a bad for me to ask Jehovah and beg him to do something about the situation? My house reeks so bad, its like a bar with no windows, KI I know that BEA, couldn't even step one toe in my house! That's how bad it is in here and I have breathing problems. Can I ask for some of you to pray to Jehovah to intercede? Have her move out or anything to get her to stop that 24/7 smoking rampage. She has several demons living with her. I've got to get out of the den now, am suffocating in here. It's as bad or worse like the fires burning down our brothers homes in California! I know what you guys are going through big time!!!!
  15. Allabord4Jah

    Floods in Southern France

    USA East Coast under more rainfall and flooding, Mid USA, dry as a bone, West (California and Canada) on fire and burning out of control, Europe, flash flooding, heatwaves, Middle East/India heatwaves, flash flooding; Asia, heat waves and heavy rains, flooding, Japan, heatwaves killing elderly and those without air conditioning. Greece on fire, heatwave there as well. Animals destroyed on land and sea, sea turtles winding up on beaches dead from garbage (plastic bags) and the shores of DR, and another country trash washing up on shores and more trash then they can hull out and put back into the Oceans. The whole world is engulfed in man made pollution. Looking forward to the last sentence of Rev. 11:18!

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