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    January 19, 1979

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    I was sick with the flu, and 2 sisters who studied with my mother came into my room (stood at the door way) and I asked them to study with me. My mother really wasn't interested, but I certainly was!

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    I used to love going sailing with my older brother, he's waiting for the resurrection now. I used to bowl and ride my bike, climb up trees and fall down in the autumn leaves.
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    Other then the Bible, there are none out there that I read.
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    The Kingdom Melodies (older versions and new), classic music, opera (various kinds, because some are based on murders)

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  1. CNN News/April 14, 2018 The story says this bible is to last over a billion years! Really? If it doesn't have Jehovah's name in how can it last a billion years? What a joke! The crystal Bible to last a billion years
  2. News Report on CNN/April 14, 2018 Hungary's challenge for Europe Victory by Viktor Orban rings alarm bells in other EU capitals Hungary is starting to look a bit like Russia. Here's why
  3. Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    5.3 magnitude earthquake reported off the coast of southern California (Daily Mail/April 5, 2018)
  4. Hurrah, he's finally out and coming home!!! Thank JAH you people!!! YEAHHHHHH
  5. Like the brother said in the morning worship 9 days ago, we are at the brink of the G.T. Expect more insanity to happen. Glad to see that the kingdom hall had a video of the person. I hope they catch the person. If he caught himself on fire, then his hands and coat should show signs. He probably went home and threw the coat in the in a trash bag and its now in the trash to go. His face might have some burnt marks on him. Whatever Jehovah saw the person, he'll make sure justice is administered!
  6. Christopher Mavor: Following Directions Saves Lives (Mark 13:19)
  7. Hey you sisters and brothers in here, go check out JW.Broadcast and listen to the new morning worship video. You'll love what the brother says!!! Guarantee!!!
  8. Keep watching the video, here she is old, and then as the song progresses, she gets young and younger! Such a beautiful video!!!
  9. I like to find another site for JW'S, that once had old vh tapes or CD's of Brother Lee Water's talks. I found 4 on JWProclaimers, but I know there are others, like the one he gave describing the trial of Jesus and death. I heard this talk many years ago and I have not heard it since. I also found out that Br. Waters passed away some time ago as well. Fantastic speaker, and researcher. Does anyone in here know where I can download more video's or her cd copies of Br. Lee Waters, and I might add Br. Aulicino too. Br. A., is still alive and is 87 years old and living at Fishkill, NY. He no longer gives that many talks. But he was almost equal to Br. Waters.
  10. Everyone I know in here that are all members, including yourself, we are praying for all. This world the way we have to endure everyday will be removed. I feel that it is down the road. Each day proves it, scripture upon scripture is being fulfilled. I think we are now getting past the Pangs of Distress, and soon we will be moving into the Great Tribulation. And our sister's in India and every part of this wicked system will never have to worry about someone to sneak up on them or attack them face to face ever again. Don't give up, Jehovah and Jesus want us to stay close to one another. Stand firm and see the salvation of Jehovah! I wish I could reach out and give you a firm hug (with your wife's permission of course)
  11. India has been in the news a lot lately, particularly for the demonic men who rape little babies and little girls, men who hang their wives upside down and flog them in public. So am not surprised at this senseless murder of a young man riding a horse because it is a symbol of the higher class. Satan, uses those available to him in countries like India where madness of superstition thrives and all the gods they worship over there. Our brothers and sister's have to be on the alert, especially our sister's. Sometimes, I just skip the story when I read a headline about India and some child was raped by a man or men. In some parts of India, they gang rape women over there.
  12. Did you feel that at your memorial? The unity, the peace and calmness? That's how I felt about the one I attended. Even with the babies crying and or caring on, it felt like we were all united. You could feel the love that Jehovah and Jesus felt for us in the room. It was just wonderful. One new point for me tonight was the speaker, the Br., asked us with tablets and the Bible to turn to the back of the Appendix B. B12-B The Final Week of Jesus Life... The brother said look at the picture, and you see Jesus and the 11 disciples at the table. He said notice the empty spot right next to Jesus. That was where Judas laid. He said that Jesus, tried to help Judas, till the very end. But Judas had his own agenda. He said, Jesus, never moved over and took over the spot, perhaps Judas would have a change of heart and come back. I never heard this mentioned in all the memorial's I've been to. But in all, you could feel peace and calm in that room tonight. My memorial started at 7:30 at a hotel my congregation rented out. It was packed in there. People just poured in! I had to comment on your comment, it was what I felt tonight as well.
  13. Wish I could send the same love and greetings to our brothers in the countries where they are banned. And I pray that they can have the memorial in secret without interference of the authorities. May Jehovah bless all of his people worldwide for putting in all their effort in mailing, and hand delivery of our King Christ Jesus, memorial.
  14. Post a picture... Any picture

    So far, I have had no issues with my neighbor above me, but another neighbor has. I was thinking of sending her this picture, but then I recalled how nasty she was with her and with me. Just a thought if your neighbor is this loud above your head!
  15. The coin in your story from Daily Mail picture does not look anything like the coin in the forum with the Egyptian pagan symbols. The picture in the DailyMail of the found coin looks more like a coin that they used in Israel then in Egypt. Like everything else on the news, we have to wait and see what the experts say about the findings.

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