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  1. Same thing was said in 85, and again in 95, and 2000, guess one day they might be right🙄🙄🙄
  2. adamcu78

    I’ve pretty well had it!

    its been happening for years. unfortunately politicians only use it as a political stunt during election times. neither side wants to change the outcome. they could care less also if you do some research you will see it isnt as bad as they are trying to make it out. in most cases if a child cant be identifed to belong to the parent then they are seperated until it is confirmed. unfortunatley people will take children hoping it will help them to access a country, the child could be a relative or could be kidnapped. this whole immigration issue wont be settled until Gods Kingdom puts and end to it.
  3. adamcu78

    Bill Cosby Convicted

    i guess the jury like Pudding...... because they are pudding him in prison... just incase you didnt know cosby representsd jello pudding
  4. this world is insane. politicians and the media always want to blame the weapon. nobody wants to talk about the evil inside these individuals.
  5. January 31st will be a great night to gaze at the heavens. We can view a very rare super blue blood moon. for those of you that dont know the terms a super moon is when the moon is closest to the earth, blue moon is the 2nd full moon, and blood moon is due to a lunar eclipse. first time all 3 have lined up in over 150 years. https://www.space.com/39432-get-ready-for-super-blue-blood-moon-eclipse.html
  6. this is how craxy things have gotten. the government is shutting dowm, some would say hurting their own citizens, because there isnt funding for illegal citizens. things will get much worse. it is going to be a wild ride
  7. adamcu78

    Daily Bacon

    scientist cut cancer risk for bacon http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/12/28/healthier-fry-ups-table-scientific-breakthrough-cuts-cancer/ bacon for every meal it is!
  8. nor do i. if you dont like the topic then skip it. i think its a good thing to share. something we can use when talking to others showing how far false religion has gone. our magazines list examples of false religions disgusting practices so why cant we.
  9. how much farther will Babylon the Great go. an angelic minister is urging his followers to pray that baby prince george grows up and finds love with another man. SICKENING!!! https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/12/01/world/europe/uk-prince-george-gay-pray.html
  10. big nothing burger. really no new news here.
  11. that was my thoughts exactly. this new saudi Prince is shaking things up over there. and if the muslims countries decide to act it could become a very big deal
  12. 41 Islamic countries coming together and vow to wipe terrorism out. image if they succeed in stopping the terrorist who are using islam for terror. could they cry out peace and security? https://www.yahoo.com/news/saudi-vows-islamic-alliance-wipe-terrorists-earth-140228852.html
  13. this is UNBELIEVABLE!!! "The Church of Sweden has voted to adopt a controversial new handbook which says masculine references to God, such as “He” and “Lord” should be scrapped so as to be more “inclusive" http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/11/23/church-sweden-drops-male-god/
  14. adamcu78

    Shooter in Las Vegas

    what sickens me more is some of the medias comments. one cnn person said they werent sympathetic to the victims bc they were probably trump supporters. Its sad to see how far down people have gone in this world
  15. Wonder if student was a witness? Student said he pledges to God only. https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/farmington-hills-teacher-accused-of-assaulting-6th-grader-who-sat-during-pledge-of-allegiance

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