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  1. These attacks just make so sad. Just think, we're held to be as "extremist" as followers of radical Islam, etc., but have you ever heard of random attacks against people because the "look" like they are part of any of the real extremist organizations? Of course not, they would defend themselves! Our poor brothers and sisters are easy targets (they think).
  2. My niece and the kids will be leaving St. Maarten today for Curacao, and on to the Netherlands on Sunday. Husband will stay behind, and she'll return as soon as things have stabilized.
  3. From my niece in St. Maarten (pieced together from several comments she posted on Facebook): Communication is still difficult, just update that we survived. Lost a lot but still have our lives. Now to survive almost a week of curfew and people getting more desperate for basic needs..no running water or electricity as yet, no doors or windows (blew out before the eye of the hurricane!) Jehovah is providing for us in the strangest ways though, really amazing to experience. Food packages are in the harbor since Sunday and not being distributed by government. It is horrible here. We can still manage. Jehovah provides as well, a plate of pasta from the neighbors or a loaf of bread from a delivery person hubby works with. It's an amazing experience. The boys (three and five I believe) are making the best of it. Tired and a little scared of wind and noise, but getting better each day.
  4. My niece and her husband applied for the Toronto convention this year and where not invited. She has been a regular pioneer for years, and he is an elder and pioneer. Friends of theirs did get invited. They were disappointed, but happily attended their assigned convention.
  5. My niece from St. Maarten posted that her internet is sporadic right now. They lost almost everything, and now await Jose without doors or windows. She says many people are looting like crazy and it is horrible there.
  6. Finally heard from my niece. She and family are safe. Several doors and windows were blown out, including the door to the utility room where they where sheltering. She said her husband became a human shield, and that they sang Kingdom songs to stay calm. They have two young boys.
  7. My niece and family live on St. Maarten. She's been posting on Facebook all night, but haven't heard from her for about four hours now. Last thing she posted was that power was out, and that she's never been as scared in her life (and she has been through hurricanes before). Yesterday she shared the "emergency shelters" plan. Basically, no shelters will be open in advance of the hurricane. If you feel your home is not safe, go stay with friends or family. After the storm, it will be decided if shelters will open. Maximum stay is 48 hours, but if your shelter is a school, it may only be 24 hours. Shelters do not have beds, food, water, etc., so bring your own.
  8. My niece and family are hunkering down in St. Maarten with Irma right on top of them :( Can't concentrate on work today...

    1. Good-O


      I understand. My granddgt/6 great grandchildren are 2 hrs N of Miami.  Hopefully they will be out of state today and headed this way.  My granddgt said many of the brothers in her area will go deeper inland.  I pray they will be ok as well as all the JW family in those paths.  

    2. Stormswift


      Please be safe. This is horrible. xxx

    3. Good-O


      Thanks.  What should have taken them 4 hrs actually took 9 hrs and are in FL Panhandle heading this way.  

  9. I was in Cuba in May, visited Bethel in Havana, and went out in service with local brothers and sisters. The witnesses are not legally registered, but can meet and preach freely.
  10. Go Bag Readiness Reminder

    Synonyms of use: utilize · make use of · avail oneself of · employ · work ·operate · wield · ply · apply · maneuver · manipulate · put to use · put/press into service · exercise · employ · bring into play · practice · apply · exert · bring to bear So to re=phrase: "which we replace and "put to use", "make use of" (pick either one ) before the expiry dates".
  11. Go Bag Readiness Reminder

    Well, our dogs eat liver and so do we. Only difference is theirs is raw, and ours is cooked with onions and bacon (yeah, I should have said that we feed it to them, not that WE use it).
  12. Go Bag Readiness Reminder

    We have go-bags at home that contain freeze-dried food for us and dehydrated dog food (which we replace and use before the expiry dates). I also keep a "get home" bag under my desk at work with a few bottles of water, granola bars, flashlight, dry socks, walking shoes, and a few other things. I try to be somewhat prepared in the event of a massive power grid failure (like what happened in 2003). According to Google maps, it will take me about 12 hours to walk home, but depending on the circumstances, that may be preferable to staying downtown Toronto.
  13. This year we picked up some prepackaged 7 bean salads from Costco and added some diced barbecued chicken for lunch. Breakfast was picked up and eaten in the car. We left the house at 6 every morning, as our assignment started at 7. As soon as we sat down I ate a granola bar, as I needed a little something to tie me over until lunch.
  14. We were on the deck of the cottage at the time.
  15. I caught the "tongue-in-cheekiness" of your question As for the training of the dogs, there is no issue leaving them when we're home, but the cottage belongs to a friend. Her cottage, her rules with respect to dogs on the furniture, etc. (at home they have one chair by the window in the office they take turns sitting in, but never go on any other furniture; at the cottage they think all the chairs are by windows, so they must be fair game, and they need to be reminded). I just do not want to leave them unsupervised there, and as we can't bring them into the hall, or leave them in the car, we listen to the meetings by phone. If that means their training is lacking, I am open to suggestions. (By the way, last summer I called them back when they started chasing a bear cub that had wandered out of the woods by the cottage, and they came. That to me is the second most important command they have to obey). I realize this is off topic, but I wanted to clear up any misunderstandings.

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