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  1. Recommend me some children's movies I can get on DVD in Canada (cheaply). Going to visit my niece in St Maarten and want to bring a few movies for her boys.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Old


      Verify that they have a player that accepts US coded CDs.

    3. Sylv


      I asked, and they can play American DVDs. Thanks for the heads up!

    4. GrumpysWife


      Second Hand Lions is an awesome movie. I loved it! 



  2. ...or we could read a genealogy (boy, I'm so glad I'm not a brother and will not have to try and pronounce those names!) I too don't have a preference. Happy to read (almost - see above) anything you want to tackle.
  3. I'm in, if needed. Otherwise, I'll let someone else have a turn
  4. I cannot even imagine the pain of losing a child, so please note my "like" on your post was for this portion. I follow the FB page of a sister in Atlanta whose son was seriously injured when a gust of wind caused a tree to fall on his head. She continually expresses her appreciation for the Ronald McDonald House, and assists in fund raising for it. As her boy continues to be medically fragile, she continues to make use of it when necessary.
  5. I'm fluent in Dutch (with a distinct "southern" accent - any fellow Dutchies will know what I mean). However, if there is someone else who did not get to participate in the previous one, please bump me off
  6. They do really enjoy it Sylvie
  7. Let us rejoice

    I don't know the words to Hava Nagila, but do remember most of the words to Harvey and Sheila (sung to the same tune).
  8. Is there a way to set up a "do not disturbe" rule that will still allow calls from contacts through, but no others? I have my phone set to go into do not disturbe from 21:30 until 7:30. During this time it will only ring for two numbers I have flagged as "favorite". (This is on a Samsung S7).
  9. How frustrating! Have you contacted your phone provider? Maybe they can help.
  10. I will be happy to pay $3.00! One thing I have noticed with Kindle books is that often the first book in a series is offered for a very low price, or even for free. However, if you want to read the rest of the series, the subsequent books are more expensive. Nothing wrong with that! I personally like series. I like continuity. I compare a novel to a "blind date". You don't know if you're going to like it or the characters. However, a series is a commitment. You already know the characters and want to spend more time with them.
  11. Working in the legal field, a capital letter for "normal" words (not start of a sentence, common name, etc.) is used when the word is initially defined to mean such-and-such. For example, "Trademark application no. 1112222 for LOVE (the "Trademark")". From that point forward, I just write "the Trademark". So, "trademark" is a general term, while "Trademark" is defined as referring to specific mark only.
  12. We also feed a raw food diet. That meat, in my opinion, is no different than the meat we eat with respect to having been bled. It just isn't cooked. However, I will not add blood to their food, or allow the administration of a blood transfusion, or misuse blood in any way.
  13. The article Stavro quoted above is the same article we were directed us to when we had this question a few years ago. Our girl had a torn CCL (ACL in humans), and the non-surgical treatment method we were offered involved the drawing of her blood, to which medications would be added and then re-injected. We didn't find anything in our research and asked our COBE. He also didn't know, and contacted a brother from the HLC. This brother directed us to the above article and suggested we call Bethel to confirm that was still the current understanding. As it was, we asked the vet to do the treatment without the use of blood. Although he looked at us funny, he complied, and used a different solution to mix the medications with.

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