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  1. Congratulations!
  2. Sylv

    Caribbean visit

    Okay, she said there isn't anyone, but depending on the dates and number of people, she might be able to show them around
  3. Sylv

    Caribbean visit

    I will ask my niece who lives on St Maarten.
  4. I grew up in the Netherlands, usually depicted as the land of windmills and tulips. Not too many of either where I lived. The three roads in the "subdivision" were named "Stone Street", Mine Street", and "Carbon Street". One street was flanked by a mountain of slag, on top of which was an active railroad for the coal mine. The other side was flanked by a farmer's field and rotated from being used as a grazing area for cows and a few horses, and growing different crops (I remember tall wheat stalks).
  5. Sylv

    Who am I ?

    Prisoner 24601
  6. My husband is a very logical thinker, which I believe you need to be in order to be successful as a programmer. He is mostly self-taught, having left high school after Grade 11. When he returned to get his GED (General Education Diploma - equal to a high school diploma), he needed four credits. He had to take grade 12 English, which he completed in 3 months. Then he completed his grade 12 math in 3 weeks! The instructor asked him to commit to a 3-month period in his class for another credit - he became the teacher's assistant for that time. For his final credit, he wrote an inventory program for the school's audio and video library. (this is all in the early 1980s.) He did this while working full time as a courier for a medical laboratory (we were newly married as well). When the lab started installing computers, his boss put him up for a job as a systems coordinator - this pretty much involved travelling to different locations and setting up the computers, including pulling wires, etc. In addition, he was the first person of contact for anyone having computer problems. Any software issues he was to call in to the computer department in Toronto - except, he started fixing the problems and then calling the computer department ("hey, this and this wasn't working, so I did such-and-such"). Sixteen months later he was working in the computer department. He still works for the same company - it will be 37 years in September.
  7. Sylv

    Fur Babies

    How about green tripe? It stinks, but I haven't seen any dog turn its nose up at it. I'm sure cats will love it as well. Do make sure it's green tripe. The stuff from the grocery stores is bleached and has all the nutrients washed away.
  8. He has not, as yet, read through the Canadian Trade-marks Act (disclaimer: I haven't read it, I just reference it).
  9. My husband is a programmer/developer/systems architect/whatever the company decides to call him this week (no kidding, he had to check his signature block a few weeks ago to see what his title was...) I have taken a few programming courses, just to get an inkling of what he does (Basic, Virtual Basic, C, C++), but I don't enjoy it, and have forgotten everything except the importance of semi-colons
  10. Does anybody know whether Canada Bethel has tours on December 25? My niece and family will be visiting from the Carribean. A visit would be a great witness for her husband.

    1. Lance


      They usually do ... the only days they close are Sundays and Spring cleaning day. It is best to phone ahead .

  11. Psalms Bible Teach Israel I'm busy Solomon Peter
  12. With the upcoming legalization of cannabis, I have been working on trademark clearing searches for a number of clients. So many "21 and over" websites, so many strange new-to-me products. It's an education I would gladly do without.

    1. Gregexplore


      Well, as you can see this world has a very "high" standards ..LOL :lol2:

  13. Now if only a truck filled with peanut butter was nearby.... I would be on the next flight!
  14. My niece in St. Maarten lived through Irma and Maria last year, and she was shocked at how much damage there is here from "only" a Cat 1 hurricane.

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