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  1. Psalms Bible Teach Israel I'm busy Solomon Peter
  2. With the upcoming legalization of cannabis, I have been working on trademark clearing searches for a number of clients. So many "21 and over" websites, so many strange new-to-me products. It's an education I would gladly do without.

    1. Gregexplore


      Well, as you can see this world has a very "high" standards ..LOL :lol2:

  3. Now if only a truck filled with peanut butter was nearby.... I would be on the next flight!
  4. My niece in St. Maarten lived through Irma and Maria last year, and she was shocked at how much damage there is here from "only" a Cat 1 hurricane.
  5. Sylv

    Facebook - Birthday

    Go ahead, just don't remind my friends about it And I used my real birth date. I just don't have it publicly visible.
  6. Sylv

    Facebook - Birthday

    Same here. My date of birth isn't public. I think some people just don't realize they can make it private.
  7. Question for the author: do you write one plotline at a time and weave them together after, or do you write it as it is published? Either way, I can't wait for the final book!
  8. Also St. Maarten. My niece's kingdom hall was shown, and brother Sanderson made an unscheduled stop at her meeting and gave an impromptu talk.
  9. We were asked on Sunday if we would like to have the CO and his wife over for lunch on Wednesday. Unfortunately, I can't take time off on such short notice, so hubby will be on his own. 

    1. Good-O


      I am sure they will miss you but they will enjoy their lunch.  

  10. Just had my annual performance review. Very happy :) 

    1. Sheep


      So you are performing well?


      ( I have no idea what your post means. :confused:)

    2. Sylv


      Yeah. It means that my bosses are very happy with me and my work, and I am very happy because they are happy (and are showing it with a raise and bonus). All that, and I rarely have to stay late and I don't stress about work. 

    3. carlos


      Congratulations for the great work!

  11. I wanted to use the "laugh" button, but was afraid it could appear as if I was laughing at the situation. Very well played, Sir! Never a dull moment ...
  12. Would you rent a place previously used as a hindu temple?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. carlos


      Please, Sylv, start a topic about this. It's easier to reply that way and more members will see it. Besides, in a topic we can not just say our opinion but quote what the Slave says in our publications. :)

    3. Dismal_Bliss


      Yes, this should be a forum topic. Please post it in the "Life as a Christian" area.

    4. Sylv


      topic has been started :) 

  13. I watched it last week on the airplane and quite liked it.
  14. Going to St Maarten for a week this Friday, and just found out that they will have a special talk by a rep. from HQ Sunday, then the CO visit next week :)

    1. Good-O


      What a treat for you!  Enjoy.  

    2. booboo


      Yes quite exiting! It was announced yesterday that we are having a video of a branch rep for the special talk as well.  So perhaps that is the game plan across the board for the special talk. We are having it one week early due to our circuit Assembly on the  25th.

    3. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Talk about a spiritual buffet! Enjoy! Um, maybe share some of the most brilliant spiritual jewels?


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