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  1. Abdul is a name, and autocorrect assumed ABD should be corrected to that.
  2. Sorry, I was thinking about the international ones. Actually , if you live on one side of the country but apply for another city that is hosting an international convention, how would you refer to that?
  3. Just guessing, but would the hotels be holding back rooms for delegates by request from the organization? Delegates agree to stay at designated hotels for at least 7 days. Another thought, delegates may be assigned to different hotels a little further away, and will get bussed to the location?
  4. We did get the rooming list for Toronto last week (right after they read a letter asking those who had already booked rooms ahead of the list coming out to cancel them). We're in driving distance, so I haven't even looked at the list.
  5. I use it to communicate with my nieces. One lives in St Maarten, and the other is a flight attendant. The latter just uses hotel or airport WiFi so she doesn't run into cell coverage issues.
  6. Also, it works over wifi as well as cell.
  7. I tripped earlier today while trying to prevent the dog from running into the yard to escape a bath. Hit my head on the kitchen table and got a very deep cut right through my eyebrow. Four stitches and it is still oozing blood.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Sylv


      Yes. I didn't even break my glasses.

    3. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Head wounds tend to bleed profusely. I’m so sorry this happened. Yes, a scar, but, not forever! 

    4. tekmantwo


      So sorry to hear about this, as the others have said, head wounds bleed the most. Try to stay off your feet for awhile so you don't get dizzy and do it again....heal well my Sister....


      And, you know, scars are cool.

  8. Maybe, but as long as he was wearing pants and his feet weren't bare, I don't see how he could have been hurt. I look at this as a "controlled drop", as opposed to the accidental drops we have all seen/done at home (or in a restaurant - I used to waitress, so I've seen plenty). Also, all working on set would be aware that the glass was going to be thrown down beside/behind the desk and stay clear (otherwise they would have been visible on camera as well). It would also be pretty safe to clean up. Just a broom and dustpan for the larger parts, and a vacuum cleaner for the little bits.
  9. MJL

    Hi my husband he is from Heerlen Limburg. Also from the lenoire

    1. Sylv


      Small world! I lived there from 1962 until 1978.

  10. You can almost make this work - just insert a straw (of course you can't put it down, but that's a problem for another day).
  11. Sylv

    A good joke

    This business takes dog training to a whole new level:
  12. Only if they come in the right box https://globalnews.ca/news/4399647/barnum-bailey-animal-crackers-mondelez/
  13. Foreign court rulings have no binding precedent. So while a US court could consider this decision, they do not have to follow it, while a Canadian court has to follow any rulings made by courts "above" theirs. So it is precedent-setting for Canadian cases only.

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