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  1. We also feed a raw food diet. That meat, in my opinion, is no different than the meat we eat with respect to having been bled. It just isn't cooked. However, I will not add blood to their food, or allow the administration of a blood transfusion, or misuse blood in any way.
  2. The article Stavro quoted above is the same article we were directed us to when we had this question a few years ago. Our girl had a torn CCL (ACL in humans), and the non-surgical treatment method we were offered involved the drawing of her blood, to which medications would be added and then re-injected. We didn't find anything in our research and asked our COBE. He also didn't know, and contacted a brother from the HLC. This brother directed us to the above article and suggested we call Bethel to confirm that was still the current understanding. As it was, we asked the vet to do the treatment without the use of blood. Although he looked at us funny, he complied, and used a different solution to mix the medications with.
  3. Submarine Racing

    Yes, that is the context I remember it being used in. I remember the first time I heard the expression and being totally confused as to the meaning, as, well, you could't "see" submarines, racing or not (remember, I moved here from a non-English speaking country in my teens and translated back to Dutch).
  4. It could also mean that she does not have the answer to give you. As in "I'm sad to say that I do not know (because the other person didn't confide in her, or she didn't think to ask, etc.)"
  5. Wait for it ... starring Suki and supported by Diva.
  6. Oh my, that brings back memories! Off topic: year ago, a sister had her young daughter address me as "sister Sylvie", meaning it to be less formal, but still polite. I HATED it, as I made me think of a nun. As soon as the girl was old enough, I asked her to just call me by my first name.
  7. Ahh, but how about someone whose first language is not English? Years ago our book study conductor had a very strong accent. Funny story: he ones invited a brother who was attending the school for single brothers to come to our book study and relate some experiences. The conductor had attended the school in years past, and he first talked about being with all the "bed lights" (bethelites), and how the training was like "jews", or more clearly, "concentrated jews" (juice). Both comments resulted in confused looks from the people in attendance and required further clarification
  8. Yes, homosexuality is promoted in so many shows now, you can't seem to get away from it. However, how many shows have unmarried non-same sex partners? (Not condoning, just observing.)
  9. The problem is that we're only asked to enter the pin code on the phone the first time you dial in, then the system automatically connects to that hall the next time you call. There is no option to change the pin/hall.
  10. Thanks, but we have to dial in by phone. Maybe we're not using this system (scratching my head).
  11. Is it possible to change the "default" congregation when connecting to the meeting? An older couple in our hall have to listen to a different congregation (in a different city) when they call in. I guess it has to do with the pin number they initially entered, but don't know how to reset it.
  12. These attacks just make so sad. Just think, we're held to be as "extremist" as followers of radical Islam, etc., but have you ever heard of random attacks against people because the "look" like they are part of any of the real extremist organizations? Of course not, they would defend themselves! Our poor brothers and sisters are easy targets (they think).
  13. My niece and the kids will be leaving St. Maarten today for Curacao, and on to the Netherlands on Sunday. Husband will stay behind, and she'll return as soon as things have stabilized.
  14. From my niece in St. Maarten (pieced together from several comments she posted on Facebook): Communication is still difficult, just update that we survived. Lost a lot but still have our lives. Now to survive almost a week of curfew and people getting more desperate for basic needs..no running water or electricity as yet, no doors or windows (blew out before the eye of the hurricane!) Jehovah is providing for us in the strangest ways though, really amazing to experience. Food packages are in the harbor since Sunday and not being distributed by government. It is horrible here. We can still manage. Jehovah provides as well, a plate of pasta from the neighbors or a loaf of bread from a delivery person hubby works with. It's an amazing experience. The boys (three and five I believe) are making the best of it. Tired and a little scared of wind and noise, but getting better each day.

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