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  1. Also St. Maarten. My niece's kingdom hall was shown, and brother Sanderson made an unscheduled stop at her meeting and gave an impromptu talk.
  2. We were asked on Sunday if we would like to have the CO and his wife over for lunch on Wednesday. Unfortunately, I can't take time off on such short notice, so hubby will be on his own. 

    1. Good-O


      I am sure they will miss you but they will enjoy their lunch.  

  3. Just had my annual performance review. Very happy :) 

    1. Sheep


      So you are performing well?


      ( I have no idea what your post means. :confused:)

    2. Sylv


      Yeah. It means that my bosses are very happy with me and my work, and I am very happy because they are happy (and are showing it with a raise and bonus). All that, and I rarely have to stay late and I don't stress about work. 

    3. carlos


      Congratulations for the great work!

  4. I wanted to use the "laugh" button, but was afraid it could appear as if I was laughing at the situation. Very well played, Sir! Never a dull moment ...
  5. Would you rent a place previously used as a hindu temple?

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    2. carlos


      Please, Sylv, start a topic about this. It's easier to reply that way and more members will see it. Besides, in a topic we can not just say our opinion but quote what the Slave says in our publications. :)

    3. Dismal_Bliss


      Yes, this should be a forum topic. Please post it in the "Life as a Christian" area.

    4. Sylv


      topic has been started :) 

  6. I watched it last week on the airplane and quite liked it.
  7. Going to St Maarten for a week this Friday, and just found out that they will have a special talk by a rep. from HQ Sunday, then the CO visit next week :)

    1. Good-O


      What a treat for you!  Enjoy.  

    2. booboo


      Yes quite exiting! It was announced yesterday that we are having a video of a branch rep for the special talk as well.  So perhaps that is the game plan across the board for the special talk. We are having it one week early due to our circuit Assembly on the  25th.

    3. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Talk about a spiritual buffet! Enjoy! Um, maybe share some of the most brilliant spiritual jewels?

  8. Skit Ideas

    Not sure if you're looking for humour or teachability, but many years ago I saw a skit of two brothers going over the "reasoning with the sisters" book. It was hilarious! CURRENT EVENTS Good evening. My name is ---- ----. I'm a brother from (name of congregation). Did you see the TV news last night? That report on (mention some current item of concern, but don't talk about cars or sports) was very interesting. What did you think about it? It is not unusual for sisters to be concerned about these issues, but I believe that we are living in a time when we should be getting to know each other better. (Ask her to go out witnessing.) LOVE/KINDNESS I have found that many sisters are quite concerned about the lack of available brothers in the surrounding congregations. Do you feel that way, too? Why do you think this is the trend? . . . Did you know that I am personally interested in you? (Explain why.) WHEN SISTERS SAY: "I'M BUSY" Hi, my name is ---- ----. I want to discuss with you how we can get to know each other better. I can see that you are busy (or about to go home). May we get together for lunch on Saturday after field service and discuss it further? * * * How You Might Respond To Potential Conversation Stoppers * * * "I'M NOT INTERESTED" May I ask, do you mean that you are not interested in me or is it brothers in general who don't interest you? I ask that because I have met many sisters who at one time were interested in brothers, but aren't anymore because they think brothers are hypocritical (or chauvinistic, arrogant idiots, not spiritual enough, etc.). I don't approve of such attitudes myself, and if you get to know me, I believe we could both look to the future with confidence. OR If you mean that you're not interested in having another boyfriend, I can understand that. But more likely you are interested in your future. Can you see any prospect for a relationship in the future? OR Is that because you already have a boyfriend? . . . Tell me, do you think you will ever see a time when it will work out? . . . What seems to stand in the way? "I'M NOT INTERESTED IN YOU" Many sisters tell me that. Have you ever wondered why brothers like myself keep trying, even though sisters generally may not be interested? OR I can appreciate that, because I used to feel the same way about a sister. But, just to be fair, I decided to listen to her. And I found out that I hadn't been told the truth about her. Now we are good friends. OTHER TIPS Keeping good records is the key to following up and developing a study of each other in the future. Never ask if she got a chance to read the letters you sent her; instead, ask if she had any questions. Always mention that she could make a voluntary donation of time spent with you. Be sure to make definite arrangements to get together again . . . naming the date and time. And remember, give HER the chance to accept or refuse . . . we cannot prejudge. Finally, if she refuses, it is not you who is being rejected; rather, it is your message of commitment. COMING SOON Insight On The Sisters . . . already seven volumes, and continuing to grow. "Sisters - What happens to us when they cry?" "Knowledge that Leads to an Everlasting Wife" "Questions Old People Ask, Answers They Forget" "Your Youths - Getting the most out of them"
  9. Diatomaceous earth is great stuff! We have used it to get rid of ants in the kitchen. Worked perfectly*, and perfectly safe for our dogs. * disclaimer: I have not tried this on aunts, but it works for ants
  10. My niece in St Maarten had brother Sanderson drop by their meeting this morning. He was there to check out the disaster relief work, and on a tight schedule, but stopped by the hall and shared some words of encouragement.

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    2. Patinage


      That is wonderful! I love hearing about that kind of news: it is very encouraging.

      I suppose Bro Sanderson visited the French and Spanish brothers as well; it is my understanding that there are congregations in several languages, at least English, French and Spanish, maybe Creole... And since it is such a small island... I've lived there a year or so, back in the 80'... 

    3. Sylv


      From what I understand, he was on a very tight schedule, but noticed that there was a meeting at the hall and decided to make a quick stop. I don't believe he was scheduled to attend any meetings. He said that he just asked the BOE if he could have five minutes to address the congregation. (she shared some videos with me, but I don't want to post them.)

    4. Patinage


      I can understand that. It is nice though on part of him to take some time to share some precious encouragement with the brothers. Thanks for sharing that info. 

  11. I would think that, as you included a link to the actual article, it is not copyright infringement. Also, it a news release, isn't it? Are those not meant to be distributed?
  12. Recommend me some children's movies I can get on DVD in Canada (cheaply). Going to visit my niece in St Maarten and want to bring a few movies for her boys.

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    2. Sylv


      I asked, and they can play American DVDs. Thanks for the heads up!

    3. GrumpysWife


      Second Hand Lions is an awesome movie. I loved it! 



    4. Kristian


      ''Movies'' for Children
      Stuart Little 1, 2 and 3 ~My favourite movies as a kid.
      Garfield ~Pretty funny, kids will love it.
      Paddington ~Really good and enjoyable. (Have not seen the 2nd one yet)

      As from Animation
      Cars 1 ~It's the best one, the 2nd was too much Action. Did not like it. (Have not seen the 3rd one yet)
      A Goofy Movie ~Enjoyable.
      Finding Nemo 1 and 2 ~It's really good, but has some scary moments.
      Ratatouille ~It's really good as well, but has some peril and potentially scary moments.

      Visit this website and decide: https://www.commonsensemedia.org/:)

  13. ...or we could read a genealogy (boy, I'm so glad I'm not a brother and will not have to try and pronounce those names!) I too don't have a preference. Happy to read (almost - see above) anything you want to tackle.
  14. I'm in, if needed. Otherwise, I'll let someone else have a turn

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