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  1. Without going through the 33 pages of this thread, can someone please tell me if the revised bible has been released in Dutch? Thanks so much!
  2. My brother was reinstated last week :D 

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    2. Vinnie


      Thats good news to hear. :)


    3. hatcheckgirl


      Wonderful Sylvie! Very happy for you 😁

    4. Reylyn


      That's wonderful! Thank you Jehovah! 👐😊

  3. Sylv

    Total Eclipse of the Super Moon Tonight

    Alexa lied to me? Anyway, it feels like -29 C here 😊
  4. Sylv

    Total Eclipse of the Super Moon Tonight

    It currently feels like -22 F (-29 C), and it's going to be even colder tonight, so I think I will skip it 😰
  5. I just scrolled back briefly from the end of the book: "The Ocean Floor", "an Airship", "still a Temple Priestess", "the Ocean", "Power and Evil", "Device", "Human Music".
  6. I really enjoyed the book, as well as the ones preceding this one. However, I have to say that I found the frequent unnecessary capitalization of words very distracting.
  7. I can see why glass-bottom planes are not that popular
  8. I played Traveller many years ago. It's a science fiction based role playing game. Although characters can have ESP-capabilities, I don't believe it is a necessity for any character to have this. I don't recall it being violent, more skill and cunning, but it was many, many years ago.
  9. Accidents can happen at any age. The judge that presided over a litigation matter I was working on broke her wrist during the first day's recess. She was back on the bench the next afternoon (and cranky, oh boy, don't get me started, LoL!).
  10. I hope he acclimatizes fast. Don't want him to be mallardjusted
  11. Not necessarily. You can still get invited to Ecuador. Not everyone who gets invited the first round will be able to go, and will open up their spot.
  12. June convention dates appear to have their first set of invites out. Now on to July and beyond
  13. Just the fur around the eyes. Diva's are the standard brown, but Suki's are amber 😍
  14. That was due to vigorous squeaky ball squeaking by the photographer 😁

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