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  1. Has anyone heard from Yanty since the Tsunami in Indonesia. I just checked her last time on the site and it was 13 hours ago ....hoping all is well with you Yanty.  

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Stormswift


      He shoulda been an elephant not a turtle - elephants have long memories.

      Glad to see you are okay Yanty ... hopefully all our family over there are okay. 

    3. ivy


      Yes, another reason to keep praying on... :praying: Palu tsunami has gone, and now the new one... @Stormswift

    4. Gregexplore


      Keep up a good work and stay safe! :hugs:

  2. Miss Mouse

    It's not even summer yet!

    That is just too hot for me I would perish I am sure .........how about you Greg can you stand the heat? Weather is really crazy all over I saw on the news that Italy has had some severe storms causing lots of damage , luxury boats thrown around like toy boats. A sister said it was torrential rains with high winds that came through.
  3. We were at the last International in Paris it was really a wonderful experience . Also have attended one in Moscow Russia , we took small gifts and shared our lunches with our Russian brothers and sisters there were 8 members of the GB at that one because it was not long after the brothers were allowed to openly worship in Russia the tears that were shed .....was so touching an experience one never forgets. Applied for Lisbon this time ..... 😬
  4. Miss Mouse

    Greece fire kills 49

    That footage is incredible and terrifying.............those poor people. Intense heat and then fire on top the worst.
  5. Ha we had SIX no big deal ...............LOL . I do enjoy these shows it's the only decent thing a person can watch these days. Light hearted and informative at the same time. I also like the couple Masters of Flip , she is a little blonde I they are pretty cute together too. Team work is such a positive and good thing.
  6. Our prayers worked ...... how reassuring !
  7. Miss Mouse

    Iowa family killed by gas

    We heard that on the news up here as well Richard .....devastating for the families . Not a bad idea you have .
  8. Just what we all need . Wonderful thanks for the heads up brother .
  9. Miss Mouse

    Dieting, going Low Carb

    I should be ...... time to get back at it .
  10. The West Coast of Vancouver Island also was evacuated and on high alert. According to the News of late all evacuations went well and were quit orderly. Especially in the small fishing villages on the west coast of the Island............not so great on the East coast of the Island, Victoria............... many slept through the alert. Again the Govt. is urging people to have their go bags ready and as many on the west coast know ............we are waiting for the BIG one.
  11. Miss Mouse

    Going to Croatia

    I have the name of a place in Trogir not far from Split a little apartment we rented ( reasonable) the lady has relatives that are witnesses and I’m still in touch with her she speaks good English. We went to the meeting in Trogir used our GPS to find it up up up past vineyards found a house with the Kingdom Hall underneath. Brothers have little means there and cost of living is high. We received a wonderful welcome even though few spoke English but we did find a few that spoke English ( mostly the younger generation. We drove to Dubrovnik and the beautiful Plitcvic Lakes . We travelled the coast from Split to Dubrovnik stopped along the way and enjoyed the locals and all they have to offer fruit, wine , fish and nice quaint eating places. My dad’s family are from Croatia ..... I really enjoyed exploring my roots . Ooops didn’t mean to hit spoiler lol sorry for the disappointment
  12. I downloaded an app to record my reading I’m good to go just let me know .....

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