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  1. Had the same issue here. Find something then delete it then download it then delete it etc. Keep repeating and eventually it will show everything. Took a few times to work here.
  2. I read it as a play on words. Russia thumping our Bible etc rather than directly calling us Bible thumpers.
  3. Mykyl

    Amazon Alexa and JW.ORG

    I guess for me it’s no different to choosing Firefox as opposed to edge or chrome to access jw.org. These browsers are not created by the organisation either. It accesses jw.org and plays the audio from there. Instead of visually seeing and clicking I speak and it plays. Only difference is I don’t have to go searching for the file. However if it is decided that only browsers can be used to access the site visually then so be it.
  4. Mykyl

    Amazon Alexa and JW.ORG

    No. It plays any audio files associated with articles or bible sections etc. You ask it to let’s say play this weeks bible reading and it will. Or ask it to play this weeks watchtower article. Very handy.
  5. After listening to the opening comments I understand why it has been done.
  6. My two young kids enjoyed the broadcasts as part of our family worship. Watching talks on the tv has never been easy for them. ;) Up until now I used to watch the gilead videos and annual meeting videos on my own and would show specific parts to them and discuss it as they just couldn’t sit still in our home to watch them. It is what it is.
  7. I can’t help but feel disapointed. Was looking forward to a broadcast this month. Guess I will get used to it.
  8. I have no idea. I just wonder why they keep using it in illustrations and videos if there is no issue with it. If they were historic illustrations from the past, perhaps 70s or 80s then I can understand that but not modern ones. Personally I would have thought they would have stopped using it as an illustration if it no longer mattered.
  9. As I pointed out this is just an example of the latest one in an expanding list of images and videos I had noticed. The latest drama at the convention for one. Remember the wife of Lot. It just seems crazy to draw attention to it when there are many other ways to show someone making changes. The article you pointed out is regarding someone who never finally came into the truth as he unfortunately died. He was progressively making changes though.
  10. For something that there is no longer a problem with there seems to be enough images in the magazines that seems to say the opposite. Here is the latest in a bunch. Why draw attention again and again if there is no issue. Why not just show folks by means of their clothing coming into the truth or returning? The only issue is nobody will directly say no to you anymore. This is the latest in a list of images and videos since that article that mentioned beards under the heading of Use your free will wisely. It’s up to you what you do as it’s your free will. Why bother even drawing attention to folks shaving as they return or come into the truth in images if there is no problem whatsoever? Again and again? This is a genuine question. Why keep pointing it out in the magazines and videos if there is no issue anymore? Makes no sense.
  11. No more reading and mouthing the words on public transport in future then. ;)
  12. People are scared, nervous and jumping at almost anything now... So sad. Wimbledon station commuters flee train in 'Bible' panic http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-41466140

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