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  1. It is here. From an earlier link in this thread. https://apps.jw.org/TRGCHlZRQVNYVrXF?output=html&txtCMSLang=e&pub=jwb&issue=201901&langwritten=e
  2. I just thought that as we had direction about non productive bible studies folks could apply similar here with regard to discussions. Don't worry, I get annoyed at me as much as the next man or woman. 😁
  3. Nah. You'll never convince me to change my mind on what over the next couple of weeks should mean. My advice is you should discontinue this non productive discussion with me. 😁
  4. How about the word next though? How is that defined? By the way I'm not being serious in any of this. I have learned that anyone outside the UK make up their own English definitions. 😉
  5. I HAD to post this. I was discussing this point with my 10 year old son. He looked confused by the American way of understanding it then he said this and I quite. A Husband and Wife are known as a couple which is two it can’t ever be three or more. Lol. Sorry had to post it. I found it amusing but he does have a very literal mind like myself.
  6. So if I invite an American to tea and I say come over in the next couple of hours and they arrive in three hours or more they shouldn’t expect a cheerful welcome when they arrive late. The food will either be burned or cold or I might have gone to bed. Lol. I wonder what will happen at the zoo if I ask an American to stand next to the tiger enclosure so I can take a photo. Do you set the table with the knife and fork next to the plate? Before anyone takes offence, I am joking. Although I am surprised by the confusion that can be caused by a language that is apparently the same. I really hope we don’t get a message from the FDS that says the GT is about to start so leave your homes in the next couple of days. I won’t know what they mean. 🤣
  7. Still, it could be this week sometime and work with my way of understanding over the next two... etc. 😉😃Living in hope. You do know I heard those sighs from here when you saw I had posted again. Yes, I’m looking at you. Haha. 😚
  8. By the way, I’m going to be around on this forum (possibly to the annoyance of some 😉 ) over the next couple of days. That does mean tomorrow and Wednesday not starting Thursday Friday. 😁 Language is such a weird thing. Im mucking around. 😄
  9. I’m still wishing but no longer hopeful.
  10. He did actually say the next couple of weeks. Last months broadcast he said later in the month. Just saying what was said. The German quoted the exact words. Maybe wishful thinking but I tend to take what somebody says as what they mean. Even if that’s not quite how it’s meant. 🤔 Ignore the nutter. )🤫(
  11. I was rushing out to pick up my kids from school. Sorry for the rushed reply. I think what we have here is a translation issue. Two and couple mean the same thing. So next two or next couple mean the same. The word I was focused on was next. Sorry for the confusion.
  12. Exactly. That’s what I just said. ??? The next couple of weeks not the last couple of weeks. For last months broadcast it was announced as later in the month.
  13. He said the next two weeks not that last two weeks.
  14. I’m sure he said parts two and three would be released in the next two weeks. So it should be sometime this week if not today for part two.
  15. I wouldn’t say he does not work. It may not be the type of business you are used to but media is media whether that is on YouTube or standard tv etc. Hard work to build and maintain. If I could do that job I would in a heartbeat but I know it would take way more time than a standard 9 to 5 job to do and I’m not capable of that at the moment. I also would rather be in the background. 😉

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