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    I have perfect memory, but forgot where I put it.

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    Informally on the roof ! No kidding

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    Photography, Trekking coastal areas in Victoria, Camping,
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  1. I would appreciate music recommendations similar to Michael Buble, Boyzone, Whitney Houston, Il Divo, A1-Like a Rose...etc.. Thank you friends.

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    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      While we’re on that subject, (dancing) there is a jazz and blues festival locally. I always go with a sister that lives  a bit inland from me. Well...last year, it was during my CA. This year, during hers...well a sister in our congregation has said she will go with me. It’s not a “bring your partner”, thing. It’s a, “you don’t need a partner thing”. 

      So, yippee. 

      I love to dance, and my husband...(Actually he thinks someone my age should not be making a spectacle of herself, dancing) so, he goes into denial, as I, (with his permission) dance myself away....

    3. DancesWithWife


      Eva Cassidy, Dean Martin ( similar swag to Michael Buble), Ray LaMontagne, Van Morrison, Anita Baker,  Ronan Keating ( watch his youtube video "I Promise You") and Take That.

    4. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      George Benson, he’s a brother!


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