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  1. I’ve been seriously ill for close to three months and I haven’t had a single brother or sister from the congregation give a call, text or anything. I feel at my lowest right now.

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    2. Sharon


      You are bearing up under trying circumstances...you are still with Jehovah and still serving...even tho feeling so low and down....what a great encouragement for all of us here...

      This is  happening more and more brother....so many of us are under going trial and tribulations like never before...

      we had a visiting speaker say from the platform that the love off the  brotherhood is cooling off and they know this....and this is what is to be expected as the pressure is on all of us..in all sorts of different ways....

      just know you  are not alone and precious to Jehovah..... biggest   hugs to you...soon no one will feel such aloneness...as some one else said here..

      why not give an elder or anyone a buzz and say you need a visit.....I hope things get a little easier in time for you...and if it doesn’t..then may Jehovah give you the strength to endure a little longer ...

    3. hatcheckgirl


      Brother Mike,

      I'm so sorry you have been so sick, and without support from your family.  Even though human disappoint, Jehovah never will.  My sickness was only 6 weeks, and like you, no one followed up.  It was crushing at the time.  Just never allow it to get you so low you feel Jehovah doesn't care, because he does, deeply.


      Thank you for letting us know too.  Praying for your health to return soon, and for the friends to be there for you.

    4. walkr2


      Friends that seems to be across the board  these days and it wont get any better unless Jehovah steps in!

      Let's try to stay strong, and those of us who aren't married to a brother, ( regardless in what capacity) will have to support and build each other up! I'm in. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️


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