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    Was brought up in the truth. However only really began to appreciate what i had known all my life in 2005. I lived in Glasgow at the time, a brother called on me and left me with the book "What Does The Bible Really Teach." I read it from cover to cover along with my Bible which my mom had carefully sneaked in my luggage when I left South Africa for Glasgow. Could not put it down, I had known everything I was reading before, but strangely enough it had never really moved me in any way untill that day. I visited the local Congregation in Clydebank that Sunday, was baptised the following year in 2006 and the rest is history.

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    Family, Soccer, Animals and trips to the away to the bush.
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    Revelation Book
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    Country, Golden Oldies
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    Biographies and Period Dramas.
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    I love well thought out illustrations.

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  1. Thanks, I also found this very interesting and thank you for sharing. Really appreciate it! Have an awesome weekend.
  2. Thanks again for all the comments. Carlos learned something new. I've decided to stay clear from naming the pup Mavro. The word has been used alot by some Greek speaking people in South Africa to refer to black people in a derogitory way. Alot of Greek speaking people in South Africa have in the past, and still own alot of business, mainly corner cafe's and Fruit and Veg stores. Most of their employees are black, and some of these owners have often used this word as a racist slur to refer to their staff in a derogitory way. I think not so much now but definitely during apartheid years. Its proper use has now been lost. So best to steer clear of this word in South Africa, so ive learned.
  3. Agreed! Mavro as a word in not guilty of being derogitory, It's how you use it, or rather the target recipient. If I call my pup Mavro, or a company...for example "Mavro Consulting," there is nothing wrong in doing so. If it's aimed at a person, especially someone of a darker skin colour then that would be wrong. Thanks again for all the helpful comments.
  4. Thanks for all the responses. Looks like it might not only be seen as derogitory to South Africans alone. According to the link posted it says that MAVRO is also a racially disparaging and insensitive Greek word for African American. Might be safer to avoid calling our pup "Mavro. " it's a real shame though coz we really liked the name. But will wait for a few more comments.
  5. Thanks for the response. I think you might have a point. In South Africa it may have or is still being used as a derogitory term for a black person. Thing is, I have lived in South Africa all my life and never ever heard that term or word being used. Probably havnt grown up around any Greek speaking people. I think it might also depend on the context of its use. It's a tricky one.....
  6. Morning Brothers and sister. So we recently adopted a pup. The name we agreed on as a family is "Mavro" because our pup is black in colour, and "Mavro" is the name of a dark coloured grape from Greece...plus we just love the name. What we just found out from a greek brother in our congregation who visited over the weekend is that "Mavro" can also be used as a derogatory term. I've also Googled the word and found quite a few companies registerred under this name. Don't think they would register a business under this name if it were derogatory. We don't want to offend unyone unnecessarily if this is the case. Please can any of our Greek speaking brothers and sister share their thoughts. Would really appreciate it.

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