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  1. It's there today. I wanted to use it as a point of my family worship yesterday. I went to. The jw-russia.org site. I don't know what's going on.
  2. Agreed. More tears of appreciation from me.
  3. That's good information to know. But Paul's use of Holy Scriptures is better than the secular reference of Bible.
  4. I love this point! I will use this to referring to 'Bible'. Instead of that term, I'll use Holy Scriptures instead. Excellent study note!
  5. I don't know if it meets your needs but I use Nero 2017 for light video editing of assemblies and conventions I video record. It's simple and not hard to use.
  6. I feel so guilty. I had to use the restroom during Bro Splane's talk. Should be OK. I paused it and resumed afterwards. Lol
  7. Excellent 2nd part! That was it! (for now) Lol
  8. Very enjoyable day at "Be Strong" assembly today. Bro Wayne Smith was the special guest. Even had a chance to introduce myself to him and shake his hand. Whoa! 😎

  9. I got the asl too. Good enough to listen to at work.
  10. My wife and her friend recalls seeing a video. Have anyone seen a Doctors video that worked at bethel, on jw broadcasting, what happened do the video. It would be some time around the video of the governing body wives interview. Any help would be appreciaed. Thanks.


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    2. AH173


      Thanks for the suggestion. But that's not it. She says she recalls a video of a group of doctors on JWB as a panel of sorts. And possibly a year or two ago. Maybe associated with a special event maybe a graduation or annual meeting. 

    3. Tortuga


      I remember that. I'll keep looking...

    4. AH173


      Thanks. I can't recall the video. My wife's friend is a decades long pioneer from Texas and she brought it up when my family was having family worship on Sunday. 



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