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  1. Very enjoyable day at "Be Strong" assembly today. Bro Wayne Smith was the special guest. Even had a chance to introduce myself to him and shake his hand. Whoa! 😎

  2. I got the asl too. Good enough to listen to at work.
  3. My wife and her friend recalls seeing a video. Have anyone seen a Doctors video that worked at bethel, on jw broadcasting, what happened do the video. It would be some time around the video of the governing body wives interview. Any help would be appreciaed. Thanks.


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    2. AH173


      Thanks for the suggestion. But that's not it. She says she recalls a video of a group of doctors on JWB as a panel of sorts. And possibly a year or two ago. Maybe associated with a special event maybe a graduation or annual meeting. 

    3. Tortuga


      I remember that. I'll keep looking...

    4. AH173


      Thanks. I can't recall the video. My wife's friend is a decades long pioneer from Texas and she brought it up when my family was having family worship on Sunday. 


  4. It would show up when you go to Bible > languages and then you'll see if there is an update (cloud) for it.
  5. I check JW library for updates daily. 1) for Android, I swipe the daily text area downward for update. 2) Bible, I check the languages tab 3) publications, I note the pending updates field 4) media. I check the pending updates field. If updated daily, you'll get the latest from the faithful slave.
  6. Thanks for the link. I'm listening to it at work. YAY
  7. Just read the 1st one. It's amazing.
  8. I think I want to include this for my family worship this week. It's sobering news that must be discussed in a family setting.
  9. This document brings to mind of the Australian case discussed here some time ago. We parents must be vigilant.
  10. Right. Maybe Enchanted Evening Dance also.
  11. Great song. It has a line dance beat!
  12. except the video clip about the many facilities that were dedicated that day.

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