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    Vuyani Eddie
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    South Africa
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    I was brought up by christian grandparents....made the truth my own at 15 years old.

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    Writing, reading and all things art ( if they include collecting vintage watches and wine ( although I don't drink)
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    The Bible and related literature published by JW
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    I have a very eclectic musical taste buds, I love the best of every genre of music
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    JW Broadcast
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    esta vida es tan hermosa que me hace llorar

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  1. Still basking in the afterglow of our circuit assembly.....so much spiritual gems unearthed; and timely reminders........was so amazed of how the time ran ( as we would say it in Xhosa)....felt so much like an appetizer....albeit a very leaving me wanting for more!

    1. Stormswift


      You have an appreciative heart Vido - lovely to see it being expressed - lovely post Brother. 

    2. Vido


      Thank you so much sister Mandi.....really appreciate the complement:D


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