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    Barrow-in-Furness, UK
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    Yes. 31 July 1970

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    My mother got the Truth in 1957 when she was called on in the door to door work. Though Dad opposed, she worked hard to bring up myself and two siblings in the way of the Truth. After a rebellious time in my teens, I finally buckled down to take the Truth seriouly and was baptized in July 1970 at a District Assembly.

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    Photography. I prefer using a good quality compact camera rather than a large DSLR. I take my camera with me every where I go and click the shutter every day. I also enjoy editing the shots and posting them on my Flickr pages. Occassonally I write poetry when the mood takes me.
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    Used to be an avid reader then stopped reading around the year 2000. However since getting a Kindle Fire HDR last year I'm getting back into reading. I read anything that takes my interest from Zane Grey to Hemmingway to Asimov to Dickens and Austen to new first time writers.
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    Gentle jazz, most mozart and Beethoven, some big band music in the style of Glenn Millar, Sinatra and Bille Holiday.

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  1. Hi David Mc. Do I know you? I was Helen Howell born at Barrow, moved to Whitehaven 1973. Mam died last year, she was Jean Lewis's study and baptised 1966.

    1. DavidMc


      Hello Helen. Yes I remember you and your sister, Linda if memory serves, and your mam. I moved into Barrow from Whitehaven in 1968 to work in the shipyard. The rest of the family, mam, dad, two younger brothers and sister, moved to Barrow later that year. My wife, Elaine, says hello. She remembers you and your family very well. Good news to hear your father is attending meetings. Our parents died a few years ago. My sister never accepted the Truth - at least up to now. William serves here as an Elder and Robert and his wife spend part of the year in Bulgaria where the need is great. Look forward to reading your posts. Bye for now.

    2. retroHelen


      Assa Marra - Glad to know you remember folks up the coast. Shame your not in our circuit any more. Miss the Barrovians - Don't miss Barrow though. hardly recognise it now, so much demolished  since we were there and all but 2 of Dad's sisters with my cousins left there now. All Mam's relations there have moved away or died now, so we are not there much these days. Grand ter here how thoo's garn on back at the auld yam.


      There's a sister in our congregation who attributes the fact she's a JW to being Witnessed to by your late Mam, It was while she was in hospital having her last daughter and your Mam was having her daughter at the same time and took the opportunity to chat/Witness to our Mags. Your Mam moved to Barrow, but left Mags address with 2 pioneers here and Mags and her Mam and sister became JW's. Mags' youngest daughter became a JW and she and her elder husband and 3 children are here in the congregation. Mags' sister is now in Jah Jireh Residential home at Maryport with her daughter (who works there) and another elderly sister from Barrow you will remember - Mary R. Small world.


      Mags lives in a big house with flats she used to let out to folk in the congregation - we lived there for a few years when we first married,  so when my husband's Mam & Dad died, she said she would 'adopt' him for a laugh - He was nearly 30!  My husband was adopted by his late parents. After their day, because they did say he had siblings, we spent 3 years and found most of them. Transpires he was the middle one of 11, so from being alone, he is Uncle and Grand Uncle to loads of folk - Good thing we don't celebrate various holidays -Would be expensive!!


      Enjoy yourself on this site - I have been on for years and it has helped my personal study and research immensly and been very encouraging when my old back injury rears up and I am housebound for weeks.


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