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  1. JWB Feb 2019 transcript JWB Feb 2019 transcript.pdf
  2. JWB Jan 2019 - Annual Meeting part 3 - Talks & 2019 Yeartext transcript JWB Jan 2019 Annual Meeting - Part 3 - Talks & 2019 Yeartext .pdf
  3. JWB Jan 2019 - Annual Meeting part 2 - Talks & Announcements JWB Jan 2019 Annual Meeting - Part 2 - Talks & Announcements.pdf
  4. When playing the kingdom song lyrics video, it takes 6 to 10 secs before the lyrics appear on the video and we can start singing. When is an appropriate time to start playing the video for the kingdom songs? Is any convention adopted so that the soundbox brothers can start playing the song earlier to save a few seconds? e.g. when chairman says "All rise and sing song..." then the lyrics video can be activated. This causes a problem if any further announcements are made by the chairman. Or is the the usual practice to wait for a few seconds of silence before starting the lyrics video? (which means a longer wait for the audience)
  5. In case you are wondering why the author called his programs only? The soundbox author broke down soundbox into its constituent parts so that they can be used to fill in the functionality that jwlibrary lacks. (as explained by frankie wellman in his youtube video) That's the reason for calling it only?. onlym for media onlyt for timer onlyr for recording OnlyV is new for creating bible verse images The idea is that when JWLibrary has the feature then we can stop using each only? feature.
  6. Update 1710 is only 374MB and update 1801 is only 91MB in size. I think the brothers have implemented incremental updates. No more redundant downloads of files.
  7. The 9 min main video course follows immediately after the 1 min trailer
  8. JWB Jan 2019 - Annual meeting part 1 transcript JWB Jan 2019 Annual Meeting Part 1.pdf
  9. 145th gilead graduation - Part 3 - Concluding Talk and Assignments JWB Dec 2018 145th Gilead gradn - Part 3 - Concluding Talks & Assignments.pdf
  10. JWB Dec 2018 Part 2 - 145th Gilead Graduation - The Inside Story transcript JWB Dec 2018 - 145th Gilead gradn - Part 2 - The Inside Story.pdf
  11. 145th gilead graduation part 1 JWB December 2018 JWB Dec 2018 - 145th gilead graduation - Part 1.pdf
  12. Good news for our South Korean brothers in prison https://www.jw.org/en/news/jw/#newsAlerts BREAKING NEWS | Korea Decides on Early Release of Conscientious Objectors in Prison The Ministry of Justice has stated that on Friday, November 30, 2018, all conscientious objectors who have served at least one third of their 18-month prison sentence will be released on parole. Therefore, 57 of the 64 brothers currently imprisoned should be released. We expect the remaining seven brothers to be released once they have served six months of their sentence. The early release of our brothers follows the landmark Supreme Court decision on November 1, 2018, which recognized that conscientious objection is “justifiable grounds” for refraining from military enlistment.
  13. JWB Oct 2018 transcript JWB Oct 2018.pdf
  14. Watchtower Library on PC just updated to update 1709. Version 19.0 Build 7632 Size of update is 786,919KB (WTLibrary.E.WTE.1709.UPDATEPKG)

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