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    Story goes that my grandfather found a book in the trash.

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    I own my own soap making company. www.peacefulbynaturefarm.com . I live on a small farm with my husband and daughter.

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  1. I hope you all never ever ever get shingles :cry:

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    2. normaclutter


      Thank you all for your kind words. I treated with raw honey. Worked amazing on the pain (a sticky mess eapecially in the hairline at the nape of my neck but worth it). I also made a mix of raw honey, activated hardwood charcoal and geranium oil and let that stay on as long as possible.  I also took massive amounts of vitamin c and i took b12 and blue green algae supplements. It was on my neck and a few on my jaw and a few under my ear. I think if i had caught it sooner it would not have spread as much. I thought they were bug bites at first. When they started to show up on my shoulder (bra strap area) I treated them immediately and they did not progress like the others. They have all dried up now. Still a little itching but every day the under skin burning is less. At least the sporadic stabbing pain is gone!!

    3. bagwell1987


      Good one Norma, I treated mine much the same way and suffered much less than the brother who had them same time I did. I found aloe worked for me. Didn't know about honey, good idea.

    4. Miss Mouse

      Miss Mouse

      • So sorry to hear this my friend ....shingles can be so very painful sending loads of :wub:  I'm 100% impressed with your treatment of 
      • choice ....good work. 

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