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  1. Loved this quote too from an graduation talks.
  2. Awesome. Thanks for this. Really appreciate.
  3. Yes, wish for that too. They're so wonderful!!
  4. Thanks for the link brother.
  5. The best news ever for me. Am so glad for this new update. I like studying using the WOL. This will really enhance my studying and research. So glad. Jehovah's organization is so wonderful!! Glad to be a part if it!!!
  6. Yes indeed. Very excited!!
  7. Echo your words too! So excited about this new development!!
  8. That's wonderful news indeed!! I always wished we could have the publications dating back to before 2000 being available online. So glad it's finally happened. This will really help with studying and research online. What a wonderful addition. Thanks for this info brothers. Hadn't seen it before.
  9. The 2018 Regional Convention blew me away too! Am really looking forward to the Sunday program. Can't help thinking how it shows we're so close to the end!! In a way it's exciting to know this horrible old system will soon be history!!! In the meantime we need to work hard and build faith and courage with Jehovah's help.
  10. Yeah. This is great. Some householders tend to start wandering off when about half way through the video!!
  11. Sad story. We pray they win the case in court, and that it results in a big witness too. Can't wait for the time when Babylon the great will be effaced from the earth!!
  12. Same here!! Interesting. Will try it out too.
  13. So excited about this too. Can do my research in my fingertips. The brothers are really working hard. Really appreciate.

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