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  1. Me too I lost my dad when I needed him the most. I cry a lot sometimes.
  2. Please watch the documentary "A Plastic Ocean" (2016) by Craig Leeson. That shows just how much hard we need that 'Reset' button pressed
  3. My grandpa and grandma began as colporteurs in the 1930's and now both in their late 80's are wishing that this will be the last memorial they get to go. Grandpa always says he wants to see the start of the GT before he dies. I pray for his wish to be fulfilled every single day... Hope this system winds up soon.
  4. Remember this 'unification' of nations for the declaration of p&s is part of Satan's last effort to destroy God's people before Jah intervenes at Armageddon. Satan wants a unified "gog" that will be hell bent on his wicked agenda to do it...
  5. Wow what a great talk! Truly rings some bells for us. Btw this just came to my mind, so thought of sharing it here. I remember, long back during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, led by Saddam Hussein, an Arab reporter asked him (Saddam) what prompted him to invade Kuwait and his reply was that "allah" appeared to him in a dream and repeatedly told him to do so. Since we know that Satan has entrusted his demon princes to share with him in ruling the earth now just like back in Daniels time when the "prince of the royal realm of Persia"...stood in opposition to the angel commissioned by God, could it be that the p&s be initiated through a gathering of world leaders at the UN alongwith the relative bad guys like kim and rouhani and they make 'peace' with trump? If so then that would mark a great portent by Satan's princes, acting together for the final war, and deceiving the masses to believing that the elusive world peace is now a reality. Thats my 2 cents there... we can wait and see how things unfold...
  6. Nobody can tell precisely when the correction is coming. But some austrian economists have asserted that we will 'soon' witness the 'mother of all bubbles' imploding. It seems the air is already coming out of it.
  7. In fact we are in a recession now. Growth is meagre. Uncertainty exists to a large scale. Massive layoffs, and trimming of workforce... all portents that the economy is sick. That said it will not escalate to a point where there is a pharaonic crash, or a total capitulation of world markets now. Why so? Because the bible says so! (Rev 18:11-19) So no. Not until after the first phase of the great tribulation!
  8. "It does not belong to a T Rex who is walking even to direct his steps" - An old Jurassic proverb
  9. hmmm but wait, you needn't overreact to such situations. Just maybe alerting is enough! (Prov 14:16)
  10. Most likely, all of this will not go beyond Trump.
  11. Stormswift, there is a south Korean accupuncture like (though not like it) treatment now that is gaining much popularity in my country. It involves use of needles, magnets and require no medicine. I had a tissue growth (non cancerous) in my nose. I felt very irritated and unable to breathe and hence unable to get good sleep for about 6 months. I even thought of giving up my spiritual privilege because I couldn't speak normally without a heavy nasal accent. I took steroids for sometime and the moment I stopped taking it, the problem would return as if with a vengeance. This went on for years and finally doctor said he'll perform a surgery. But the same doc also cautioned me that surgery wasn't a permanent solution and that he'd seen patients who had the problem come back, even after surgery. This made me very uneasy and I was desperate to find a cure. Then my mom introduced me to a sister in a nearby congregation who practice sujok. I went to her and she did needling for 7 days and guess what it's gone! Yes you won't believe it's gone by about 90%. Now I can talk without that annoying nasal accent and sleep like a baby. Some sisters here who are doctors are also adopting sujok and they say it's like no other! You might try it if you know someone who is an expert in it. It can be used to treat anything except maybe cancer, who knows.
  12. I'm currently the Treasurer of our apartment complex. However because of the monthly meetings and other schedules I'm having to lose valuable time in the process. Hence I have intimated the President of the association of my intention to resign by the end of May.
  13. Hi Dilip, if you need help on sleep do let me know. Please drop me a private message I'll help you with a new and inexpensive treatment.

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