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  1. Trump says 'big results will come' with Putin http://www.euronews.com/2018/07/17/trump-says-he-has-confidence-in-us-agencies-on-russia-misspoke-in-helsinki 🤔
  2. While I installed the JW Library app in a friend's cell phone, a message appeared that the Study Bible of NWT is now available but yet there is no greek study bible available for downloading. I trying to reinstalled the app in my tablet and the same msg appeared in greek. Does this mean that the study bible is really available in my language and soon it will be appeared in downloads tab or this msg appeared generally in every language?
  3. Sorry sorry, sorry... I made a general comment, not applying to you personally. It was a kind of joke that's why I used the smiling emoticon. Sorry it was a failed joke.
  4. Well, we will be able to improve it. Having perfect minds we can improve its range, passengers' capacity, make it absolutely silent, etc etc.. Of course if you insist on using horses and waggons I don't think you will receive a shepherding call by Abrahaam and Job in order to discipline you 😁 Anyway, in New World I'm dreaming that I'll cooperate with my brothers in new technology projects.
  5. I watched that video about a new flying vehicle. I thought how much friendly in environment could be that. No need for asphalt, no highways, no bridges upon bridges, no traffic, no pollution
  6. My favourite english is the jamaican creole: 😁 https://www.jw.org/finder?srcid=share&prefer=content&applanguage=JCR&locale=en&item=pub-wsb_1_VIDEO&docid=1011214 🌴🐼
  7. I think this is the "Lucid dreaming". The ability to control your dreams.
  8. When I achieved the goal to move in a foreign land for preaching, at least for few months, after a couple of years of preparetions and simplifying our lives. I remember I was in my new environment and I was feeling like the football player who scored from the centre of the stadium in 90+ minute and won for his team the european Champions League cup. Amazing feeling. I'm looking forward next winter to return back!
  9. Thank you but I would prefer it without brother speaking. Just the video and its backround music. By the way the backround music is from the final video of 2015 regional convention.
  10. I'll repeat: I NEED this video to be uploaded. Although I live next to the ocean I don't have time to stay and focus in the creation. I don't even have the time swimming in the sea, even though thousands of tourists spend money to visit my place. Most of the times when I try to meditate about the life in New World, instantly in my mind are coming negative thoughts "Wake up silly, you have to pay the tax, the bills, etc until tomorrow- Wake up and run, run, run...". Sometimes I feel like the mouse that runs on the wheel without going nowhere. But these kind of videos they force my mind to focus in the creation!
  11. I wish the part of the scenes from the creation will be uploaded separately in JWB
  12. This broadcasting was the answer in my prayers. During the summers we work with my wife and every winter we move to a territory that there's more need for workers. Last winter we were in Turkey and when we returned back some brothers said that our local congregation has more needs and it's not necessary to do this travelings. We were praying to Jehovah a lot of times to show us if we do something wrong. The fact was that our service in our local congregation was really a routine. It's a small congregation and the people know us knocking their doors since 1930. We wanted to do more for Jehovah. But when we returned back and our faces were shining, when we listened these comments we discouraged. Sometimes I was thinking to stop also the pioneering. But now I have the answers! You mustn't feel guilty if your service becomes a routine. Just change what we can change!
  13. I wonder if the Christians of the 1st century had the same dilemmas: -"I like the way the organization uses the technology, like this new thing that called 'codex' but I can't part with roles. The sense to uncurl them is unique"! 😁
  14. Daniel 2: 21 He changes times and seasons, Removes kings and sets up kings, Gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those with discernment.

  15. Well.. We see here the leader who had been called as "Rocketman" to support the peace and security in Korean peninsula! This is the same man who threated to explode the world because his soup was cold, before few months. Wow.. Now I've been convinced how much instabilized are the most leaders in this world. Leaders that are motivated by paranoic demons and they are able to declare in just a second the PEACE & SECURITY

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