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  1. I broke my tablet's screen.. I'm so fool :depressed:X(

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  2. I will reply back on this thread after the 21st of October
  3. I have a spoiled info about the release of NWT in a european language until the end of October and.. I'm very happy!!
  4. Tonight, 5th - 6th October, Babylon had fallen
  5. As I see this priest is a follower of the old calendar church. They claim that they are the genuine orthodoxs but they are not recognised by the official greek orthodox church. This cult has their own churches. I read a comment of him or the person who admins his account in youtube that announced that he would pray and preached in a specific church and in specific day. If he was an ordinary person, he couldn't do that.
  6. These are some videos of a greek orthodox priest who attacked our brothers in Greece, while they were in cart ministry The persons who comment below the videos they support his acts
  7. I remembered this picture
  8. Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    This is a video that a brother sent it to me and I 've upload it on youtube. It shows our brothers in local kingdom hall. I will remove the video in a few days
  9. Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    I was served in the local congregation of the island last winter. The friends told me that everybody are fine. Some small injuries but not anything important. All the brothers and sisters gathered immediately, in a very short time at kingdom hall. The houses of our brothers are ok and all of them returned back.
  10. I am very proud in this Broadcasting because has a special report about the service work to immigrants in Greece. I saw so many familiar faces and one of the brothers is my best friend. I had the privilige to serve at the "front lines" of immigrants in Kos island, in Aegean Sea for four months. We learned news about some immigrants that started Bible study, in Gernany and other countries, because of the preaching work in islands.
  11. Yes it was him! I couldn't understand his name to write it down in my notes! And also he said to us the same experience you quoted. (It's nice that two different persons posted the same experience. It's like the gospels that they're written by different point of view)
  12. Yesterday we had a special meeting and all the congregations of Greece and Cyprus were connected by streaming. The talk was given by a Dutch brother who was representative of world headquarters. Most of us we were expecting the release of the new New World Translation in greek, but it didn't. However, we enjoyed an encouraged talk. I would like to share with you a wonderful experience that brother from Nederlands shared with us. It shows an amazing way how Jehovah can really find his lost sheeps. Listen and please forgive my poor english. There was a brother in Nederlands. He was a good brother and a good husband. His native languages were indonesian and english but he learned very soon to speak also dutch. He worked as engineer in dutch railways. His job was to stand by a phone and every time there was a problem in railways they used to call him to fix it. That call could be happened any time, day and night. His duty was to stay always alerted by his cell phone. One night, after the meeting, at 10:00pm his phone rung. It was from his work, so as usually he dressed and left for the work. But he never returned. His wife was worried in the morning and she called the local elders. All together they informed the police and the police started the investigation. The problem was more complicated when the police started to behave to the sister as a suspect. It was very rush moments for the sister. In Belgium a car was running with full speed on a highway. The car stopped, somebody opened the door and threw out a body. It was the missing brother. But he was still alive. He just injured very seriously his head. An ambulance came and they took him at hospital. He stayed some days there but.... he had amnesia. Totaly amnesia. He didn't remember anything. Neither his name, neither his wife, neither his previous life, he forgot even to speak in dutch. He spoke only indonesian and english. When he got out from hospital he didn't know where to go. He started living as a homeless person. In this point, excuse me but I don't remember if he crossed the borders to Nederlands or he remained in Belgium. He found hospitality in a place for homeless persons. One day he found in the library a book that named: "The truth that leads to everlasting life" (Blue bomb). He started reading it, he attracted by the truth, he wrote to the local branch and he started a bible study with a brother. After 6 months he got baptized! He left the asylum and he started living a normal life as a Christian by attending the meetings and going at field service. One day when he was at public ministry some brothers from his old congregation, saw him. They stared at him by he didn't respond. These brothers acted very wise by not talking to him, but they informed immediately the elders of his previous congregation. The elders found him and with a very district way they informed him, who he really was. They informed him that he had a wife and they showed him pictures of his wedding. The brother didn't remember absolutely anything. But the brother knew that he had to do the right thing. He found his wife, he reloved her and now he is a good brother and a good husband again. So the police couldn't find him, neither in Belgium, neither in Nederlands. Jehovah found him. He attracted again his heart and our beloved brother returned!
  13. According to biblical calendar, today is 14th Nisan until the next 10 hours in my country, Israel and Moscow. Maybe it will be twice an important date for the brothers in Russia.

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