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  1. I just got back from Navarre Beach, FL; Sunday morning at 2:30a. This picture was taken at the Gulf of Mexico. One sunny week, with 16 people sharing a beach house. We had our own pier leading to an the inlet side of the island. It was beautiful! And the days just melted away, it was like 'What! It's time to pack up & leave...? Ahhhha... It was a much needed getaway.
  2. At the end of January, beginning of February my friend Gail & I went to Brandon, Missouri. We had some beautiful sunrises & sunsets. This is one of our sunsets.
  3. You forgot to include the plaque that's on this, well traveled van. Unfortunately, my pics are too large to attach.
  4. I thought this was a really interesting article. Though it does not mention witness directly. It talks about the ban on Christians.
  5. I have downloaded just over 300 videos. And have the goal of watching the videos from watching TV. (Which hasn't been that hard, since there's not much on with watching.)
  6. Mark 11:24 - "... all the things you pray & ask for, have faith that you have received them, & you will have them."

    1. Miss Mouse

      Miss Mouse

      ....according to his will. :)

  7. Isaiah 46:4 - "… I will carry you & bear you & rescue you."

    1. Beggar for the Spirit

      Beggar for the Spirit

      Great Scripture

      Sister Angie! :-)

  8. That's incredible. I think about, in paradise, when we have full use of our brain, the wonderful things we'll be able to do.
  9. I know this is off topic... I'm anxious to tell all those who are resurrected what happened. Normally it would be spoiling the movie however, in this case I know everyone would like to know the ending!
  10. I thought of so many when I read this, including myself. I'm suffering from severe depression & I do my best study & maintain a good spiritual routine. It includes learning the new songs. They're so heartfelt & encouraging. It helps me to know that I'm not alone & Jehovah knows we are all suffering from at least 1 affliction (that is we are all born sinful). Today's text reminded me of song # 91 "My father, My God & Friend" Life in this world can be hard. Life in this world can bring tears & pain. Still every day I will say, "My life is not in vain."
  11. A redneck, a priest, a blonde & a dog, all walk into a bar. The bartender says: "What is this some kind of joke?!?"
  12. I love, how in Jehovah's organization, we don't see color as a divider, but as a way to unify us. We can go anywhere & instantly make friends & add to our family. Growing up there was a young brother that my mom took under her wing. He would call & ask: "Is mom there?" And it didn't bother me. Nor did it bother me that he was a different color than me, he was my brother. The last moments before my mom passed away. He came in the ER room & I left, he needed time with his mom. What might seem odd about all of this is that his parents, who are in the truth, were close with us & there was never any jealousy. They knew my mom was his as well. A few years ago he passed away too. It will be wonderful to see my brother & my parent's resurrected in paradise.
  13. This past November while working residential territory we were driving down a street that has a steep hill & a sharp turn. When the sister in the front passenger seat saw on a deer crossing the road. The brother driving wasn't going fast & the deer just kept walking like we weren't there. We came to a complete stop to allow the deer to cross. Then it ran up the hill into someone's front yard. It was pretty funny. I have pictures but can't figure out how to attach them to my post.