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  1. It’s definitely only with Jehovah’s help that they are accomplishing anything out there in such a dangerous place.... that poor family 😢 Thank you for the link.....
  2. So today is the day the “Special Report” from Venezuela is out! I’m eagerly awaiting this report & interview.... the title is ‘SURVIVING TRIALS IN VENEZUELA’ I shall be checking jw broadcasting all day. 😀
  3. Jothob

    California Fires

    Yes I understand, that’s why I put natural disasters in commas, I realise it wasn’t started by a natural element, but the extreme wind is what funneling this fire, so I guess we can say ‘natural elements’ (wind) is what’s causing this fire to become out of control.... 👍
  4. Dear brother, with your wonderful & detailed imagination I’d love to read one of your novels describing the approaching end of the 1,000 year rule & the ‘final test’! That would be an exciting read indeed, 😀 By the way I’ve loved all your novels. Thank you for sharing with us......
  5. Jothob

    California Fires

    Seriously what’s going on! It seems all these ‘natural disasters’ are happening, not one AFTER another, but one ON TOP of another lately! You hardly have time to process one tragedy when another one happens! So very sad indeed..... we need the kingdom now 😔
  6. Yet again this months broadcast has not failed us.... love the music video, was quite a catchy tune this time....😀
  7. Looking forward to the broadcast TODAY! Yay! As it happens im in all day today so will be keeping my 👀 on that link! 😉
  8. What a sobering & encouraging report...our dear brothers & sisters there in Venezuela show such faith & endurance that we can all learn from. Many have lost their jobs, so what do they do? Pioneer! What faith. I’m looking forward to the further report & interview....
  9. Oh dear!! Whatever next.....🤨
  10. Also the constant barking of a dog (day after day, week after week, month after month) can cause us to become oblivious to it after a while.... May we never ignore our ‘internal dog’ when it’s barking! Lovely video.....😊
  11. Relentless misery for those poor people... I read a report today on Sky News about one lady who said that just as her husband came home from work last Friday the earthquake struck & it literally turned the solid floor beneath them into liquid & they all began to run, she managed somehow to get to safety but her husband, along with most of the village, was swollowed up! His body was eventually found & now she sits on the edge of a mass grave that he’s been placed in distraught....😔 i feel so sad for these poor people & pray that Jehovah can somehow get the truth to them so they can have hope of seeing their loved ones again.
  12. What a wonderful broadcast this month...makes me proud to use JEHOVAH’S name... All the research the brothers did & then rightfully restored our Creators name where it should be makes me feel very greatful for all their hard work.... also I love the new song! ☺️
  13. Yes I read the full aticle straight after I watched it...WOW! What courage they showed under such devastating circumstances. Who know what we will face asthis system nears its end!
  14. .......and I loved the way he just smashed it on the floor! 😱

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