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  1. Dear Victoria it must be so scary what you are all going through, your stress & worry levels must be through the roof! We know that Jehovah will keep your hearts calm & give you the strength you need to get through one day at a time. We are all keeping you in our constant prayers dear sister & know that we love you all very much. May your relief come very soon 😔
  2. Yes this is my eldest sister Maria! ☺️ I’m sorry I’ve been off air for a bit! Been really busy, but yes that’s my sister in the photo above....👍
  3. Aww that’s my sister in the photo of all the sisters at work! Front left. they were there helping with that project.
  4. Hezekiah comes top- followed by walk by faith not sight in second place! I’ve watched them so many times I know every word!!! Hehe!! :-)
  5. Those conditions they had to endure were inhumane & horrific! Our dear faithful brothers will not be forgotten by Jehovah & He will reward them with the resurrection. As has been mentioned before, these people don’t realise they are fighting the sovereign of the universe! BIG MISTAKE GUYS!!!
  6. It seems to be relentless over there. So sorry what you’re all going through. We are keeping you all in our constant prayers...
  7. Who knows! Maybe Jehovah will make sure it gets played- even if it’s just once.... :-)
  8. You’re very welcome... yes Jehovah is certainly leaving no stone unturned in the last few minutes left in this system. I hope lots of tv stations play it, who knows how many will respond because of it. We thank Jehovah for being such a kind & loving God- He cares for everyone & wants all to have a chance to be saved. :-)
  9. I don’t ever remember us ever using tv stations to advertise our conventions! (I may be wrong!) but this is interesting. On jw.org https://www.jw.org/finder?wtlocale=E&docid=502018809&srcid=share
  10. Yay such great news! Now we need to channel all our prayers for brother Denis Christenson to be released next.... :-)
  11. Lovely idea, it’s great to prepare our hearts & minds for such a truly important event...have a great memorial. :-) 7 hrs to go for me in Essex UK.....
  12. Me too! The message from the GB under the direction of Jesus is loud & clear! The GT is about to break out! We’re being prepared as it’s been constantly mentioned in many talks, assemblies lately & Jehovah always prepares His people just before he does something. So exciting! poor Ant though!! Lol!! :-)
  13. Aww how kind of a brother & his wife, I just heard today that they donated natural lip balm made of beeswax from their own bees, to all the sisters that work on the machines at Chelmsford branch relocation! Aww that’s lovely. Probably as a result of the item on jw.org..... :-)

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