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  1. Bet all the brothers were glad that was discontinued 😂
  2. Thank you brothers for the link, just listened to it & what an Excellent second part to the annual meeting. Loved all the talks especially the ‘king of the North’ talk! So, when the GT breaks out we will all say...” THIS IS IT” 😀
  3. I watched ASL! Yay! What a brilliant ‘starter’ to our spiritual feast to come! Looking forward to the ‘main course & desert’ in the next couple of weeks! 👍 loved the interview part...a humility they showed. ☺️
  4. Thank you yes that’s what I normally do...😀
  5. I shall wake up in the morning eagerly checking the link!! Only a few hours to go...yay! 😀
  6. My parents are from the south-west of the island. We spent most summer holidays there, such a beautiful place. My hubby always said he wanted to go to visit mount Etna one day!! Maybe after the resurrection, and when there’s no fear of devastating eruption he may get the chance.....
  7. Ma guarda in po’ siamo tutti Italiani qui!!! 👍💕
  8. We need a novel on the final test when Satan is released for a short time & how some characters react to that.....👍 ☺️
  9. Ahh that’s great! Well done you deserve it & we all love your books ☺️
  10. But you can work the impossible in your novels! Surely you can come up with something! Haha! 😂😂 Btw I’m loving ‘The undecided.’ You’ve brought out a perspective I’ve never thought of. Hey won’t it be great once we’re there to see how close your scenarios were! Or maybe you were way off! Lol! Good reading all the same, so thank you for your creativity 👍☺️
  11. ....& wouldn’t it be great to have different voices for all the different characters!! 😉
  12. Yes that’s how I remembered that rhyme when my girls were babies, but now when I put the nursery rhymes on for my grandson, they have changed the lyrics to ‘....and mamma will catch you, baby & all.’ I guess a lot of mummy’s didn’t like that last sentence! 😉
  13. Jothob

    Paris Riot...

    In amongst all this madness, I do hope & pray our brothers & sisters remain vigilant & safe....😞
  14. Jothob

    Paris Riot...

    ......and this was the third weekend in a row according to this news report!! France considers state of emergency after riots tear parts of Paris aparthttp://news.sky.com/story/paris-protests-23-police-officers-among-injured-after-worst-urban-riot-in-years-11569488

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