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  1. We so needed this video, especially right now with all that's going on in the world....Jehovah always provides what we need just when we need it...so very grateful for this lovely video :-)
  2. There's just a 10sec advert just before the video......
  3. Oh my!!! This is horrendous & so scary! The noise is deafening.....please be careful everyone.
  4. This was so great to see on JW.org just now....& I feel privileged to be a small part of it! I helped out on cleaning up the site of litter & contamination for a good 9/10months- then helped the decorating team paint some of the temporary structures for at least another 6/7 months- & now I have a cleaner assignment!! I'm hairdressing there every week!! & a great bonus is I get to chat to loads of brothers & sisters that worked on the Warwick project....what a great interchange of encouragement it's been & still is.
  5. Yes that was the link I was referring to...so sorry I will have to ask my daughter tomorrow, who is also on here, to show me how to post a link...as you can see I'm not computer savvy! Its very scary though, the FS knew what they were doing when we got the direction to prepare 'go bags'....Jehovah always prepares us ahead of time....:-)
  6. Im fairly new on here & I'm going to sound really silly now! But I don't know how to post links....help! :-/
  7. It's looking bad..... just seen on Sky News they're calling it 'The strongest Atlantic hurricane Ever'! Will keep praying for our brothers that will be in the path of this monster...scary times indeed!
  8. Can't wait for this months broadcast....I was wondering where the September thread was....:-)
  9. Well the visitors Centre is situated on a non-construction area of the site & there's even a small pic-nic area! Then you are driven up to the 'viewing deck' area where you can see the whole development.... its amazing & everyone should go if they can. :-) oh & it's estimated to be completed by Dec 2019.....
  10. What a touching new video.....thank you for sharing! :-)
  11. Regards from Venezuela

    Oh I'm so sorry to hear this brother Antonio....I have just this minute seen on the news how bad things are getting there today! I will be keeping you all in my prayers.... keep safe :-(
  12. Woah!! That could be scary......
  13. Our dear brothers & sisters in Russia need our prayers more than ever now to help them endure this great injustice! .....'Just a little while longer'...... :-(

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