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  1. Yes I read the full aticle straight after I watched it...WOW! What courage they showed under such devastating circumstances. Who know what we will face asthis system nears its end!
  2. .......and I loved the way he just smashed it on the floor! 😱
  3. This senario is my worst nightmare!! I think they would have had to knock me out & drag me! As I...... 1) Hate the dark! 2) I’m claustrophobic! & 3) I can’t swim! They've been absolutely amazing all of them. I’m so glad the poor little lads are all out & in hospital now.
  4. Four boys out of Thai cave - but nine face agonising wait as rescue pausedhttp://news.sky.com/story/after-two-weeks-trapped-four-boys-leave-thai-cave-11430474 Its incredible they’ve got four out safely! Hope the rest will be out soon too.
  5. Jothob

    California Fires

    Seems to be relentless!......so sorry for you & all in the path of this fire. Keep safe 😔
  6. Brilliant broadcast this month. Loved how it’s helping us to study deeply & not just skimming the surface. Helps us develop a closer relationship with Jehovah, & boy don’t we need that! There are hard times just ahead & we need that complete reliance on Jehovah. We can only rely on him if we have a specially close relationship with him. Also I loved the song, very moving.....
  7. THANK YOU to everyone that responded on my topic! I’m so glad to report that I have just tried jw broadcasting site on my Roku & yay!! ITS WORKING AGAIN! also thank you for the many suggestions lots of you gave.... 😀
  8. Always thinking of the next ‘meal’!! 👍 Can’t wait to see what’s in store for July....& of course the new original song. I always look forward to those... thanks for starting this thread 😃
  9. Aww she would have indeed... Same here, my dad died 20years ago this year! He would have absolutely loved them, especially as he could have watched them all in his ‘mother tongue’- Italian- he struggled so much with the english language! 😔
  10. Oh how very sad. 😔 how fragile life is...... we pray for their family & friends to draw strength from the resurrection hope where no longer will our loved ones be ripped away from us.
  11. What a faith strengthening interview from our dear brother (and his dear wife) We can learn a lot from their faithful example & unswerving faith!
  12. .......& with that the meeting in two weeks in Singapore, between the POTUS & Kim Jong Un, is back on!!

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