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    My grandfather was the right hand of the priest. He started to read the Bible and realizing that his religion loved God in words, not in deed and truth, started to search for the true religion.

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    theocratic projects, good spiritual friends, good food, good music, universe and science, etc.
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    Bible, Creation or evolution, si-fi, traveling
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    Smooth jazz
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    Job 42:2 - "Now I know that you are able to do all things and that nothing you have in mind to do is impossible for you".

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  1. I'm so proud of our Brothers! We love our planet. With this new high quality methods of (green) construction we train ourselves for the new world high standards in rebuilding the paradise.
  2. I thought the answer is obvious!
  3. Nothing yet... https://www.jw.org/download/?fileformat=MP4&output=html&pub=jwb&issue=201708 I know its still early... and I know I have to be patient... Be patient, be patient, be patient...
  4. I also use Grammarly, but only on my desktop computer. It doesn't work on my android tablet ...
  5. I can see you love mathematics and statistics, Brandon. I think that's a gift! We have a wonderful organization! What other organization translates in so many languages?
  6. And that's why we should not write again on the personal initiative, otherwise we could interfere with their actions. The GB takes care of everything.
  7. "But, dear Court, let's turn to the facts and see who threatens whom and who harms whom," says Zhenkov. Bravo, Brothers!!!!!
  8. I hope I'm wrong too, but I have the same feeling that this appeal is a fake .... Then...a 10 minutes brake... ?!?!?! I think it was for coffee...:(
  9. A brake for only 10 minutes....???? Not good... 12:25 PM Returning from the advisory room, the court refuses to satisfy all the applications submitted. 12:30 Judge Manohin begins to present the essence of the matter.
  10. Our lawyers started in force. Whatever the outcome, a great witness is being done... to the highest level. ..
  11. Wonderful this month`s JWB! (I know, we always say that....) I also liked that in the end Brother Morris made a quick review of the entire program. And the part about the AVS! Fantastic work! A few years ago 1 video/year...in 2016 (if I remember well) 1 video/day . We have the best organization!!!!! We have the Greatest God!!!!! And a unique worldwide brotherhood !!!
  12. Love this month`s JWB. Love the news about the JW Library! Love the style of the new song! Love the way our Brothers illustrated the way the MEPS works. And the "talk-show" style the Brothers discussed about the JW Library updates!!! Aaaaa... and the humble and funny way Brother Jackson presented the broadcasting!
  13. Very sad indeed! I pray for those Bethelites! My heart is crying ... I know that Jehovah will comfort them and take care of them. But that video makes my heart crying...
  14. Interesting. In Romanian we use it as in English. I mean, as it is used in this article... *** g71 4/8 p. 5 I Was an Atheist *** Christendom Not the Same as Christianity He told me that we first had to distinguish between true and false worship before we could judge the matter. He said that even if so-called Christianity proved to be false and unreliable, it did not mean that there is no true and reliable Christianity. “There is a great difference between Christendom and Christianity,” he said. “Christianity cannot be condemned by what Christendom says or does.” Pointing to the distinction between Christendom and true Christianity, he observed: “It is true that Christendom has suppressed people, but not Christianity; that Christendom has waged war, but not Christianity; that Christendom has failed to stop the moral breakdown, but not Christianity. The Bible does not support Christendom. On the contrary, it prophetically condemns Christendom. By the way, it seems that we used to send letters for different types of campaigns... *** yb75 pp. 228-229 Part 3—United States of America *** On Sunday, April 3, 1955, a bold proclamation of judgment was delivered against Christendom, and, in fact, the entire system of false religion. This was done by the simultaneous delivery of a public address by Christian speakers in many languages throughout the earth. That powerful lecture entitled “Christendom or Christianity—Which One Is ‘the Light of the World’?” was heard by over a half million persons. Jehovah’s servants were eager to let the people know that Christendom is a false light. In time, the Watch Tower Society met the great demand for this message in booklet form by publishing 22,000,000 copies in thirty languages. Eager to share in its distribution, thousands of new publishers participated in the field service for the first time during April 1955. That month an all-time peak of 625,256 Kingdom publishers was reached throughout the world. In late July 1955, Jehovah’s witnesses mailed letters and these forceful booklets to clergymen and editors. *** yb82 p. 213 Italy *** SPECIAL BOOKLET CAMPAIGN There were two important events in 1955. The first of these was a special worldwide campaign with the booklet Christendom or Christianity—Which One Is “the Light of the World”? Every publisher was asked to distribute 30 copies of the booklet, and all the members of the clergy in the country were to receive a copy by mail. It required an enormous amount of work to obtain all the addresses and send out 100,000 copies, each with an accompanying letter. I would be very curious to know more about our letter campaign in behalf of our Brothers in Russia. In any case, an obvious result is a huge witnessing for the nations!!!

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