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    September, 1986

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    My grandfather was the right hand of the priest. He started to read the Bible and realizing that his religion loved God in words, not in deed and truth, started to search for the true religion.

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    theocratic projects, good spiritual friends, good food, good music, universe and science, etc.
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    Bible, Creation or evolution, si-fi, traveling
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    Smooth jazz
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    Job 42:2 - "Now I know that you are able to do all things and that nothing you have in mind to do is impossible for you".

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  1. If I'll have the opportunity to pass by, I'll visit it. Good to know. Thank you!
  2. Daniela

    How much has changed

    I'm glad you always had so good speakers! I would like to listen Brother Jackson, Splane, Morris, Noumair, Let, etc. etc. for at least 45 minutes. But 45 min talks with certain speakers... sorry, but no no no. Not to mention that for kids and old and interested persons or guests that received an invitation for the convention...45 minutes are too much. I also love all the videos we have at our conventions... they unify us even more. We can see faces of our Brothers from all the corners of the world. Plus in this way we really have the same "food" worldwide. With all the good intentions of our Brothers ... you don't want to see the dramas/monologues/ demonstrations prepared in some places. Jehovah does everything with style. ..I think the new format of our conventions reflect that much much better. Just my opinion. ❤️
  3. Daniela

    How much has changed

    Agree with Dages! You guys already mentioned so many things I love too. Just want to add the monthly broadcasting and that we can see the whole Anual meeting program and all the Gilead graduations. A wonderful provision I love so much! ❤️
  4. Just saw the jwb for January. Very nice! Very touching! Very touching the interview Brother Lösch gave. Look at his eyes. You'll find out a touching piece of our spiritual heritage made in Romania . For me that interview has a special meaning... I lived it. Now I'm anxious to see the next parts.
  5. The Christendom collect money. Well... More stupid things they do, easier for good persons to find the truth.
  6. Thank you The German and Sheep! Brother Herd is extraordinary! I love him! Now waiting for the 2nd part of the Gilead graduation...
  7. Ok. I'll study with a nice lady in the meantime...
  8. Please The German be so kind and give us the link. Vielen dank! Nothing yet in English, nothing yet on Romanian...just waiting...
  9. Congrats, Dove. See you in Atlanta? Before and after the IC we plan to stay a few days in New York, and we plan to visit the Grand Canyon too. Does anyone know if there are brothers that rent apartments via airbnb?
  10. I think gratitude (for Jehovah's love) comes first. It prompted us to become Jehovah's Witnesses...
  11. Wonderful program! I "borrowed" (=copied) some quick notes from Brother Jackson. I hope he doesn't mind. .. • Drought want makes us doubt. Trust is a must. • Don't change the change. Continue to make the right change. • Expect the unexpected gradually. • Shoulder to shoulder. Imperfection... don't rub in, rub out. • "I love the Father". My quick conclusion: I am grateful I was "invited"😉 to the graduation without being invited! ❤️
  12. Romanian is up... Sorry guys, I'll be busy for the next ... 1 hour 10 minutes and 58 seconds...
  13. Nice! So colorful! Very eye catching! And the title very good. Love it!
  14. I noticed that too...and I think that that means maybe this week... 😉

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