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  1. I had experienced the same problem. After some time everything fixed.
  2. How it's going with recordings?
  3. Of course! But it's not decided what we'll do exactly? (I know, we'll read, but you know what I mean )
  4. All info there: https://jwtalk.net/forums/topic/33836-collaborative-singing-our-songs/?do=findComment&comment=527476 What do you mean "on a keyboard"?
  5. Still a great need of collaborators to sing "Timeline Of Jesus' Life"! :poke:


    More info: https://jwtalk.net/forums/topic/33836-collaborative-singing-our-songs/?do=findComment&comment=527476



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    2. Intercore


      Oh, c'mon... Really no one can sell Elvis's voice??

    3. Gregexplore


      Nope.. I checked eBay, Amazon and local newspapers LOL :nope:

    4. JudyO


      I LOVE this one! I want to sing it!!!!

  6. Probably it's under "What's New" because lyrics were uploaded on jw.org only now. But song isn't new
  7. I have made low-part harmonies --> http://www.mediafire.com/folder/62u054rven42p/Timeline Of Jesus' Life There you can find PDF (sheets) and MP3 for harmonies (to sing-a-long).
  8. NEW SINGING PROJECT! We'll waiting for collaborators!


    All the info: https://jwtalk.net/forums/topic/33836-collaborative-singing-our-songs/?do=findComment&comment=527476


  9. So, if you all agree, we will sing (or, at least, try to sing!) "Timeline Of Jesus' Life". If you will contribute, please write down "I will" or something like that If you want to send your recording, PM me (collaborators from last time know what to do ). _______________________________________________________________________________ INSTRUMENTAL VERSION OF "TIMELINE OF JESUS' LIFE" (use it for recordings) LYRICS: Did you read that long ago, Before the moon and stars were in the sky, God created His son? Jesus came to live on earth. Where he healed the sick and showed what we will do In the new world to come. His life he sacrificed for ev’ryone. “Faithful and True” – ever loyal from the heart, Faithful in ev’ry way. As “King of kings,” he’s everything that a king should be, Bringing us peace for eternity. Now he wears a golden crown, And he’s soon to rule an earthly paradise, Blessing all that we do. We’ll see the Bible’s promises come true. “Faithful and True” – ever loyal from the heart, Faithful in ev’rything. If we obey, he’ll guide the way so that we may be Faithful and true for eternity. _______________________________________________________________________________ Let's begin! I think about making harmonies' sheets, maybe later.
  10. Oh, one question. Who from us is able to read music?
  11. Soo, you all agree to sing "Timeline Of Jesus' Life"?
  12. SUGGESTIONS: one where only Sisters read and another where only Brothers read (post 13) - Qapla (Irmantas, [...]) chapters that are with discussions, either a female with male, or male with male, or female with female (post 18) - For example, we had Luke chp1 from the Congregation Book Study read this way by a group of brothers and sisters reading the parts of Gabriel, Zechariah, narrator, Mary and Elizabeth - Kristian Job chps 33 to 41 (post 22) - Alex Isaiah chp 26 (post 26) - Alex Job 38 - (idea from Alex's suggestion) - Hatcheckgirl
  13. "Timeline Of Jesus' Life" can be a little bit difficult to sing for sisters because it's low at the begining.
  14. Also, what about "We Will Never Let Go" from "The Inside Story"?
  15. Write your suggestions then!

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