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    Doubting my ability to cope with human contact... still, you're awfully cute for a human.
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    Treetop Terrace, Spider Plains of Missouri.
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    I was raised by Witness parents, knowing the Bible and loving Jehovah from infancy. However, I did not have strong active spiritual role models or goals, and had plenty of mental disorders. I developed several debilitating chronic illnesses starting around puberty, and felt stumbled due to fragrances causing me such pain. I didn't make any more spiritual progress and stopped attending meetings, but I continued to listen over the phone for about 15 years. My faith and spiritual habits steadily declined as I sank deeper into isolation and depression. (Pr 18:1) I lived a virtual life, addicted to the computer and internet for literal days at a time, and eventually hit rock bottom. I was in chronic fatigue, pain, sleep deprivation and suffered some brain damage, having no reason to live and always wishing for death. I came to realize one day, probably thanks to a witness online who sent me a talk, that I would never be happy focusing on myself. Jehovah never caused my suffering, he was still providing for my needs despite my selfish lifestyle, and he wanted to help me to come to serve him. However, I had to be willing to make changes, to show Jehovah that I wanted to come to know him better, to serve him and to trust him. I started a new routine of Bible reading and prayer, and started learning how to eat better so that I could perhaps reverse my disorders. However, I was still trapped in many addictive habits. In time, I was desperately praying for spiritual friends to replace my bad association. Jehovah sent a new Elder in the congregation to me, a former missionary and regular pioneer, probably the most zealous minister that I have ever met. Jehovah was also training him to learn patience as he spent years taking the time to write and talk with me, encouraging me and helping me to start studying again, becoming my closest friend. I started taking my health very seriously, viewing my diet and lifestyle as a way of giving my best to Jehovah, in order to become physically strong enough to worship him. Eventually, I became well enough that I was able to endure attending meetings, later followed by becoming a publisher thanks to letter writing, later still able to do a little door to door work and participate in meetings, and finally progressing to baptism after a total of some 6 years it took me to 'Return to Jehovah'. Jehovah has guided and supported me each step of the way, as long as I fully commit myself to relying on him and doing his will.

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    I am a religious Cat-holic*. (Addicted to all things feline. Thanks, Toxoplasmosis!)
    Some of my favorite pastimes include computers, technology, gaming, pixel and line art, storytelling, music, tiny homes, and the inconceivably vast cosmos.
  • My favorite books
    I'm especially partial to stories that reflect the dichotomy between tragedy and hope - Ruth is my favorite book in the scriptures. Recently I've gotten into the 'New World' novels. My favorite modern writings tend to be campy, humorous, satirical. I love comics and grew up with the best in Calvin & Hobbes. I enjoy the typical Sci-fi/Space Opera fare: Dr Who, Hitchhiker's Guide, Star Trek, Star Wars, War of the Worlds. Aside from the Bible, I don't really read physical books much, I lack focus and patience. I do enjoy audiobooks.
  • My favorite music
    Background music, scores and soundtracks, especially classic video game composers. More traditional styles I prefer are alternative, ambient, downtempo, epic orchestral, techno, and world music. Kingdom dirges & marches, Blue Man Group, John Williams, Jake Kaufman, Manami Matsumae, Hiroki Kikuta, Yoko Kanno.
  • My favorite movies
    Humor, tragedy, and science fiction. The Princess Bride, Cast Away, Jurassic Park, Star Wars.
  • My favorite quotes
    (Psalm 73:26) My body and my heart may fail, But God is the rock of my heart and my portion forever.

    (Nehemiah 8:10) He said to them: “Go, eat the choice things and drink what is sweet, and send portions of food to those who have nothing prepared; for this day is holy to our Lord, and do not feel sad, for the joy of Jehovah is your stronghold.”

    (2 Corinthians 1:3, 4) Praised be... the Father of tender mercies and the God of all comfort, 4 who comforts us in all our trials so that we may be able to comfort others in any sort of trial with the comfort that we receive from God.

    "You have two options. Either let this world drive you mad, or /choose/ to be insane." - Myew
    "I've got PLENTY of common sense! I just choose to ignore it. :D" - Calvin
    "I appear to be suffering from Catabolic Analysis Paralysis." - Myew
    "As Christian as possible under the circumstances." - Myew
    "As you wish." - Dwead Piwate Westley
    "Yes, I am just a little broken."

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  1. I've just been informed by Social Security that I am no longer considered disabled according to their rules and will lose all support in a couple of months. I've never worked in my life, never able to maintain a strict schedule or cope long term with the chronic pain, irritable bowel and insomnia. It always inevitably leads back into chronic depression and mania. I can do a little, but then I have to follow up with resting for a day.

    They don't have a majority of my physical issues on file from doctor's reports which is a problem, as I was considered disabled for mental issues... but they were caused by the physical issues in the first place, just haven't been able to find a doctor who understands or properly tests for them yet.

    Of course, one should expect to read such a letter on one's anniversary of baptism, amirite? (Luke 22:31) “Simon, Simon, look! Satan has demanded to have all of you to sift you as wheat.

    I just wanted to say that I love this forum and am thankful for the time I've been able to spend with everyone I've met here. ❤️Before I inevitably regress into insanity and say and do things which I will surely regret.

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    2. hatcheckgirl


      Wonderful news, Alex!!  Very happy you now have a pause in your worries, and can refocus on serving Jehovah, one day at a time.  He is very merciful to those who endure, as you are Alex - Jam 5:11

    3. Santiago2020


      God is Good. Awesome News!!!

    4. kejedo


      Dear Brother Alex, I have read your info before about being a cat lover. I am probably a Cat lover, but my allergies are so severe, I could blow up with anaphylaxis with a full time cat at home. I take daytime  RX allergy meds and can be around two cat lovin,  BStudents in the same day.


      But today, I really read some more of your info, and have to remark, that you have certainly overcome some long odds to serve Jehovah. I'm especially empathic about your reaction to fragrances. I know that many people still do not 'get' what damage they are doing to the health of others with their fragrance use. I have several lung disorders including sarcoidosis (and very small lungs due to premature birth among other things.) I can understand when you mention the physical pain fragrances cause. I can also get chemical pneumonia from the ingredients in someone's fragrance which could be deadly.  Even so-called essential oils are not necessarily chem free. 


      I am encouraged to hear that some of your financial challenges are easing up a bit. Happy Cat-urday.YS


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