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  1. We use WhatsApp for our lit cart groups, Bro and sis confirm their lit cart times, it’s used to ask for partners where there is a gap, also to organise who is collecting/returning lit carts to KH, reminder if literature is running low and also an update at the end of the day of experiences, lit placements etc. It’s a very lively chat and has had a positive effect in bringing us all closer together and extending our ministry into the the afternoon. And it’s great that our older Bro and sis are taking part in the chat as well, we love their enthusiasm and also their sense of humour, it’s been a great leveller 😀😀
  2. I don’t eat meat but eat fish. Whilst I don’t like cooking meat, I will, as it’s my personal preference not to eat meat and I can’t impose that on my husband, brothers and sisters but we did do “Meat Free Monday” to give the veggie option.
  3. That song.......😯 I need to learn this, powerful and motivating words, we know what is ahead of us, the FDS are preparing us. Take full advantage of the provisions whilst we can. And I really enjoy Bro Noumair (sorry for incorrect spelling), he has a lovely teaching manner, you don’t feel that you are being talked “at” but that you are being talked “to”……leaves a lot of room for self examination 😐😐
  4. Part 2 was brill - the experiences were so encouraging!
  5. Just wondered if Stay is still being released one chapter at a time on the blog? No new update this week, any info? Thanks Abi 😀
  6. ALC

    Pasta Sauce

    How long do you roast them for? Do you peel the garlic and leave it whole or slice it up? I really like the smokey taste so want to try this one too - thank you for sharing 😀
  7. Saw this recipe by Marcella Hazan for best way to cook tomato sauce, very simple: 2 x 400g tinned whole, peeled tomatoes 1 x onion, peeled and halved 6 tablespoons of butter put all ingredients in a pot and set to simmer uncovered for 45 mins over a medium heat, stirring occasionally. Once cooked, remove the onion halves and serve over pasta, So I tried it but using tinned chopped tomatoes, much as I wanted to, I couldn’t bring myself to chuck in 6 tablespoons of butter, it was 3, added salt and fresh basil leaves and simmered for 45 mins.....it was delish!!!! Served with prawn linguine (added chorizo for meat eating hubby). ‘Cooking it again tomorrow on request so that’s a winner 😀
  8. ALC

    Who loves Nutella?

    Toast with butter and LOTS of coffee.....
  9. Thanks for this Jerry, planning to see it next Saturday
  10. ALC

    Crock-Pot Cooking

    I don't eat meat but will check out that website for some recipes for the family, thanks bro
  11. Trying a new recipe tonight, slow cooking a frozen beef joint. It's on low for the next 8 hours with chopped onions and red wine with a dash of warm water. Anyone tried cooking from frozen before in a slow cooker/crock pot?
  12. Oh that's so sad! We had to have our beautiful girl put to sleep on 8th July, she was 14 too, absolutely heartbreaking but when the time comes, you know it's the right thing to do. No more now until the NW....

  13. The best Monday of the month is always the Broadcast Monday!! Loved the song, the segment on the three sisters (where's my tissue) and a thought provoking intro about reliable sources, no fake news with JW.org but a timely reminder for us all. Thank you brothers for all your hard work and so much work that goes on behind the scenes that we really don't know about. Faith strengthening

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