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    I was raised around the Truth. My mother was a witness, and raised me the best she could. I have always been someone who is very critical, especially when younger. At a certain point in my youth I decided I needed to figure out where my life should be headed, and thus, whether or not Jehovah's Witnesses really had the truth. I first looked at the theory of Evolution vs Creation and after months of that it became clear that the Universe was designed. Then I set off to see if the Bible was something that could be trusted. Once that was settled I needed to figure out what was the correct understanding of it. I researched many teachings of various churches, and always compared them to JWs. I eventually was exposed to material that shown the witnesses in a negative light. But, myself being critical of everything led me to double check these negative claims. Over time it became evident that these were obvious lies thinly veiled as facts. As I studied the Bible more and more I became convinced that this was the Truth. I was baptized that year.

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    Research and study; Typography; Motion Design; Bookbinding
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    Besides theocratic: "Truth in Translation - Bias and accuracy in English Translation"; "Thinking in Type"; "East of Eden";
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    Progressive Rock; Some EDM; Orchestral; Singer/Songwriter; Bluegrass
  • My favorite movies
    Starwars Ep 5
  • My favorite quotes
    “If we work upon marble, it will perish; if we work upon brass, time will efface it; if we rear temples, they will crumble into dust; but if we work upon immortal minds and instill into them just principles, we are then engraving that upon tablets which no time will efface, but will brighten and brighten to all eternity. ” - Daniel Webster

    "A single grey snowflake sifting down. He caught it in his hand and watched it expire there like the last host of Christendom." - The Road

    "Quality is a probabilistic function of quantity" - Dean Simonton

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  1. Thank you for this link to the packet! I am so happy to have this information be more easily available to our brothers, sisters and honest hearted ones.
  2. I missed this when reading through the first time. Koine Greek is easy to learn??? I've honestly, many times thought about studying it, but it always sounded daunting. (Also was never sure if it would be a good use of time) But it is interesting to know that it's comparatively easy. (What's funny is that literally 5 min ago I was holding my Kingdom Interlinear going through the alphabet trying to figure out how to transliterate my name xD haha)
  3. Ahh, gotcha. My impression was that one of the JW site languages was Klingon, but I knew that wasn't the case xD On the topic of Esperanto, I can imagine a slight possibility that they would make some publication(s) into Esperanto. As you said, it does have native speakers, and a Duo Lingo course
  4. Wait... Did I miss something? xD
  5. 1MKnight

    Favorite movies

    Some of my favorites: Starwars IV - VIII Castaway (Gotta love Wilson) Jurassic Park Kicking and Screaming I know that I'm forgetting a lot, but I don't watch movies that much anymore. Some people mentioned some movies that I had forgotton about that I quite like: Second hand lions The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (great soundtrack ) Emperors New Groove (oh man, this was funny) ---- Also, Side note: I just watched "2001: A Space Odyssey" for the first time because I heard it was free and HD at archive.org. That... movie... was... weird... haha. That being said it had some really cool special effects. Just like the original Star Wars' effects. Little spaceship models flying through space - pretty cool. Good music too. The whole story was weird thought, I think it was about the future human evolution? Not sure. But the HAL 9000 portion was good. If someone ever wanted to watch that movie again with me, I would probably only watch that part haha
  6. Wow. I just watched this last night with my wife. Such a good talk! It is my favorite of the special talks on JW-TV. (Finally beating out "In Their Own Tongue and Style of Writing", which has been quite an influence in my interest in translation) I need to re-watch and take some notes for my Study Bible - Note: This is the second special talk they've uploaded recently. I'm wondering if they are going to become a more regular feature. I really, truly hope so
  7. Yeah, I just started doing research on TItus for a talk. I didn't realize how little information we have about him/the letter to him.
  8. I'm thinking of all of the great possibilities Can now quickly show anyone at a door some material. Sooo great.
  9. Maybe that's why they did it haha. Honestly, it's probably a constantly requested thing - WT Library for smart devices (not that windows mobile thing) AND/OR equalizing the WOL and WTL. Now... when will the WTL be downloadable on the JW Library app? (P.S. Bethel, I really want all the video transcripts in one of the libraries.. thnx bye. )
  10. 1MKnight

    Witness memes

    It has it's own Wikipedia section: Toilet Paper Orientation | Arguments for over or under.
  11. It does sound like a nifty idea. However, it would be likely pretty dangerous. Most of our videos are already up there illegally anyways. But besides that, if you watch anything about Jehovah's Witnesses on Youtube, you typically get bombarded by apostate material in the sidebar or "recommended videos". Youtube algorithms know that people love that apostate stuff. [I don't know how to edit my post so I'm commenting again haha.] So if the slave decided to upload their videos to Youtube - a social media site - they would practically sending people straight to apostate material. (FDS uploads video "Come to the Convention!". Apostate video in side-bar "Don't go to Convention! Also here's some child abuse and freemasonry conspiracy theories about C.T. Russel") I think the Slave has anylized social media over the years and came to the conclusion that: There very next sentence says: "Directing people to JW.ORG helps spread the Good News" That is the sole internet platform we use to spread the Good News. Why? We have no control over our message on other platforms. But we do at JW.org. No apostate material on that website
  12. I imagine the scenario would be: "We need to fill 36 seconds of time, but all the commercials are too long.... Hmmm. Hey, I've got this PSA." It does sound like a nifty idea. However, it would be likely pretty dangerous. Most of our videos are already up there illegally anyways. But besides that, if you watch anything about Jehovah's Witnesses on Youtube, you typically get bombarded by apostate material in the sidebar or "recommended videos". Youtube algorithms know that people love that apostate stuff. I'm quoting you because there isn't a "save comment" button xD haha.
  13. 1MKnight

    Sexual abuse in Islam

    I conquer. The world is slowly gaining reasons to hate religion. I can only wonder what the next hot button issue with religion will be (I can hardly imagine any more - Political meddling, inciting violence, child abuse, money scams, lies)
  14. Yes, being such a linguistically and culturally diverse group, the brothers have to work really hard to come up with some excellent and effective 'User Interface' design. I think all the work to make a U.I. suitable for the deaf has made the U.I. better for everyone, which is why I think that they'll add it to the rest of the languages soon. Good design and Iconography doesn't only benefit our deaf friends. Now, with the new reduction in periodicals, we finally have the public WT and Awake! in ASL! It's so nice having almost the same material as everyone else
  15. I was perusing the American Sign Language version of JW.ORG and I noticed this pleasant change In case you don't notice, it's all of the little icons for each section: HOME, BIBLE TEACHINGS (my fav), Memorial, etc. I think this is super cool. However, it's not on the English site. That being said, I remember when the WOL first added those nifty icons for Bible, Publications and Daily Text, it was actually added to the ASL version (i think a few weeks) before they added it to English. This could be the same for these new icons.

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