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    Again. I was reared in the truth along with fleshy 4 brothers and sisters. My mother was a faithful and zealous sister for 63 years. Though not baptized at the time I consider that I left the truth when I graduated from high school. I graduated from the University, traveled the world, joined the Peace Corps and lived in Kenya for 2.5 years. To make a long story long, I returned to the truth after a 40 year absence. How/Why you may ask? One word...Caiaphas. My wife, who was disfellowshiped at the time, and I started going to the meetings at the continuous and loving encouragement of my mother. I was reading the account of Stephen at Acts 6 and it occurred to me that this was the same man (Caiaphas) who also officiated the trial of Jesus and gave Saul/Paul permission to pursue the Jews to Damascus. For some reason the confluence of those significant biblical events embodied in one man piqued my interest and I wanted to know more.. a lot more. And, like anyone who has an open mind and is searching, you'll realize that this IS the truth.

    My wife was reinstated in March of 2009, I was baptized in October of 2009. I have the privilege of serving as a Ministrial Servant and was an attendant at our circuit assembly this past weekend.

    I am so very thankful that Jehovah has allowed me to know him and his purpose for mankind. I'm determined to remain in his love.

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    Researching Bible topics/issues , history, travel, space and the cosmo
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    The Jewish Wars by Flavius Josephus-Volume I-III; July 1914-Countdown to WW I; History of Rome; Plutarch's Lives; The Age of Faith by Will Durant; Catherine the Great by Robert Massie; Distant Mirror y Barbara Tuchman
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    Reggae, Blues, Smooth Jazz. Really enjoying the Organization's " Original Songs".
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    Curious Case of Benjamin Button; Count of Monte Cristo; Star Trek-Next Generation
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    "Love is love when it is expressed "

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  1. Brothers and Sisters


    At Eph 5:10  it says, “ Keep on making sure of what is acceptable to the Lord...”


    Question:  To whom is Lord referring, Jehovah or Jesus?  How would you support your answer?  


    Any assistance is grateful accepted b/c...I’m stuck.


    Thank you 


    1. Stormswift


      Your question has been answered in the thread you started on the same subject. Probably better to concentrate posts there, more scope for discussion.

    2. Vinnie


      When I look at this scripture, I think to myself, does it really matter? Everything that Jesus Did when on earth and continues to do is from Jehovah. From start to finish of his ministry he stressed that he came to do, not his own will , but that of whom sent him.   Anything that Jesus found acceptable was taught to him from his Father Jehovah.  In this way, all eyes turn to Jehovah and give him the rightful praise.

  2. Milele

    2019 Calendar

    Yes 2 please. Thank you
  3. http://www.newsweek.com/2018/06/01/jehovahs-witnesses-939860.html I apologize for the ads but the content was just too compelling milele
  4. Milele

    Evil Men and System

    Mr. Grimes mentions Jehovah, several times, as he came into the Truth while in prison (for 24 years) for a crime he didn’t commit.
  5. https://www.npr.org/2017/08/27/546497386/-ghost-of-the-innocent-man-a-story-of-24-years-of-wrongful-imprisonment
  6. Nephilim 

    Just read the articles “Who were the Nephilim?”.  It just now occurred to me that there is never, to my knowledge, a mention of any female nephilims (nephilimi?) They roamed the earth and “began taking as wives all whom they chose”  Genesis 6:2 for at least 120 years.  However, never was a female of that violet race ever born? 





    1. carlos


      Milele, this is an interesting question. Maybe you could start a thread about it so that we can discuss it more comfortably. :)

    2. Milele


      Ok and I meant a “violent” act not  “violet” the beautiful flower.


    3. Myew


      The demons created their own bodies, most likely altering the genome to their preferences given how physically powerful their offspring were. They could have just as easily made their sperm cells only carry the Y chromosome. :assimulated:

  7. We always need reminders don't we friends? In this case we're reminded that nationalism, prejudice and other forms of exclusionary behavior/attitude has no place in Jehovah's organization. Yet, here's a reminder. Why? Because as imperfect humans, these traits can manifest themselves even as we strive to serve and please Jehovah. However, Jehovah always provides a way to address our imperfections. In this case providing the Bible-based publication to better understand these maladies and, of course, asking for Jehovah's help by way of supplication. This is a model to address our sinful human condition. It helps us better understand our particular issue(s) by research and builds our faith in Jehovah as we ask for his help to "embrace " his direction through prayer. These reminders helps us appreciate that we are very far from perfection. It also affords us a faith-strengthening opportunity to "be transformed by making your mind over, so that you may prove to yourselves the good and acceptable and perfect will of God" (Rom 12:2). I am so very grateful that we have Jehovah's guidance by-way-of the faithful slave that, when the time comes, I trust that I will be able to "stand-up and stand out! Milele

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