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New Doctor Who :)

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My son is 13 and watches Doctor Who and has been anticipating the special that will be on in November.  I was scrolling on my FB wall and there was a picture from the BBC announcing that Peter would be the new Doctor. Before reading the caption, I told my son that this guy has a blue jacket like Dr W...and called him over to look at the picture....then I scrolled and saw what it said...needless to say...my son was NOT very happy with me!

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I wish I could be surprised like I was when I was a kid and the Doctor suddenly regenerated. But alas, it doesn't happen in this day and age, especially with a show so popular. I hate spoilers :P


Anyhow, I have no idea who this guy is or what the future holds, so I look forward to the future of Doctor Who. Matt Smith did not click with me very well until this last year, but I don't think it is his fault. Since Moffatt took over the show, the style of writing and storytelling had taken a major dive. He should just give it back to Russell T. Davies. :)

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Just seen this thread.  I took the kids to the 50th Anniversary event in London last week which was really good.  We saw Matt Smith, Tom Baker, Colin Baker, Peter Davidson, Sylvester Mccoy and plenty of Daleks, Cybermen and other assorted characters.


Peter Capaldi is an excellent actor and will make a memorable Doctor.

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The other day my daughter was texted by one of her friends asking what she was doing. So Caleigh says "watching bible movies" (the one about timothy). So her friend said that she was doing the opposite and watching Doctor Who.  I asked did she know that one of Jesus apostles (Luke) was called "the doctor"......  hmmmmm......  we had a good laugh about that. Her friend said she bet we didn't read that on jw.org  :)

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The "war doctor" after #8. So that makes the 11th doctor - the 12th and the next one the 13th and last - as he can only regenerate 12 times. Unless .... maybe an update this coming year?


According to Steve Moffatt (the current head writer of Doctor Who who really should stop butchering the show and pass it on to someone else), the Doctor cannot regenerate anymore - Matt Smith is the last Doctor. But obviously since we know that Capaldi is coming, there is a twist/workaround.



Regeneration #1. Hartnell to Troughton

#2. to Pertwee

3. to Baker

4. to Davison

5. to Baker

6. to McCoy

7. to McGann

8. to Hurt (the War Doctor)

9. to Eccleston

10. to Tennant

11. Tennant to his severed Hand (this was a legit regeneration according to Moffatt)

12. Tennant to Smith.


... and thus he should actually die at this point.

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I didn't think the hand one counted - it was kind of a cheat though, eh?


Anyway - minus the hand one - we can get to Capaldi.


I imagine they will give some explanation soon. Maybe when he finds Gallifrey. They will give him 10 more re-generations or something - for saving them all from the Daleks.



EX TERM IN ATE!!!!!  (we need that gif!!!!  )


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