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Back from Cuba. Pronounced Cooba by the locals.

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Had an awesome time in Holguin (Drop the H) Cuba with my sweetie and her parents. We went to see a baseball game wow. Never saw a crowd get that into a ball game before. It was just incredible. 


Its hard to be back in the frozen tundra we call home. Every day was between 28 C or 76F to 32C or about 84F. We had a shower that lasted a half hour the first couple days. After that it was pure sun the whole week. Just incredible weather.


We went reef fishing on wed. That was a pile of fun. Other than those 2 excursions we swam in the ocean snorkeled and rested in under an awesome shade tree right on the beach. I really enjoyed the rum down there. Got into some 12 YO rum in the VIP bar. That was incredible. Drank Cubata almost every day. My favorite drink. Dark Rum and coke with a squirt of lemon juice on the rocks in a tall glass. Just wow. So smooth. 


I tried about 6 different rums in the VIP bar. Brought back 2 of them that are awesome neat. We had a bottle of dark rum given to us in our room by the resort for returning for the second time. That was a really nice surprise.


We want to go back for 2 weeks next year. 

Quando Omni Flunkus Moritadi

If all else fails --- Play Dead Possum Lodge Moto -- Red Green

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Apparently the ban was eased in 1994, according to the 1999 WT.


*** w99 5/15 p. 8 A Historic Visit Makes an Island Rejoice ***
In September 1994, a printing operation was established in the Bethel Home in Havana. Once again, Jehovah’s Witnesses were able to meet openly and to witness from house to house. Later, in 1998, the authorities permitted this visit of an international delegation of 18 Jehovah’s Witnesses, including three members of the Governing Body.


Besides that, the cover of the November 2014 WT (Study dates Dec 29-Feb 1) has a photo and stats of the preaching work in Cuba.




*** w14 11/15 p. 2 Table of Contents ***
COVER: Kingdom publishers preaching in Santiago de Cuba, the second-largest city on the island known for its music and traditional dances
POPULATION 11,163,934
270 deaf publishers use Cuban Sign Language

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We were told to still not to contact the brothers. I wanted to but maybe next year. The fear is that they could be brought repercussions by the community I guess. It would have been great to meet with some of them at least. We will definitely be going back and maybe next year we can try. I would definitely prefer to hire a Brother to taxi us around the country side.


The people are very humble and very warm. The ground workers always had a smile for you when you greeted them. Especially if it was an Hola (Hello) or Buenos Dias (Good Day) or a Buenos Noches (Good Evening). They love life and put Family first. 


I hope that now the travel ban is lifted that some of you can make it there. I would suggest going to this area or Santiago de Cuba. Its in the southern area of the country. There are less resorts so suppliers  have a better chance to get better supplies to the resorts. Same with Holguin. There are only 6 to 8 resorts in this area as opposed to 80 or more in Varadero. Everyone that we talked to that has been to Varadero has said the food was way way better in the Holguin area. We just hope that the travel lift doesn't turn Cuba into the type of thing you see in Cancun, with every square foot of beach back with resorts. 

Edited by Greg Dent

Quando Omni Flunkus Moritadi

If all else fails --- Play Dead Possum Lodge Moto -- Red Green

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Hopefully we will receive some direction soon as to the scope of our contacts with the friends in Cuba.


Pres. Obama reiterated on Friday that educational, cultural and religious activities will be permitted without first obtaining a special license, but general tourism will still be in effect banned. We are so looking forward to the day soon when we can go out in field service and attend a local assembly with our queridos hermanos Cubanos. 


Sounds like you had a wonderful time Greg...A snorkelers and scuba divers paradise  with over 4000 islands and cays.... currently there is only 1 cruise ship sailing out of Kingston Jamaica or Havana, mostly Canadians and Europeans.


And the old Chevy's ???    :D

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Yes Canada has had a trade agreement with Cuba since the 60's. Canada and Mexico were the only countries in north america to keep up trade with Cuba. Bad American's LOL Joking guys. Cuba has almost 3 million tourists visit last year. Of that Number just over 90,000 were from Canada. Cuba charges an extra 10% on their exchange rates for anyone bringing U.S. currency into the country. If a US citizen goings they usually change their money into another currency before hand. We paid between 17 and 19 percent exchange. 

Edited by Greg Dent

Quando Omni Flunkus Moritadi

If all else fails --- Play Dead Possum Lodge Moto -- Red Green

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