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Travel plans / meeting up?

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I saw someone post a topic "where you went" and thought about why not do the opposite and see if a meeting can be even organized?


Last December, I planned a trip to Chicago, did not know anyone there...Would have been nice to meet someone from here!


Fortunately, after going out in service there was an opportunity to get to know one of the sister over a quick meal and at the next meeting made friends with the local congregation. Things would have been even nicer probably if plans could have been made ahead.


So thought we could post:

- the date you plan on travelling

- the place (city/country) you plan to go to

- the attractions or place of interests you plan to see


If the place is around you then may be you have suggestions about what to do/where to go or not to go, your meeting times so meeting in person in a safe place is possible and so on...


Now, I am not sure if this is an OK thing to do?


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Hasina, good idea.  :thumbsup: MH and I have plans but it keeps switching from one place to the other favorite place. Would like to go to one meeting at least while there and meet the local congregation. MH not in the truth but I can send him off to the the golf course and wouldn't hear a complaint!

Safeguard Your Heart for " Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" Matthew 12:34

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Is MH = my husband?

In any case, if you happen to come to Canada around to where I am - between Toronto, CA and Detroit, US, let me know! Would gladly give you a tour on the Canada side. Can even offer my place if I am away (only have a bachelor so if I am here, I can only host 1 person but when away it can host a couple. Nothing fancy but clean with everything necessary) :)

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So, I will start off with: is there anyone from Amsterdam in here or someone who knows Amsterdam? Advice on what is a must see if there for a few hours?


Will be there on Tuesday 6 July 2015 for 19 hours between 2 flights...


Also, has anyone done the transfer JFK to LaGuardia to catch a second flight? How long did it take? (with what mean of transportation?)


And last: Is anyone here in Denver, CO or knows about Denver? Have never been either... Will be taking a long bus ride to go to a wedding (2 days and 20 hours) and would like to stop in Denver to rest and see around plus attend a meeting. That would be more or less on 26 August 2015. The stop can be Denver or somewhere between New York and Los Angeles, just so a rest can be made. And if friends can be met and made along the way, even nicer!


Any suggestions welcome! Thank you :)

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Thank you for suggesting that! Had a look at it and looks amazing...The pink is kind of unique. Will read more about it. Hopefully things work out and will be ale to make it. Always wanted to see the Rockies ...at least some part of it! Again Thanks :)

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I guess I will be left out!  No one "plans" to go to Oklahoma on vacation!  But I am here!  I can make you have a good time!  But if you are wanting to see a lot of spectacular views keep movin' on!

Hi Leslie,


You being there is a reason enough to come to Oklahoma like you said...People matter even more than scenery. So I might just take you up on your words and visit you...Just not this year because it is pretty much planned. What about next year? Always wanted to see much more of the US.

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I can promise you a good time!  Deena (Horsejump) from this forum is just about a 90 minute trip from me!  Then there are the friends you have not met yet!  I would feel honored to have you visit!

That's so nice of you to say! Let me see how/when to make it happen! Always exciting to plan visiting somewhere. Will message you! :)

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