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Traveling to Korea

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Woo Hoo!  :bouncing:

I'm not sure if anybody think I will go to the North! But, in case there is, I announce that I'm gonna travel to SOUTH Korea few months ahead! I feel so excited as I will go there with my besties. It was hard to match our schedule, but yes, we can make it! Yay! :ecstatic:


Anybody went there and would like to give me some suggestions?  One of the place we must visit is The Bethel for sure! 


Again! Woo Hoo!  :bouncing:



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Hi Yanty.


We visited South Korea two years ago. We loved it!


It was nice to travel around the country but most attractions are in Seoul. We didn't get to visit Bethel though. Next time.


Bukchon Hanok Village is well worth visiting. It's an area in Seoul where houses are traditional and many people still live the traditional way. We also loved Changdeokgung palace. If you visit it, be sure to include a visit to the gardens. Probably a Korean would hate me for saying this, but it's not worth visiting several palaces. Once you have seen one, you have seen them all, they are all identical. The same goes for temples, in case you wish to visit some.


Korean food is delicious and prices are really cheap. Well, I don't know compared to Indonesia, but compared to Europe they are. Korean people don't use to have lunch at home because they say it's cheaper to eat out.


One visit I found extremely interesting was the Demilitarized Zone, the border between North and South Korea. It's under UN control and you have to ask for permission a few days in advance. They show you the train they built to go into Pyongyang when the reunification seemed imminent, that currently finishes its route at the border. They show you the tunnels the Communist dug in an attempt to invade South Korea by surprise, and you get to see in the distance a village and a factory that belong to North Korea. The most impressive part of the visit for me was Panmunjom where North and South Korean leaders meet at some booths right over the border. There is a line that cross the floor and even the table, so they are sitting at the same table but each one in a different country.


Korean brothers are very nice and welcoming. And you won't have any problem moving around since all the signs in the subway and on the streets are in Korean, English and Chinese.


I'm sure you're going to have a great time in Korea, Yanty.

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Yanty, my wife says forget everything I told you about the Demilitarized Zone. She says I'm speaking from a guy's viewpoint: just about food and guns. :lol: She wasn't too excited with that part of the trip, while it was one of the highlights for me.


She suggests instead that you should not miss the Banpo bridge in Seoul. At certain hours at night it has fountains and color lights on its side. There's a very nice park under it from where you can watch the spectacle. It's a beautiful spectacle and it's free. :) During the show everybody sitting there eats some delicious Korean-style chicken wings that smelled great but we were unable to discover where they bought them. See? Thinking of food again! :lol: You can find more information about it here:





She also told me you should visit the stret markets. There are several huge ones in Seoul. They have lots of clothes and all kind of things at cheap prices and of better quality than Chinese products. My male mind had completely erased that memory. :whistling:

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