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April Morning with Tommy Lee Jones and Jehovah's Name

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My husband and I watched this movie a while back and were surprised how many times they used Jehovah's name throughout. This is about the american revolutionary war between the colonies and the British. 

It's more about the war than anything else but I can only conclude that many religions felt back then that Jehovah was the warring God of the Bible and Jesus was the God of Love. 

anyway if you have a primetime membership with Amazon you are able to view it on your computer or probably any device, instantly. 

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I used to love the old Movies because they would use Jehovahs name. 

Yeah Gabe... :wave:  Me too!  There was an older movie with Carl Madden who used Jehovah's name from the pulpit. Too bad the movie portrayed him as a fire and brimstone preacher. Also one of the older bible epic movies used Jehovah's name while portraying Moses and the 10 commandments. 

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How was the movie Deena...and would you recommend it ?  Tommy Lee Jones really hit it out of the ball park in The Fugitive and Men in Black.  > :D<


First you have to understand my hubby and I love Tommy Lee Jones due to Lonesome Dove. So we may be prejudiced. I would hate to tell the story so that you can have all the first surprises. I felt the movie was short, but I may have been engrossed and not realized the time.

I didn't take an interest in history when I was growing up and am just recently getting a better understanding so what this movie did was put regular people that worked hard, had a pride in their lifestyle and lived clean lives come into a war that they weren't ready for.

There are no cuss words and no sex scenes. But you do see shooting and get the realization of how awful it was for a young man to have such a life changing event happen in his life in pretty much one day. The young man that is the star player is Tommy Lee Jones' son(not in real life). 

I think I would of liked to have a sequel to the movie because it feels like you have come into this family's life and such a tragic incidence and then it's ends not too much longer after that. The ending ties in well, it doesn't leave you hanging but just seemed short. lol

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OK .... at first thought you had watched this movie on a nice spring morning :uhhuh:

I now see that the title of the movie is "April Morning" :blush:

I wondered why no one was mentioning the name of the movie  :perplexed:  :wall:

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"Let all things take place decently and by arrangement."
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How was the movie Deena...and would you recommend it ?  Tommy Lee Jones really hit it out of the ball park in The Fugitive and Men in Black.  > :D<

I liked the Fugitive and Men in Black when I watched them years ago.  I am old enough to have watched David Janssen in the original Fugitive series before it was ever in reruns.  I can not recommend Men in Black 3 because of the language that is used in it.  It was a little too much foul language for me.  It has been called the best Men in Black movie of all but you might want to catch the cleaned up version.

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Tommy is amazing!  There was a time in the 90's when he was one of the biggest stars.  He hasn't done much like he used to.  I guess he made enough shekels he can pick and choose what he wants to star in.


Liked him in the Fugitive - probably his best role. 

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