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Novel written by a brother about the new system

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So a sister told me about a book she'd read that got me intrigued. She said a brother wrote it and it's all about the new system. At first warning lights were coming on, is it apostate? but she said it was really good and merely just this brothers way of imagining what he thinks the new system will be like. I trust her as a faithful older pioneer sister so gave the book a try. It's really good! Nothing in there that goes against bible teachings, it's merely his speculation on the new system. There's things I don't agree with, I think it'll happen way differently and in all honesty he could be wrong AND I could be wrong, because Jehovah probably has plans for us that are going to be amazing in ways that we can't even imagine with our imperfect brains. It got me and that sister talking about the paradise more deeply though, and thought I'd share it with you. My husband refuses to read it, his conscience won't allow him, and it's totally up to you what you do.

Here's how to download the pdf if you want to. It's called 'All Things New."


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Moved topic to the public JW interests forum, as it's not appropriate for the Deep Bible Research and Personal Study forum, since it's neither one.

We have a brother who is a member here that wrote such a book and was giving it away to us for free. I'm wondering if this is the same story.


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My husband is reading the sequel, The Unrighteous. We both really liked the first book. There is a thread on it in the Books, Movies, etc. section.



Do you have a link for the sequel?

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A few years ago a bro wrote a book about what if Adam had not gone a lond wth his wife and and all the preferred people lived on one plants ad you could see all yhe problem on earth it was interesting i don't know if he pushed it im thinking of doing the same writing a star trek-new system book i did a short book all ready

I used people in my congregation and one know really well latter i will can some tell were i can post my short stories

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