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When texting goes wrong

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My study texted me this morning at 8a, and said that she couldn't study today at 10, because her Drs. change her appt. from friday to today. We agreed to study Fri. So I texted back....



Me: "great c u then. Have a good Dr. visit....if there is such a thing."


Her :"Did I do something wrong...why would you make a comment like that? If that's how you feel, maybe it's best you don't study with me. God will send someone else, just like he sent you.



Do anyone see what's so offensive about my comment? Well, as she continued on, I figured out what she thought I was saying.  :huh: 



Her:" I've never lied to you. Thanks for showing me how you really feel." 


Obviously, she thought I was accusing her of making up the dr. visit story, when I said, "if there is such a thing. I called her, she didn't answer so I texted back...


Me: "I'm very confused. I guess I said something wrong. When I wrote "have a good drs visit", I thought that was dumb to say...considering why you're going to the Drs, so I added....if there is such a thing.....(MEANING, as a good drs visit.)


We've been studying almost 2yrs now, I thought she knew me better than that. This is my 1st encounter ever, of what happens when texting go wrong. Anyone else have a bad texting scenario?



Psalms 51:6 "In the secret self...may you cause me to know sheer wisdom"

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Hi Yvette,


So sorry this happened with your study.

But it is not your fault. 

I have noticed that when we are in a good mood,

strange texts don't bother us, we just respond asking

what did the person mean?


But if we are having a bad day or we are emotional or sensitive due to some other situation,

then a text from someone that is innocent can be construed as negative, hurtful!  :angry:

So likely she is going through some problem/issue. 


Maybe as a suggestion,

you may have to stop by her home and visit her face to face to help her understand what

you were trying to say and to reassure her that you would never say something hurtful to her and to apologize even though you didn't really do anything wrong. Just an idea to help mend your relationship with her.  :)

"Create in me a pure heart, O God, And put within me a new spirit, a steadfast one" (PS 51:10)


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Hi Yvette. I saw nothing offensive in your text. As a matter of fact, I even chuckled a bit at your remark "if there's such a thing" because I immediately knew what you meant. But as Neil said, a face to face might be good to smooth things out. Pray first.

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I have to share this... It's been 2 days since the 'incident', and my B.S.  never responded to my explanation of the text. So, I decided to drop in this morning. She said that she showed my text to a friend. As the 'friend' proceeded to say everything opposite of what I really meant in the text...adding fuel to the fire, her chair broke, and she fell on the ground. 


So now the study feels, that was Jehovah letting her know, that friend was lying and I didn't mean any harm. So I'm forgiven. Unreal.  :huh:  :) 

Psalms 51:6 "In the secret self...may you cause me to know sheer wisdom"

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I am glad every thing is cleared up. You did good at going to see her!  :yes:


I hate when spell check changes the words to something COMPLETELY different. I think there is a website full of these oops'es  (is that a word?) Anyway, I'll try and post a few of the crazy ones I have sent  :wave: 

Plan ahead as if Armageddon will not come in your lifetime, but lead your life as if it will come tomorrow (w 2004 Dec. 1 page 29)


Soon .....

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Well... I had one to a work colleague that went Terribly wrong... It was someone I had only met once.

He laughed about it, but I was worried I was going to get fired for sexual harassment.... Lol fortunately realized it right away and apologized... That was the worst ever... All of thes sexual things I wanted to do to him- when really it was supposed to be talk to you later we will keep in contact as far as the printer that doesn't work

Soooo embarassing

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