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Restrictions on pain medications by local pharmacies

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This story was published on the DEA Website in 2014.   Am putting this story in here because recently, I went to get a prescription filled out and CVS Pharmacy refused to fill it.  My prescription is considered a substance med's.  I've been taking it for over 20 years without issues, not till this year!  Perhaps there are others (brothers and sisters) who are having similar problems.   The pharmacies, like Walgreen and CVS, were fined by the DEA because they did something illegal.  So they have changed their policies towards the patients with legit prescriptions.  Some like Walgreen has a patient check list.  If your on it, you will NOT get your prescribed pain medication.  CVS, will not refill your prescription.  The pharmacies are now becoming the "doctors" and they will only give you what they think is what you need.  So if you once got a 3 (90) day supply of meds, now you may wind up only getting whatever they see fit.   This shows how low this system has sunk, and unfortunately, many of us in the truth depend on medications due to our health circumstances.   I came across this article today, but it was from 2014.  I was researching why my meds were rejected, who was behind this. 






The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is not trying to limit or ration access to opioid painkillers, according to a DEA spokesman who says “nothing should stand in the way” of a patient getting a legitimate prescription for pain medication filled.

“We’re not doctors. We’re regulators and enforcers of the law. If something is prescribed for a legitimate medical purpose, we’re certainly not going to get in the way,” said DEA spokesman Rusty Payne.

images.jpgFor well over a year, many pain patients have told National Pain Report that their doctor refused to write any more prescriptions for opioids or that their pharmacy refused to fill them. In many cases, the doctors and pharmacists cited new rules or regulations and blamed the DEA. “There have been no new regulations. There have been no rule changes. There have been no changes in the Controlled Substances Act,” said Payne. “People will call us and they’ll say, ‘I can’t get my meds. And the pharmacy tells me that it’s your fault.’ It’s always popular to blame the government for something. We’ve been blamed in the past for having a chilling effect by a lot of people in the pain management community.”


That “chilling effect” stems from recent enforcement actions taken by the DEA against doctors, drug store chains and wholesale drug distributors.  Cardinal Health, one of the nation’s largest wholesalers, was fined $34 million in 2012 after it failed to report suspicious orders for hydrocodone at a distribution facility in Lakeland, Florida. Shipments of controlled substances from that facility were suspended for two years.  Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy have also been fined tens of millions of dollars by the DEA for violating rules and regulations for dispensing controlled substances.


Soon after the fines were levied, Walgreens developed a “secret checklist” to screen patients with narcotic prescriptions, and told its pharmacists not to fill them or to call the doctor if anything appeared suspicious.  “If a pharmacy chooses not to fill a prescription for someone, that’s their decision. It’s not the DEA’s decision,” says Payne.


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On not as the same level situation is allergy meds. I have to show drivers license for each purchase and if I try to get some before they run out, I'd have to wait before I get more.

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Maybe it's time to move to another pharmacy. There is a reason CVS or Walgreen's seem to continue to grow larger and larger. They are literally on every corner here.

I also found out the other day that CVS Distribution bought out all the TARGET Pharmacies in the USA.   That worries me about my substance medications in 2016!

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I also found out the other day that CVS Distribution bought out all the TARGET Pharmacies in the USA.   That worries me about my substance medications in 2016!

Oh wow. That can't be good. Can you use a mail order service? Costco?.

My parents live in Anne Arundel County. They use a local Pharmacy. Perhaps that could work for you as well.

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In Ontario, Canada they implemented stricter dispensing laws. To fulfill a Rx for certain drugs, you have to show Medical Photo ID of person Rx is for and person ( if they recognize you ) picking up Rx must show phot ID and sign for it. ID is recorded on paper at pharmacy.

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My insurance companies kept changing (defaulting) and one of the previous changes approved Walmart over Rite Aid. There was one Pharmacy tech who was well organized and kept the dept orderly. She left to teach an after school math program, and Walmart wouldn't give her p/t, so she quit. Fortunately, she became one of my Bible Calls, and is home this year. :bible2:  Walmart continually messes up my refills. I would like to go back to Rite Aid, which is now under my current plan, but my ins. is transitioning once again. Filling rx's is as convoluted as trying to figure out health insurance plans, which change constantly. For any who have insurance plans at all, at least be thankful for that. For years I had no health insurance and everything was out of pocket. This system is far too broke to be fixed. At least we have a divine hope.   

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In VA where I lived until three years ago I was given a 180 count prescription of hydrocodone pills on a monthly basis for years. I never abused them. Only took the prescribed amounts when needed therefore, when I did move and no longer was with the Doctor Who prescribed them and didn't have insurance any longer I was able to adjust. I don't like the Percocet and Naprosyn the are given to me now. One makes me sick and the other one don't get the job done.

I started taking Acetaminophen to ease the pain put learned that they were causing their own complications. Most of the medicine I was taking in VA I don't take no longer because of laws made to stop people from abusing and or selling them. The good suffer for the bad. Yes we need Jehovah's Kingdom.

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