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Hello all,
We just created a new app that helps you create and sort notes taken at meetings/assemblies/conventions and wanted to share it for those that would find it helpful.

It's available in both English and French and we hope to add more translations soon. Many more features to come so feel free to make recommendations.

JW Notes for Apple Devices:


{Coming to other platforms in the near future}

Edited by Dismal_Bliss

Specify that this is an Apple applications at this time, at the authors request.
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OK. I followed the link and could not find the app - at least, not for Android!

The post made no mention of this app being only for a particular platform :(

Your right, I should have mentioned only for the AppStore.

I don't have permissions just yet to edit posts (hopefully soon) but if an admin can edit the post name than that would work

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It will be nice to check this app out when it's ready for Android. I originally downloaded "Assembly and Convention notes" two years ago, but after subscribing, something must of happened because they haven't been updating it to include any circuit assemblies and the regionial convention notes came too late in the year for me to use that. I imagine something happened in their personal lives that kept them from updating for the last year and I have been hoping that things will change soon, but so far it hasn't.

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The thing I loved about the Assembly and Conventions Notebook app was it was easy to put the scriptures quoted straight into your notes.  It had a split screen and would show the scriptures while you were taking notes, all you had to do was click on the verse you wanted to insert in your notes and there it was!  

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I'll see what I can do.  Since the app stopped updating, there is nothing to go to but if the RC convention from last year is still on the app, I may be able to get you a screen shot within the next couple of days.  I would do it today but our midweek meeting is tonight and still have a lot to do.

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Is that app just for apple or andriod too? The app I'm talking about is actually called "Assembly & Convention Notebook".


Yes, I believe it's the same one, it's an Android app and it worked great and had the programs built in as well as links to the theme scriptures in the talk. Here is a statistic page for the app, but there is no longer a download page on Google as it's not on the market right now in English.




Here it is in Italian:



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I will have to speak to my developer and think very carefully on how we can accomplish including links to scriptures and the interactive schedule within the app because all of the publications that the society makes is copyrighted and I cannot copy it to use within my app.


Maybe there is a way to "fetch" the bible verses from the JW Library app rather than including an entire copy of the entire bible within the JW Notes app because I'm sure the branch office won't appreciate me copying the NWT to use in my app.


Because JW Notes was developed on behalf of my company and not me personally, we will certainly get a cease and desist if we go a step too far. No offence to the brothers in the legal department, but I try to avoid having contact with them whenever possible :P


I'm certain I can add the list of talks in advance and have that as an update so people can simply start taking a note.

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