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Nightmare Drug Resistant Bacteria in USA

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Just a heads up for anyone out there that has a low immune system, or just like to take precautions... I might be carrying/wearing a mask again outdoors if this thing spreads.... Reminds me of one of the "plagues" spoken of in the book of Revelation...

I live in a temporary reality- awaiting the day I wake up to life in the real world!

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Earlier this year I had to have a wisdom tooth removed and was put on amoxicillin antibiotic. I reacted to the local anaesthetic, so was on Para- Codeine every few hours for the Trigeminal neuralgia which was horrible through the night. Then I got a gut bug and it got worse and I was doubled up with back ache and inflamed bladder as well. Ampicillin finished and the Doctor put me on Trimetheprin anti-biotic, but it did nothing and I was in a bad way.


The Doctor said that whilst taking the first lot of antibiotics , tests showed that I had contracted an antibiotic resistant form of E.Coli. He wanted to take me into hospital to have intravenous antibiotics and fluids, because I was so weak  and my kidneys were suffering (hence the accompanying back ache). However, our hospital has had so much funding cut that there is a severe shortage of staff and the Doctor's were on strike outside it with placards.


He prescribed a 3rd course of stronger antibiotics - Nitrofurantoin. I was on just lot of liquids and painful and still taking para-codeine for the gut and bladder agony and had lost quite a bit of weight.


Mother was also in hospital and I was worried because she was unable to communicate her needs and had been left 5 days without food or water and had heart failure and until I was really bad, Dad and I had been going up to the hospital with baby food to spoon to her. Instead of seeing to her rehydration, they set her up for discharge and without letting us know, and were going to send her to a city nursing home, over an hour's drive away down country roads where we would not be able to visit her too easily. I had to organise the hospital's own Patient liaison to tell them to decant her nearer to us, but they told them that there were no vacancies. I had to ring around the various nearer nursing homes myself, from my bed at home, to find that actually there were 4 places available in our area, including at the home near me that my disabled friend Wendy is in. Managed to get the Patient Advocacy to get Mam in there by ambulance. By then I was just about  well enough to help Dad get her things into her room and get home for a rest.


Still got sore raw innards 4 months on. I feel scoured inside. Doctor and our diabetic nurse said that it will take months to repair the damage because I need to be using what needs to heal. Read up on the Internet about Marshmallow cold brew tea helping to heal and re-line the gut and bladder again, so sent for some - UGH it's like drinking soapy water, but I'll try anything to get pain-free. Eating lots of probiotics and pre-biotics to replace what's lost in the gut.


We don't get live saurkraut here and I have never made it, but Doctors on the Internet recommend it for the lactobacillus plantarum it makes for healing the gut and replacing more of a variety of gut flora than just yoghurt bacterias. Has anyone tried making it on here? How do you do it so you get the right bacteria growing and don't just get botulism?   When it's made, how long does it last in the fridge once opened?


As for the gut resistant E.Coli, the UK gets a lot of bacon, pork and sausages from countries that do intensive farming and feed the pigs high amounts of antibiotic because of living in close quarters with other pigs. I don't eat intensively farmed chicken or beef, I always get free range, grass-fed, organic, but bacon reared this way is not as easy to find. Anti-biotics as growth factors may be legal in some countries, but not the EU, but are allowed for medical and preventative reasons in intensive farming - so I had avoid them where I can. Pigs have been found in Denmark with MRSA as well as anti-biotic resistant other bacteria.


Newspapers here are reporting more sick people arriving at surgeries in the UK that the Doctors are running out of ideas how to treat. They may have caught it from handling meat packets in shops and then touching the face/mouth before washing hands.  Or working in intensive farms and then passing the bug via touching door handles etc, without washing after leaving work or getting the bug at work, getting sick and then passing it around in company/family like other bugs get passed.

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Don't rely on yogurt for probiotics. There are very good pill forms of it that you should take. I take one with over 10 billion strands. Its very good and helped me get my guts fixed around. I take it just to be regular. Dairy is one of the worst things for someone in your condition. If you need milk use goat milk and cheese. Try to find a source for saurkraut online. It would be safer than making your own. It is very helpful but so it apple cider but even more so apple cider vinegar.  Give that a try but not at the same time you take the probiotics. 

Quando Omni Flunkus Moritadi

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Our health food shop has just closed - 33 years and they've now retired, so I can't get my usual probiotics and lutein for Dad's macular degeneration:(. Don't trust too many others. Most health food chains think they can just put capsules out on the shelves in their centrally-heated, well lit stores and many scientists say that they will still quickly degrade to dead dust that way. Our local family-run shop kept it all in the fridge, dairy, capsules or yoghurt starter granules or otherwise.


I am diabetic with thyroid issues. I know I am gluten/gliadin intolerant - so are most of the population, unkown to them, since wheat was hybridised to indigestable proportions.


I don't eat dairy unless it is fermented, so it's mostly lactose-free (milk sugar) -  being diabetic - and don't seem to suffer any consequences. Goat products are rare and expensive here and ignorant stores keep them on the shelf too long and after 2 lots of  listeria food poisoning off 'gone-off' goat product, I was shied off eating any more from there. Though I do buy and eat it straight away if I see for sale it at agricultural fairs in the summer.


I need the bifidus bacteria as it is close to human milk/baby bacteria. Doesn't seem to be available here in capsule form, only in dairy. I use it topically as well as food and take lactobacillus Acidophilus in capsule form. I did once subscribe to and expensive Protexin B powder mix of billions of so-called different bacteria strains, but some of the strains when activated, according to other scientists,  were antagonists of each other and I wrote to the company, but didn't get a suitable answer as to why they put certain strains with their antagonists in the same mix. Antagonists destroy the better strains and create Hydrogen peroxide to levels that are difficult to metabolise. This type of bleach can, according to scientists, cause premature hair greying, as well as gut dysbiosis.


Totally agree with apple cider vinegar diluted in warm water  or organic lemon slices in water in the morning with a tad of stevia - away from the probiotics. I have to drink Scottish (organic area) spring water because we live in one of the few areas in UK that flouridate the 'soft' water with flouride that is an industrial by-product and it causes the cyst on my thyroid to swell as it is an antagonist of iodine and thyroid hormone.


Stinging Flare ups and cramps seem to be getting less frequent, so here's hoping I am slowly getting sorted.:thumbsup:

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