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Putin's visit in Greece

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I wouldn't open a new thread if it was an ordinary politician's visit. But it's not! President Putin visited yesterday the greek government, they signed aggreements etc. Today Putin visited Athos, the Holy Mountain, as it called- an autonomous part of Northern Greece that apparted by several monasteries. I watched in greek and russian tv, the emphasis that gave in this visit. Have a look in a screenshot from russian tv:



If you look the symbol up and right at the corner, it's a religious symbol of Byzantine flag:




Putin's welcoming in the monastery was very warm. While the priests sang a plainsong they used a term that was using only for Byzantine Emperors and it's not used nowadays because there is no orthodox emperor. But today they used it for Putin! As you know there is economic crisis in Greece for years and many people have been desperated. So many of them are thinking that Russia can help us. Propably Putin has visions to resurrect Eastern Roman Empire. 



You can realize now how much our brothers in Russia suffering. Religion is very important for Putin's plans and I think that these plans will affect more countries as mine. 

Brothers and sisters in Russia we don't stop to thinking of you and mentioning you in our prayers.

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The pan-orthodox link between Russia and Greece is interesting.  The majority of Christian religions are not aligned with their countries in the same way that Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox is.  The numbers of adherents do not just follow because of religious reasons, but it is strengthened by the nationalism that goes with it.  Very few European countries are as patriotic as Greeks, and their passion stems deeply from their religion because it's a deeply ingrained part of their culture.  I'm talking from my own experience as a child of a migrant Greek in Australia - the Greeks see their religion as their identity as much as nationalism does in other countries, even here far away from Europe.  I can see the link with Russia would easily be made, as western Europe would be a bit 'on the nose' over there.  It seems Putin is shrewd enough to exploit this.

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48 minutes ago, hatcheckgirl said:

. . .  I've had Greeks tell me Jesus was Greek!


I hear all kinds of things from Greek Orthodox people, like... What language was the New Testament written in? Greek. Therefore, Greek  Orthodox must be the right religion!


Or, how about this one? Jehovah's Witnesses are being financed by the Jews to destroy Christianity! One Greek Orthodox woman told me that and I asked her, "Who finances Jehovah's Witnesses in Israel?" She had the audacity to tell me there aren't any JWs in Israel! However, after I told her I have a cousin who lives in Israel, she quickly put an end to the conversation. :nope:

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