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Gay marriage 'to be made legal in Britain by 2015'

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Gay marriage 'to be made legal in Britain by 2015'

The coalition is to push ahead with plans for gay marriage following the personal intervention of David Cameron.

Liberal Democrat Lynne Featherstone will today unveil plans to legislate to bring in gay marriage before 2015.

The Equalities Minister will also announce that Britain should be a ‘world leader for gay rights’.

Under the plans, same-sex couples will be able to have full marriages in registry offices, as heterosexual couples can.

But they will still be barred from getting married in churches and other religious buildings – even though some denominations want to offer the services. Coalition sources said ministers are determined to enact the change before the next election.

Former Tory Cabinet Minister Lord Tebbit expressed concerns about the Government’s enthusiasm for gay marriage.

He said: ‘I would have thought there were other priorities at a time like this.

There can be no such thing as gay marriage. Marriage is between a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others.’

full article...


one of the top comments by readers ...which I agree...

The once dominant Pound is close to worthlessness, NHS waiting lists have gone up, violent crime is on the increase, our already overcrowded country is being flooded with tens of thousands of unskilled, so-called workers every single week and the EU is demanding yet more money from us. And what does Cameron concentrate his efforts on? Marriage between two blokes.

- Jess, Liverpool, UK, 17/9/2011 1:50

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I agree with the commentor in the newspaper.It's bound to be government 'spin' or distraction politics to bury some other bad news that the nation will have to digest when they realise it.

By the way sad news about the 4 miners in Swansea, Wales who died in the mine flood disaster.

We haven't any mines left here after a previous government closed them down and put hundreds here out of work. However, we had some horrendous mining disasters in the past and the town has memorial monuments dotted all over, including a memorial to all the little children (worked from the age of 5) who died in the mines here before legislation ended the exploitation.:depressed: Thank goodness there is a better llife ahead for them than they had first time around!

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Wagging the dog.

Not surprising at all, Britian has been subject to a very aggresive pro-gay campaign over the last few years and it's leaders seem determined to break with all its "old" traditions. Apart from pedophilia, condemning homosexuality has become the last universal "wrong" in this system and yes, Britian has so many problems with its decaying social structure - I do believe its the leading european country for single/teenage pregnancies - why not put the boot in and finish it off?

Roll on the new system!!!

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For some reason I want to cheer this news. Of course, not for the same reason the supporters want to cheer it.

The sooner this world ends, the better!

Shawnster I noticed you and I are on the same frequency or something. I was thinking the exact same thing. May it come soon. I am going to pray for it right now.

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I live in the San Francisco Bay area of California, the city being about 45 miles from here. It is truly disgusting. Not to mention I work at a community college where alternative lifestyles are flaunted, even encouraged. About six years ago when I was working as a secretary in the facilities maintenance department, a top level college district manager on Halloween thought this would be an occasion to justify cross dressing and to come to work like this. It was the most hideous scene you can imagine. Here was a 60 year old man, gray and balding, hairy legs, droopy everything dressed up in women's clothes: red stilleto heels, fish net stockings, long, dangling earrings, etc. It was also somewhat comical because the male co-workers, maintenance and grounds guys would come running out of the restroom faster than a speeding bullet as soon as this guy, Alex, came walking in. The scene still haunts me to this day.


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My brother is in a medical study as a "test subject" for a high cholesterol medication he is getting paid $3750.00 for 26 days

now he over heard two men talking and one was reassuring the other.................(excuse my para-phrasing).......two MEN talking ........."well its better money than turning tricks for two weeks"

My brother was mortified!

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