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Rape carried out by refugee triggers renewed safety debate among Germans

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The story started out in October when a young female student, returning from a party, was torn from her bike, raped and drowned in the river.


Recently, a suspect was arrested and a high-ranking police official said to the country's largest tabloid paper "This and many other victims would not exist if our country had been prepared for the dangers that are always associated with massive immigration. And while members of the family are mourning and victims are experiencing unspeakable suffering, the representatives of the "welcome culture" are silent. "And "the cruel side of this policy is shifted to the victims and to a police and justice system that has been financially starved to death for years. And so the dangers for our country are constantly growing. "


He is obviously being torn apart by press and politicians for a supposedly xenophobic statement.


The matter of fact though is, that police have been under a heavy strain in Germany since the immigrant crisis began a few years ago. I have a few policemen in my circle of acquaintances and they are all complaining about regular operations in the refugee homes or nearby, stabbings between refugees often triggered by sectarian arguments, complaints about sexual harrassment and so on. Also, the official statistics are doctored so as not to feed into the racist rhetoric of emerging right-wing parties.


Lies have short legs, as we say here, so as was the case with the New Year's Eve sexual harassment scandal in Cologne, these things come to light eventually and each and every time, it confirms people's fears and works towards the anti-islamic and xenophobic sentiments. People make up local rape myths and fuel these sentiments further, creating more angst.


Honesty is always the best policy.


I often think to myself how this is going to go on. If Erdogan wanted to collapse the European Union, all he'd have to do is let loose the 3 million refugees waiting to cross the borders right now.

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There's nothing to 'like' about this post.  But sadly, the errors of few are transposed onto the many innocent ones of the same culture.  It gives those with racists bent a "legitimacy" to their claims.  But isn't this a more complex situation?  These ones are already damaged people.  When we see real mental and emotional issues, rage and violence and frustration ensues as a result.  Not that it's an excuse for their badness towards others.  But the desperation and the nuttiness of their whole existence has turned them rabid.  The do-gooders, or the "representatives of the welcome culture" may mean well.  Good on them for extending their homes and hearth.  But no one can solve this situation for these broken people.  They are gutted, and some are not going to be able to live a "normal" life again, let alone try to assimilate in our western cultures (and it is hard for us too!).


Australia has a similar problem, on a lesser scale but nonetheless, the same pattern is emerging. 

This week's article http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-12-04/statistics-raise-questions-about-calls-to-deport-youth-offenders/8087410:


Proportionally, Sudanese-born youths are vastly over-represented in the statistics, responsible for 7.44 per cent of alleged home invasions, 5.65 per cent of car thefts and 13.9 per cent of aggravated robberies.

The latest census data shows people born in Sudan or South Sudan made up 0.11 per cent of Victoria's population in 2011.


When we read these things in our news, we can undoubtedly see how the scriptures are being fulfilled - due to the global interaction of how this system is set up now, it means that the fall-out from years of war and misery in third-world lands now also directly affects our western societies too.  Because you just can't stop those migrants and refugees pouring into other affluent countries (try as they may to build walls), it is going to impact our up-to-now "normal" lives.  And the natives are not going to put up with those changes.  It's going to get very ugly.

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9 hours ago, hatcheckgirl said:

 The do-gooders, or the "representatives of the welcome culture" may mean well.  Good on them for extending their homes and hearth.

As it turns out, the victim was such a person, she was one of the refugee helpers.




What a sweetheart. She will like it in the New World where there are no borders or racial segregation, no poverty and no wars.







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Oh! How absolutely horrible!  It plays right into satan's hands to set this sort of thing off.  They will want to "fix" it and revenge her awful death. But those disgusting rapist and murderers will get punished, and we know Jehovah will act soon before it escalates too far.  How Jehovah must feel seeing this perpetrated over and over throughout the earth.  There is NO excuse for people to say "we can do things fine without God".


And knowing that those innocent ones who were victims of such abhorrent crimes will be able to have a resurrection to a peaceful paradise is something that helps us not to be 'faint out of fear' and hopelessness.  We have a sure hope.  Yes, she will like the new world.

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Can the story get any worse? In this system!? Sure it can!


Media are reporting the murder suspect supposedly was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2014 (when, coincidentally, he was also 17 years old as he also is today, so he hasn't aged in two years)  but released after having pushed a young student off of a cliff.


So he ended up getting a slap on the wrist and allowed to move on to Germoney.


This system is absolutely insane.


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