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I started 'doing' Pi-day activities with my math students in the 1980s or so. It wasn't widespread and was an excuse to bake square pies and use some geometric math formulas with a bit of levity.  I recall having a poster contest in which some of my relatively unmotivated  middle-school students created rather interesting presentations for the top prizes - wait for it: scientific calculators.


Of course, March 14 would have to fall on a school day to be eligible for an observance, and only seems logical to the illogical US method  used to express calendar dates.  AS Pi-day became more common and was voted as a national US holiday (in 2009), my interest waned.  I liked to write activities that were different.  Sometimes I would just have a momentary reminder if I had a class in session at 1:59 pm (3.14159).  Just noticed it was March 14, aka 3.14, and realized how strange it feels to be retired.


I am  much happier to be out in "service"  where the real learning occurs.


Don't even get me started on how  'CAT-urday' is unkind  to dog owners.


                                                                                                                                                            Y canine loving S


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Of course 1 Kings 7:23 "Then he made the Sea of cast metal. It was circular in shape, 10 cubits from brim to brim and 5 cubits high, and it took a measuring line 30 cubits long to encircle it" demonstrates that the circumference of a circle is about 3 times its diameter. The Bible just states it more eloquently. 

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12 minutes ago, kejedo said:

 The Bible just states it more eloquently. 


As we would come to expect from the Master Mathologist... (is that even a word?)..


That 'sea' has always been interesting to me.  To do it successfully and without seams or leaks they had to pour it all at once,  no pour a little and come back and pour some more, did it all in one pour.


Think about how difficult that would have been. ..

All that molten material had to be lifted, or they had a raised up smelting pot, it had to be channeled into place using non flammable chutes, the casting mould had to be sturdy and non bursting into flames and spraying melted death every where...wow.amazing. .

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Using a Greek math constant as well as Hebrew dimensions to find the volume of this cast metal Sea, it is between 375 cubic cubits and 382.6 cubic cubits. Doesn't matter which size cubits are being considered, the ratio still works.  Interestingly (well, to me) the account uses the word 'circular' rather than stating an exact circle. It would be pretty close, though. This is dedicated to any who are stuck in due to the weather and are trying to be lulled into an afternoon nap.  

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