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Curb human rights laws in Great Britain

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It seems that every day news shows that the world worsens conditions. The world gone mad and as said earlier in a topic, governments are lost and make decisions that will have impact in later stadium.


Now May wants to curb human rights to fight extremism. This means she follows the track of Putin. This doesn't mean she will also hit on religious people. But the law will be the same, cause human rights are not in force anymore.


This fits exactly in what to expect in the End Days.


curb human rights laws to fight extremism


Another news item is about the situation in Iran. First 5 countries around Qatar doesn't want to do anything with Qatar anymore because of their connection with the Muslim Brotherhood. But also because of their connection with Iran.

One day after this news, new news about shootings in the parlaiment building and an attack in Iran pops up.


It's heating up very fast. Even faster then I expected. It will not take very long before boiling  point will be reached.

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Well, the bias of the author is clearly against May. She's not suggesting to completely ignore human rights as the journalist would have you believe, it's just that she considers the UK law is too soft right now with extremists.


The "human right" they are considering to "break" is "to restrict the movements of suspected militants when police had enough evidence to suspect they presented a threat, but not enough to prosecute them." In the past suspects of terrorism in the UK could be hold to be questioned during 28 days. That period was reduced to 14 days in 2011, and now Theresa May is considering changing it to 28 days again. She also wants to make deportation of foreign jihadists easier.


The ECHR (European Convention of Human Rights) requires that at times its member countries send troops to stop human rights violations in foreign countries. Those military operations mean a huge expense for those countries and, honestly, their results are not too effective. So May wonders whether it's time to stop sending so many troops abroad.


I am not a fan of Theresa May or her party. I am neutral. But the way that headline is written sounds as if the UK is turning into a North Korea, and that's simply not true.

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1 hour ago, carlos said:

the way that headline is written sounds as if the UK is turning into a North Korea, and that's simply not true.

Well at least the food might improve then! :D

It's bigger on the inside!

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This is an interesting development.  Things can move very fast now, in an unprecedented direction.  But others are disputing whether  Theresa May can actually do what she is saying regarding curbing Human rights - or derogating from convention.



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Human rights directly affect preaching and meeting together in most situations...I think this is big  news for prophecy. 

Lets not forget that Trump banning travel from Countries that are dominantly Muslim is another violation of human rights according to US courts and currently it is being taken to the Supreme Court for review.

seems the last world powers described in the Bible are thinking along the same lines here...

Things are changing fast now. We will see what happens next.

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Like in most countries, the media are heavily biased and the UK is no different.


A general rule of thumb  with Britain is as follows in no particualr order:

Left: The Guardian, The Independant, The Observer, Daily/Sunday Mirror, Daily Star, Financial Times, i, Metro, BBC, Channel 4

Right: Daily/Sunday Telegraph, Daily/Sunday Mail, The Express (on Sunday), The (Sunday) Times, The Sun, News of the World, London Evning Standard


When quoting from these newspapers, their polititcal persuasion must be recognised.


It doesn't sit right with me sometimes when our magazines quote the Guardian, Independant and BBC when I believe these media outlets are so controversially biased on environmental and sociological issues that it incredulous that they make such statements.


(Disclaimer: I'm a Telegraph reader)

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Well my comment should really be down on the speculation thread, but I don't think that the final attack of Gog of Magog will be achieved while respecting the present laws based on the respect of human rights.  In order for God's people to be attacked everywhere there will have to be either an ignoring of or a removal of the laws as they stand and are honored in most Western countries.

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